This page refers to the organizational mechanics of the original TV Tropes Wiki. It documents a set of changes that are reflected in the organization of All The Tropes, and is maintained here as a historical document.

— The Mgmt.

This special case of Renamed Tropes occurs when an existing article is renamed to allow a new article to occupy ("displace", if you will) the old title. It is also nicknamed a "Trope Transplant", in the sense that the old trope was "transplanted" to a new title.

Reasons for this wiki phenomenon vary; it may be because the original title wasn't getting used correctly (possibly caused by the definition not matching what other tropers thought it was), or because it matched the name of a pre-existing fictional work (causing confusion about whether a given link refers to the trope or the work); the latter is now a formal policy.

Tropes renamed because of a fictional work

In some cases, we were able to preserve the reference to the Trope Namer during the rename.

Other displaced tropes:

  • Boy Meets Ghoul -> Nonhuman Lover Reveal
    Everyone who used this trope seemed to think it had something to do with the undead, which, frankly, made a whole lot of sense. The part about The Reveal was almost universally overlooked.
  • Genius Breeding Act -> Pair the Smart Ones
    The original trope described instances of particularly intelligent characters being matched up together by other characters, the author, or by the audience. Forced pairings of smart people now occupy the old trope name.


  1. the name of a TV network
  2. possibly a Sarcasm Mode Lampshade Hanging of an author narrating the obvious
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