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  • Am I the only fan of Hotel Dusk and Last Window who thinks that the fanbase of these games exaggerates how much of a jerk Kyle Hyde happens to be? I frankly think that a lot of this said jerkishness is actually brutal honesty and introversion[1]. I don't deny that he can be rude at times and a bit short-tempered, but many people make Kyle sound as if he's ridiculously abrasive and egoistic. Perhaps these people forget that a lot of his snark is kept to himself, and that we just aren't reading his conversations, but his thoughts, too.
    • Some people just overthink things. He isn't a jerk, he's just pretty bitter with life and doesn't try to form friendships or be nice to everyone he meets (before last window starts, he barely knows anyone in the building as he just doesn't 'care' enough). It's less being a jerk and more just dealing with so much crap that he has become disillusioned with life and friendships. He isn't an inherently negative and bad person though.
    • Both games also start with him having a bad day, which would explain his grumpiness when talking to Dunning and Tony, respectively.
  • In an early chapter, you explore the 4th floor at night and although the lights are off, you can see just fine. Yet in the last two chapters, when the power there is knocked out, it is pitch black. Is there some sort of secret lighting in that area that I'm not seeing?
    • Dusk was in a distant empty area, whereas Cape West was in an urban area. Cape West would have more external light.
    • Didn't Mags simply turn off the power in the 4th floor??
    • Yes. It's explicitly mentioned the power was turned off and thats why you needed the flashlight.


  1. A lot of people believe that introversion is another term for shyness and social anxiety; that's actually not correct. Introversion is being more fixated on and interested in one's own mental life, and essentially amounts to being drained by social interaction, particularly in larger group settings
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