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Jigsaw and Daisy are related by blood somehow.

Jigsaw refers to "step-siblings" when talking to Daisy about catching up on old business. Yes, Daisy's at minimum a family friend, but they sound like they might be a little too close.

  • Is this related to her calling Daisy "Kvaterin" so much?
  • It is not exactly clear whether non-Celeste can breed with other species, though that red-headed Talmi who disguised herself as Scout Arael was implied to be Daisy's daughter.
  • "The first images came out of Nashville and Atlanta, claiming that some of the smallish kangaroo-kitties (the Talmi) that were tagging along with the Celeste were actually human captives, transformed into the Celeste's furry slaves." This may or may not be in-universe WMG but assuming its real then Talmi are just modified Humans. Meaning that Daisy can be related to Jigsaw, this also explains how Jigsaw can be a vampire when all vampires are human.

Daisy is NOT Scout Arael.

Because the other option is just TOO obvious.

  • Come on, you're not telling me that on a planet of (presumably) several billion sentient beings, that there is only ONE redheaded human on the planet in the appropriate age range that could possibly be the Scout Arael in question.
    • Arael looks similar to Daisy down to the hair color (and possibly the eyes too). Could there be multiple redheads on the planet of the right age? Sure. Multiple redheads that look exactly alike, though?

Daisy IS Scout Arael.

Veled can freakin' read people's minds by touching them. If Ziligo and Arael have as much bad blood between them as it's implied so far, she would KNOW if Daisy was a red herring.

  • Veled could always lie about the results one way or the other. The fact Veled demanded a tangible confession from Daisy already demonstrates that even if folks think Veled is the Messiah, she can't make decisions based on only her say-so.
  • Also, since Veled tried to keep things hush-hush initially, she may not be willing to declare the results openly anyway; whether this is part of her being a Noble Demon or just that she didn't want the political headache, if she really wanted to out Daisy, she would have already.
  • If Daisy isn't Scout Arael, why in the world would her daughter possess Scout Arael's Transformation Trinket?!

White Noise's daughter, Petals, is somewhere on the station / working for the show.

Hey, there's a lot of people on the show, and while White may not know what Petals looks like, presumably Petals knows who White is...

  • Assuming she still wants to meet / reconcile with her father. She's had at least 47 years so far to do so, and since White never mentioned he was in correspondence with her...

Jigsaw will meet an Otherworlder, and fight it... and LIVE.

You do not drop the name of an Ultimate Evil Cosmic Horror like that and expect us not to see one eventually, do you?

Qin Xu is lying; he's not a doctor, or even Not That Kind of Doctor!

Daisy may be Not That Kind of Doctor either, but when the players are all named and listed, she's still listed as "Dr. Daisy Archanis". Qin Xu, however, isn't.

Veled's Prophecy doesn't refer to Jigsaw at all, or at least not the way she thinks it will.

To recap:

 The Otherworlders will head the call

to claim stars and destroy them all;

They shall return when all shall see

a Dead Inside where none should be.

Veled's suggestion that there might be an error or two in translation aside, there's got to be at least six different ways to interpret this statement, even if we assume that Jigsaw is the Dead Inside Where None Should Be (DIWNSB):

  1. Jigsaw, as the DIWNSB, has her image broadcast around the galaxy (already occurred with the first two episodes, so if this is the case, It's Too Late).
  2. Jigsaw only becomes the DIWNSB if she's revealed as such, either during the show or later onward.
    • Worth note this one is Melody/Binary's assumption in canon for why it's so important to project Jigsaw.
  1. Jigsaw would be the DIWNSB, except since she's already on a show filled with criminals and other Dead Inside, she's exactly where she SHOULD be (From a Certain Point of View), and Veled's just jumping the gun.
  2. Jigsaw is the DIWNSB, but she's not the problem -- her sire is, since he's the one trying to being about the apocalypse in the first place. Veled just needed to find out who her sire was so she could go deal with the real problem, and doesn't especially care about Jigsaw otherwise.
  3. There is a different DIWNSB running about, and Jigsaw, while unusual, is just a Red Herring. (It's entirely possible that other non-human vampires exist and so Jigsaw's not special, but they're just better at hiding than Jigsaw is.)
  1. Jigsaw is not the DIWNSB, she's a DIWNSB -- i.e. there's more running around than just her, and Veled would much rather investigate and/or eliminate the others (leaving Jigsaw, who is more or less under control, as the only remaining possibility) than to kill Jigsaw while the real threat goes unnoticed because she's dumb enough to think she's already handled it.
    • Worse, Veled may have already FOUND another DIWNSB, and thus she knows Jigsaw is unlikely to be a threat compared to it; she's just doing her job and making sure Jigsaw's not already in cahoots with it. Letting Jigsaw know about the prophecy is just a way to keep Jigsaw spooked and/or compliant.
  1. There's nothing especially important about the DIWNSB -- it's just a nice scare tactic / omen to bandy around. Veled's curious about Jigsaw, but aside from possibly using Jigsaw to suit her own ends ("Don't fuck with me, I've got an Apocalypse Maiden!"), she doesn't really care above and beyond that.
  2. The prophecy isn't as bad as it seems for everyone - it just refers to the fact that if there are lots of vampires around (more than humanity could support) the Celeste's days of empire, mind control, and persecution are over. Bad for them, not so much for the rest of the galaxy. Conquering the stars merely implies that they'll spread out farther than the Celeste ever did. The Otherworlders part is merely an archaic term for extraterrestrials.

White Noise really was ordered to vent that station.

We've seen now that Star Org is all too willing to throw their own under the bus to protect their reputation. The fact that he was a supposedly schizophrenic Light Child made him an ideal scapegoat.

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