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You've just heard a really rocking song, and at the end when you think it's over. Maybe you hear something that sounds like the engineer forgot to stop the recording and someone in the band says something funny. Maybe the genre of the song all-of-a-sudden changes. Maybe the last line of the song is just so ridiculous sounding, that you fall out of your chair. That's the kind of thing that goes in this trope!

Remember: One Troper's Last Note Hilarity can be another Troper's Last-Note Nightmare. This can be compared to Last-Note Nightmare and Crowning Moment of Funny: Music.

Examples of Last Note Hilarity include:


  • The song by the Scottish indie band Bis called "Mr. Important". The song is really upbeat, then at the very end of the song, it cuts to a country variation of the song with acoustic guitar and the singer going "Mr. Important, yeah yeah yeah yeah!"
    • Another Bis song ends with a recording of someone asking a woman what she though of a concert, the woman responds with: "It was shit, really. I had the worst time in my life! I thought the performers were arrogant assholes, and... I want to go home now actually."
    • Yet another Bis song, Ninja High Skool ends with random sequences of squealing in german about ten seconds apart from each other.
  • The They Might Be Giants song "She Thinks She's Edith Head" after what could almost be called a Last-Note Nightmare with John Flansburgh screaming "SHE'S LOST HER MIND!!!" Afterwards, if we listen very closely, Flansburgh says "Let's Listen!" followed by John Linnel announcing "I ate a bug." Flansburgh then says "I can't hear you at all!"
  • Maximum the Hormone's "Koi No Megalover" is easily the coolest song ever written. Then at the end, one of the member screams something in Japanese (this Troper is American and only understands a few Japanese words) followed by the other members laughing.
    • Another Maximum the Hormone example. The end of "What's Up People!?" the second Death Note opening. The singer screams "WHAT'S UP PEOPLE!?" about five times, then starts babbling something in Japanese which sounds like "I'M SORRY ABOUT THE BROKEN GLASS! AND THE TOILET AS WELL! WOAH! WE'RE IN TROUBLE! Cough cough..." This is already listed as a Last-Note Nightmare as well.
  • XTC's "Living Through Another Cuba" nearing in the latter half of the song Andy Partridge goes totally crazy and lyric start getting really weird until ending it with "Living through another Cu... BA!!" He screams the "BA!!" such emphasis, it could be a one syllable example of This Is Sparta!.
    • In XTC's side project, The Dukes Of Stratosphear, their song "My Love Explodes" features a very unusual one. It's what sounds like a phone message, where the following is said by somebody with a Woody Allen-imitating voice:

  "That, was the most... obsceeenne...Abominatiiooon! Of a song that I- that I- That trash, that is - that is filth, that is dirt, What possessed you to write such a disgusting, degeneratized song as that? And I'm complimenting you by considering it a song..."

  • "Strawberry Fields Forever:" there's a weird minute of weird sound after the song, where some people think they can hear John saying "I buried Paul" but offically he's saying "Cranberry sauce."
  • "Get Back:" "I'd like to thank you all on behalf of ourselves and the group, and I hope we passed the audition."
  • At the end of the Beatles song "Helter Skelter", Ringo shouts out "I've got blisters on my fingers!". This is because the band had been working on the song for several hours in a row.
  • I think this happens a fair bit in South Park and the Disney Animated Canon. Specific examples aren't yet coming to mind though.
  • In 8-bit Duane's Super Mario Land song, after a heartwarming verse about Princess Daisy, he ends the song with a belch.
  • The end of South Park's main theme (written and performed by Primus) ends with a fart. In the cartoon's intro, this sound plays when Mr. Hankey hits the South Park billboard.
  • "Life's Been Good", by Joe Walsh: "Uh-oh, here comes a flock of Wah-Wahs", followed by the sound of people going "wah-wah" like quacking ducks.
  • Family Reunion by Blink 182 is already funny to begin with, but ends with "I Fucked Your Mom! And wanna suck your dad and my mommy too! oh, is this thing on?""
  • In Queen's One Vision, we get a very awesome and invigorating anthem full of ripping guitars, badass drum beats and complex harmonies (in typical Queen fashion)... and the last line is "just gimme, gimme, gimme FRIED CHICKEN!"
  • If you turn up the volume at the end of "Don't Download This Song" (Weird Al Yankovic's satire of Digital Piracy Is Evil) as it fades out, you can hear Al scream "JUST BUY IT! YOU CHEAP BASTARD!"
    • The final note of "Albuquerque" is a horrendously off-key chord, followed by guitarist Jim West's audible laughter.
  • Mozart's Musical Joke ends with a horrendously off-key trumpet note.
  • Them Crooked Vultures' Mind Eraser, No Chaser (a Hard Rock Song) ends with a completely random tuba riff.
  • Avenue Q's "My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada"

 "She's my girlfriend // My wonderful girlfriend // Yes, I have a girlfriend, who lives in Canadaaaaa!"

"And I can't wait to eat her pussy again!"

  • Supertramp's Asylum ends with a faint cuckoo noise.
  • Jethro Tull's A Christmas Song: "'Ey, Santa, pass us that bottle, will ya?"
  • "Kohle Metal", a remixed Minecraft-themed song by German Let's Player Gronkh, ends with the sound of a creeper being hit, accompanied by Gronkh laughing.
  • "Miss You Much" by Janet Jackson. "That's the end?"
  • The Who's "Happy Jack" at the end has Pete Townshend yell "I saw ya!". On one song from Live at Leeds, at the end he yells "Put away your girly magazines!" and Keith Moon replies "Sorry!".
    • To clarify - during The Who's recording sessions, Keith Moon enjoyed ruining takes by making the other band members laugh. Because of this, while recording "Happy Jack" they banished Moon from the studio (there are reports that they tied him to a chair) and he made many attempts to sneak back in. Townshend's proclamation of "I saw ya!" is because he caught sight of Moon making one of these attempts.
  • Inverted and overlapping with Studio Chatter with Humble Pie's "30 Days in the Hole" which begins with the lead vocalist starting both too soon and off pitch. The entire band to burst into laughter before starting the song proper.
  • Sting's "Shadows in the Rain" (from the album The Dream of the Blue Turtles) starts with a musician asking, "Wait! Wait! What key is it in?" The instrumental title track of the same album ends with background laughter apparently from one of the musicians.
  • Edguy's Catch of the Century ends with the vocalist going on a rant about all of the achievements and swag he's going to have in the future, while another band member tries to calm him down.
  • French singer Renaud made a few over the years. One of his songs ends with "The studio is on fire, do I continue?". Another one ends with him talking to himself about how the song he just made is so great that it will top the chart. Then he goes on explaining that he will artificialy make it top the chart by buying a lot of his own disk, then, as he is a best-seller, he will obviously get a huge media coverage and of course it will sell millions. Meanwhile, the overly long guitar solo still goes on, and he comments on the quality of the sound. He ends by annoncing the next song, proclaiming he likes it because he dies at the end. Overall, the Last Note Hilarity is almost half as long as the actual song, and is a Take That to the music industry.
  • The album version of "Sssnakepit" by Enter Shikari finishes with a low-pitched, wobbling "Yeahhh" sound, which guitarist Rory starts laughing at, saying it "Sounds like Louis Armstrong". The final drum beat continues with the band still giggling, before cutting the song off with another "Yeahhhh".
  • In Citizen King's Better Days, every chorus has a part where there's five notes that don't fit in with the rest of the song (those five notes wouldn't sound out of place in an old video game). At the end, an extended version of those five notes play without the chorus.
  • The music video for The Cardigans song "My Favorite Game" has four different uncensored endings. Here is a link the music video with all four of the endings. All of these endings have the girl wrecking her car into a large van, and then a dummy (supposed to represent the girl) reacting to the crash. In order of the endings in the linked video, the first ending shows the dummy bounce over the van, and then it shows the girl dead. The second ending shows the dummy bounce over the van, and then it shows girl getting up before a rock comes in and bounces off her head and cartoonishly knocks her out. The third ending shows the dummy bounce over the van, and then it shows girl walk away like it was only a mild car crash. The fourth ending the dummy doesn't bounce over the van, but the dummy loses its head, it then shows a mannequin head (supposed to represent the girl's decapitated head) land on the road.
    • There is also a censored version of the music video with not only the final crash removed, but all of the other crazy things she does in the car are also removed.
  • The Replacements' "Androgynous" ends with Paul Westerberg comically flubbing a note on the piano and abruptly stopping the song.
  • Goldfrapp's remix of Marilyn Manson's "This Is The New Shit", which could almost be considered more of a Cover Version since Alison Goldfrapp sings most of the song herself: For the last 45 seconds or so, it suddenly switches from stomping electroclash to a mock-cabaret ballad, with Allison Goldfrapp adopting a Marlene Dietrich-esque German accent.
  • Duane and Brando's Dragon Quest song ends with the protagonist losing the final fight...and then Duane groans at getting a game over, while Brando does the audio equivalent of a Face Palm, to which Duane explains that he purposefully lost the final battle in order to end the song dramatically.
    • Also, Duane's solo work, Action Adventure World, has his Super Mario Land song end with a love song from Mario to Daisy, capping it off with a belch.

Web Original


 Lead Singer: I miss my dad!

I miss my dad!

I wish he was around so I wouldn't be so sad!

T-Pain: Daddy! Daddy! Yeah Yeah Yeah.



  • Done in-universe in The Sound of Music during the kids first rendition of So Long, Farewell as Kurt's line finishes with an impossibly (for him) high note that is actually being song by one of the girls behind him.
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