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Lapfox Trax, formerly Vulpvibe Records, is a record label owned and operated by one Renard Queenston. Around 20 artists are currently signed to the label, several being notable members of the furry community.

Lapfox is affiliated with another label, BreakBit Music, formerly ROFL Trax, and D-Mode-D are signed to both labels.

Lapfox is also associated with Psurg Design, the design group responsible for many of the releases' album arts and a game starring one of the artists, and Mungyodance, a Step Mania-alike designed by Renard and featuring music from many past and present Lapfox artists.

Oh, and by the way... All 20 artists are Renard under different names. He released 26 albums in 2010 alone.

Artists Under Lapfox Trax

  • Detergent (Synth Rock)
  • Sonitus Vir (Classical Techno)
  • Renard (Drum and Bass, Intelligent Dance Music)
  • Azrael (Gabber)
  • The Quick Brown Fox (Speedcore)
  • The Queenstons (Drum and Bass)
  • Jackal Queenston (Drum and Bass)
  • Kitsune2 (Chiptune, Arcadepunk)
  • Adraen (Breakcore)
  • Klippa (Dubstep)
  • Mayhem (UK Garage, House)
  • Furries in a Blender (Nightcore; Happy Hardcore)
  • Negaren (Raggacore)
  • Aurastys (Ambient)
  • Kitcaliber (Digital Hardcore, Drum and Bass)
  • D-Mode-D (Drum and Bass)
  • PSURG Sound Team (Game soundtracks, mainly)
  • Darius (Experimental Techno)
  • Truxton (Mashups, functionally chiptune/electronic ranging from hip hop and funk to R&B)

Examples of Lapfox Trax include:

 in the year 2001, our connections are shut down. team GUNDOGS was sent against the powerful enemy force, RICOCHET AASVOGELS. they were destroyed. OPERATION HELL DIVE was a failure. we are the new resistance. we are only two, but we are armed with skills that training does not amount to. we are armed with vision and audio. DIRECTIVE: FREQUENCY CRUSHER is now active.


A: great! piracy rules. piracy and filesharing are great promotional tools, and help spread the word of artists.

  I wouldn't recommend paying for this. or even downloading it for free.

  • Open Secret: Renard even acknowledges that all the other artists are him in the latest version of the site. Before this, it was actually somewhat difficult for a new fan to pick up on that without direct spoilers.
  • Petting Zoo People: All of the artist-avatars.
  • Protest Song: Truxton's work is basically a giant middle finger to every major piece of anti-piracy legislation out there, including SOPA, PIPA and ACTA, primarily because their work consists to a large extent of use of copyrighted music, yet their work is still protected under current American legislation, which Truxton took glee pointing out when releasing Hellhound.
  • Refuge in Audacity: Some of the songs are this. So is Renard by the fact that he's completely insane.
  • Speedy Techno Remake: Some of the work under Furries In A Blender.
  • Split Personality: And how!
  • Stupid Statement Dance Mix: Many of the songs he releases for free consist of this.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Unintentionally, Eggs by Mayhem and 6 Little Eggs by DJ MTG. Mayhem apparently found the vocals in a sample pack and made something out of it.
    • And he got one of his own by someone else after calling Captain Ahab gay.
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