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Rule: The short the text,
better for all, remember.
All pretty simple.

And now in English:
The shorter the article,
The better it is.

Omit Needless Words.
[Rest of Haiku form blank for
Obvious reasons]

 --User:Johnny E (edited by User:SAMAS)

Five syllables here.
Seven syllables here next.
Five syllables here.

A useful device.
For pages where you would say
"Too long, did not read."


Reading hurts your brain?
Read the laconic wiki
Your brain will thank you.

 --Rich Reeders

Read the short version
Then, for the links, visit the
Unabridged version.


Our shortened page text.
You want more information?
Unabridged version.

Short as possible
. . . . . . .
. . . . .

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