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Lackadaisy Employees

Roark 'Rocky' Rickaby
File:Optimized-rocky 3554.png

 "Always be prepared to improvise, Freckle. That's rule number one for jazz players and vigilantes alike."


Ladies and gentlemen, our hero! After a youth of drifting and doing odd jobs, he's found his place at the Lackadaisy speakeasy, where he plays the violin in the band, as well as being the person in charge of acquiring alcohol. Cousin of Freckle. Harbours a slight (??) crush on Mitzi.

Calvin 'Freckle' McMurray
File:Optimized-freckle 1015.png

 "Wait! No! I haven't been in any trouble since-- I mean, I'm a good-- I'm supposed to be a-HAHAHAHAHAHAHeep--!"


Rocky's younger cousin and Nina's son. His dream is to become a police officer, but that appears to have been squashed as he's been thrown out of the academy. Normally extremely shy and subdued, but shows a different side when faced with violence and chaos.

Mary-Ellen "Mitzi" May ('nee Montgomery)
File:Optimized-mitzi 9075.png

 Rocky: Miss M's done a lot for me, y'know? I just get a little, uh, sentimental with her being in a vulnerable spot these days...

Viktor: Vulnerable as like bear trap.


The proprietress of Lackadaisy since the death of her husband, Atlas May. Used to be a ukulele player and showgirl, which is how she came to meet her husband. Looks fragile, but is a shrewd and steely businesswoman, who refuses to abandon or give up on her speakeasy. In a tentative flirtation with Wick. The rumours of her involvement in her husband's death may be greatly exaggerated.

Viktor Vasko
File:Optimized-vikot 7378.png

  "One af them bends somevhat. And is after seven years at this vork."


A Slovak immigrant with a violent past, he now works for Mitzi as an odd jobs man and occasional bartender. Is extremely protective towards Ivy, who is just about the only person he doesn't show barely-suppressed murderous rage. Used to be Mordecai's partner in contract killing, but their relationship has soured since.

Ivy Pepper
File:Optimized-ivy 8444.png

 "You will read these magazines and you will like them. And so help me, you'll learn to enjoy the banjo hour. There's not gonna be any moping, Viktor. There just isn't."


A cheerful and hyperactive college student and the only person Viktor treats with anything resembling affection. She has a big crush on Freckle.

  • Beware the Nice Ones
  • Bob Haircut: As befitting of any flapper girl.
  • Chekhov's Skill: Her profile mentions her skill with a rifle. She shows it off by nabbing a handgun from some moonshiners who tried to run down her and Rocky and firing a warning shot at them.
  • The Cutie
  • The Ditz: For the record, Ivy, the telling people that have you cornered that you're there to steal their booze? Not the brightest move.
    • Though to be fair, she didn't say that they were there to steal the booze... only that they needed it. She even tells them that they planned to buy it.
  • The Flapper
  • Genki Girl
  • Morality Pet: To Viktor.
  • Really Gets Around: She's had several boyfriends, which nothing to do with Ivy and everything to do with Viktor. Every break-up is a direct consequence of Viktor literally breaking their limbs so that they are 1. in a wheelchair and 2. petrified of even saying hello to her. Ivy is not happy when she figures this out.
  • Shiny Midnight Black
  • Tsundere: Mostly dere, but her tsun side is definitely there.
File:Optimized-zib 3778.png
Dorian 'Zib' Zibowski

 "Couldn't sleep after last night's fireworks... so I figured I'd practice sitting around looking troubled and pensive."


The band's cynical saxophonist. Was in a relationship with Mitzi at some point before she married Atlas.

The Marigold Gang

File:Optimized-asa 9324.png
Asa Sweet

 "The longest death rattle I think I've ever witnessed... I don't have time for this. But that's what I get for betting on a bunch of pig rastlers to know how to deal with a lame horse."


Formerly a business associate of Atlas May; now makes no secret of the fact that he's just waiting for Lackadaisy to die for good. A pleasant, cheery tycoon with no scruples.

File:Optimized-mocai 9663.png
Mordecai Heller

 "It was nothing so indulgent as a grand time. It's merely work ethic."


Previously a member of Lackadaisy and Viktor's partner-in-crime, but left the gang on pretty bad terms after Atlas was killed (which he seems to know some truth about). He now works as a bootlegger for former rival Marigold, though he doesn't look too happy to be there either.

File:Optimized-serafine 1588.png
Serafine Savoy

 Serafine: De hatchet, cher. It was a joke.

Nico: We didn' tink you was really gone to use it.

Serafine: ...till you stripped down to you drawz.


Part of a Brother-Sister Team of assassins from the Bayou. Serafine dabbles in voodoo and dresses to the nines; she's just as beautiful as she is deadly. Appears to be the leader of the team.

File:Optimized-nico 7643.png
Nicodeme "Nico" Savoy

 "Mais, you looked pretty fixed on finishin' what you started."


Part of a Brother-Sister Team from the bayou with his sister, Serafine, and a one-time (at least) career boxer, "The Cajun Gator." A strapping fellow, who appears to let others - namely his sister or Mordecai -- do the thinking.


File:Optimized-wick 2516.png
Sedgewick "Wick" Sable

 "I just don't know how to entertain a lady who doesn't want to hear about rocks or bugs."


Old money, a quarry and mining magnate, and sweetly naive about the world. He's loyal to the Lackadaisy through thick and thin (and Mitzi may have more than a little something to do with that). Pleasant, amiable, hardworking, bit of a tippler, and rather idealist too.

  • Adorkable: To paraphrase Tracy, he's just a geek for collectible relics, rocks, and bugs. (And liquor.)
  • The Alcoholic: Can hold his alcohol like a champ, apparently. He also constantly adds liquor to his drinks and food, much to Lacy's dismay.
  • Blue Eyes: Of the innocent and pure variety.
  • Hair of Gold: In both cat and human form.
  • Nice Guy

  Mitzi: Wick? Don't worry. He's too nice to go seeking reprisals.

File:Optimized-lacy 8292.png
Lacy Hardt

 Wick: (sigh) Why does blasting giant holes in the earth require so much paperwork?

Lacy: Um... no rest for the wicked, I suppose.


Wick's mild-mannered secretary and coffee girl, who often works at his home to ensure that he gets finished with unfinished paperwork (which is a rather common occurence). Though she isn't one to butt into personal affairs, she is getting a bit suspicious of her boss's personal life, specifically his drinking and his "new paramour."

Nina McMurray
File:Optimized-nina 8476.png

Rocky's aunt and Freckle's mother. Extremely religious, and protective of her son. She also genuinely loves her nephew, despite all of the trouble he gets himself into. She's probably the closest thing to a parent in Rocky's life right now.

File:Optimized-dom 5379.png
Dom Drago

 "Tell you what -- we can pretend for now you're a good little tax payer, not a sax player. Trust me. I've got much bigger fish to fry. See you around."


A sharp-eyed, suave member of the Treasury Department, Dom seems to be up on his history, at least when it comes to speakeasys.

The Arbogasts

The residents and owners of a funeral home in Independence. The family consist of Bobby Bastian, British born war vet of portly build, his lovely ex-nurse wife Elsa, and her brother Reverend Abelard Arbogast whom has yet to realize that he’s a little late to the Great Awaking. They aid the Lackadaisy gang by using their unassuming hearse as a means for booze transport.

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