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  • The whole thing about demons rejecting Noir because he's half human bugs me. Why? Because everything in the game seems to hint that demons don't really care about humans. 1, Demons are waiting for the Dark Prince to return and treat him as their leader, and he's/was human. 2, We have demons recruting human raised demons at Rosenqueen, and they don't seem to care one minute that humans raised them. 3, Noir has, at this point, a buttload of followers who don't care one bit about his bloodlne. 4, For beings that hate human blood, they were sure quick to accept Prier as their new leader. Maybe he did feel on some pretty racist demons, but the grand majority don't seem to care, so where in the world does his "I hate demon scum" attitude come from?
    • It all boils down to one thing - it's not the race that matters, it's their strength. Demons respect power, so much so that the Dark World/Netherworld is run by the most powerful beings present. Presumably, after he was rejected by humans, Noir ran to the demons. But, all they saw was a weakling mewling for pity, so they shunned him. It's only until Noir begins to grow in strength as he sets his plans into motion and builds his church that the demons begin to follow him. So whereas humans care about blood, demons care only for strength, and as a child Noir has neither. One of the Demon Lords helping Noir makes a comment that could support this thought:

 Demon Lord: "You are starting to sound almost human. Don't let that human blood in your veins control you."

  • So theirs no information about that I can find on the web (in english...) Whats up with Demon Prier and continiuty? What ending is cannon? How can she meet the Disgaea trio? What is she like as a demon? Is La Pucelle earth the same earth from Disgaea?
  • Does Overlord Priere have wings or not? I've been trying to figure That out for a while now.
    • Her demon sprite in Ragnarok shows her constantly with small wings that grow when she flies or uses power so, yes. Disgaea sprites tend to omit wings for most of them.
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