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Mr L: Excellent, everything is mostly going somewhat according to my vague plan.
—Luigi showing he has no idea what he's doing.

L's Empire is a webcomic hosted on Smack Jeeves written by two brothers, Gamermaster and SubrosianDimitri, that follows Luigi leaving Mario and then going off to form his own "Empire." To accomplish his vague goals, he enlists a gay clown, a narcissistic robot, and a mentally unstable green guy with a spear. Hilarity Ensues.

The comic updates 8:00 AM and PM EST every day, except when the authors get lazy. Also the Authors have a habit of putting A LOT of information in their author comments, so a good chunk of the tropes are All There in the Manual.

Has nothing to do with that other L.

Tropes used include:

 Future!Void: Ugh, don't these fanfiction writers have the slightest clue on how Kayoss biology works?

  Mr L: Why... Me?

  Future!Void: And then Geminiman inserted his flashdrive into Void's...

  • Immortal Immaturity: Void, along with his brother and sister, act a lot less mature than people who are technically: 17, 21 and 5 respectively.
  • Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: Poor Void. He even misses at point blank range.
  • Improbably High IQ: Dimentio has an IQ of 256.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Pix.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: All the time.
  • Intercontinuity Crossover: Done with the authors previous work, a Legend of Zelda High School AU, and with the younger authors Parody of bad sprite comics[8].
  • Interspecies Romance: Several examples
    • Rib (a Dry Bones) and Bow (a Boo).
    • Carnation (a Kayoss) and Pix (a half pixl).
    • Shadowpalm (a Kayoss) and Pari (a Nutrimensnam Sentent)
  • Invisibility: Void's Great Uncle has the power to control the transparency of anything; up to and including lies and emotions.
  • It Makes Sense in Context: Pointed out by Gamermaster when Luigi defeats Mirror!Luigi.
  • Jerkass: Dark Star. When he became an author, he constantly posted rude responses to the readers comments.
  • The Juggernaut: Fluffy. He isn't called the Ultimate Invincible Chimera for nothing. It's to the point where he was cut in half and one fan's reaction was "He'll get over it."
  • Kamehame Hadoken: Dimentio fires them as part of a Running Gag.
  • Kid From the Future: Hector Calcius Bone.
  • Killer Rabbit: Carnation, although she isn't physically dangerous, she can hypnotize you to kill yourself and is perfectly willing to do so.
  • Landlord: General Man.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Dimentio doesn't have any memory of the events of Super Paper Mario because he was possessed by Dark Star at the time.
  • Life Energy: Vim
  • Literal Split Personality: Siruv and Geminiman are the good and the ego respectively.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: There are over 90 named characters listed on the character page.
  • Losing Your Head: Happens to Geminiman, and Void attempts to milk it for all it's worth, in every way except a Hamlet quote.
  • Love At First Sight: As a result of their magical genetics, and being the living embodiments of order and chaos, all Kayoss will find true love at first sight (and suffer a condition known as Love Struck, where they drool out of their eyes). Mind you, it has to be first sight without time travel involved as shown with Carnation and Pix in the Valentines Day Special.
  • Magic Genetics: The Kayoss. Just take a look at Bizarre Alien Reproduction above to see how magical.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover: Due to the release of Super Smash Bros Brawl, the boundaries between the video game universes kind of... er, merged to the point where it's neither a Multiverse or a Universe but something in between. The Conglomiverse. To put it simply, The dimensions are now like countries. You can walk from one to the other but depending on which one your in determines what the rules are.
  • Meaningful Name: Several. One particular example would be the god of recolors who is named Reco Lord.
  • Meaningful Titles: All of the Grand Masters of Nej-Lök are given titles that reflect their fighting techniques, (with the exception of Stonemaster, who is named such because of his body patterns).[9]
  • Me's a Crowd: While originally Gemini Man had the ability to create a hologram of himself, upon coming within proximity of Voids Chaos Heart he gained the ability to create an army of solid clones.
  • Mind Control Eyes: Anyone under Carnation's spell gets blank pink eyes.
  • Mirror Universe: One storyline takes place in one. For bonus points, they actually get there by going through a mirror.
  • Monster Mash: Hector Calcius Bone is the son of a Boo and a Dry Bones.
  • Motor Mouth: Wheel Man. Also SubrosianDimitri when he's excited.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous- Palamaster can make a near infinite amount of floating hands, without having to worry about the limb part.
    • Shadowpalm technically counts, as he has two pairs of hands instead of having a pair of feet.
  • Multiversal Conqueror: What Empress Peach thought she was. Dimentio thought otherwise.
  • The Multiverse: Actually a Conglomiverse (The universes are partially melded so that their boundaries connect but the different laws of physics still apply in separate sections).
  • Mythology Gag- Taken to it's most literal extreme, where the main cast from the creators previous comic show up because their comic hadn't been updated in two years.
  • My Nayme Is: All Kayoss, because they can't spell.
  • My Sister Is Off-Limits: Gemini Man towards Void about Roll.
  • No Mouth: All male Kayoss.
  • No Sell: Unlike with previous characters who either absorbed it or regenerated, Dark Star takes a full blast from Dimentio's Pet Peeves without a scratch or even flinching (He asked if it was supposed to tickle).
  • Not Just a Tournament: QS took over King Sammer's Generic Tournament for Fighter Type People so he could collect all the pieces of the Vim Star.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: SubrosianDimitri, the younger author, at least according to his brother.
  • Odd Name Out: Shadowpalm does not match the doom based naming conventions of male Kayoss.
    • Actually that's just a title. His birth name, Deethin, fits the normal pattern just fine.
  • Older Than They Look: Shadowpalm, Void, Carnation and Kayoss in general; who age 100 times slower than humans do.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted. Mr L actually gets confused when one character is introduced that shares their name with another one.
  • One True Love: Every Kayoss is guaranteed to meet theirs. However, it won't always be the same species or even a living thing (yet they're still able to have fertile kids).
  • One-Winged Angel: Both Gaio the Ancient and Dark Star pull this off.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Literal in universe example, where Luigi looses his italian accent when he becomes Mr L.
  • Opposites Attract: Pix and Carnation are pure good and pure evil respectively, yet they're each others One True Love.
  • Order Versus Chaos: Kayoss are the living representation of this concept.
  • Our Gods Are Greater: They are immortal and remember everything that happens on screen (even things they weren't present for). They also can instantly tell if someone else is a god and project a field that prevents plot important items from being detected. There are two types in the story:
    • Universal Gods which are extremely powerful, but their abilities only work within their native dimension.
    • Subversal Gods which are not as powerful, but their powers work everywhere.
  • Our Souls Are Different: Souls develop while the mind is developing with the fetus, only in reverse. They start off selfless and then develop selfishness. Kayoss are the only exception, their souls and minds being the same thing.
  • Playing with Fire: The Fyra Herre Flaremaster.
  • Portmanteau: Used occasionally with Lcyclopedia (L Encyclopedia), Smashclysm (Smash Cataclysm), and Conglomiverse (Conglomerate Universe) being the main examples.
  • Power At a Price: Played with by Geminiman's Virus Mode, which grants him a huge amount of power at the cost of, in his view, making him hideous.
  • Power Glows: Void's old spear.


 Reco: Why do you think there are so many (recolors) on this site?

SubrosianDimitri: OWNED!

  • The Talk: With a twist. The listener (Void) reproduces in a completely different way than the one giving the talk (Mr L). He is naturally squicked out at it.
  • Technicolor Ninjas: Void claims to be one, but the validity of this claim, unlike his coloration, has yet to be seen. Endboss on the other hand, plays it straight.
  • Tempting Fate: Multiple characters do this at one point or another with Void being the worst offender, to the point that Mr L actually calls him out on it.

 Mr L: Seriously Void, learn basic narrative devices.


  1. Except for the first 23 pages of the April Fools' Day special
  2. It refers to Dark Star, the knight of the five lights (both characters who said the line were Kayoss, and Kayoss are terrible at spelling), who is trying to collect five specific shards of the Master Stars so he can become an author.
  3. For those that don't know, she is the highest concentration of pure evil in the Conglomiverse.
  4. Federation of United Species Summit
  5. Temporal Anomaly Correction Team
  6. L's Empire Extermination Team
  7. Male Kayoss breathe through their eyes (and partially through their skin)
  8. although this comic was what inspired Gamermaster to make L's Empire making this more of a Mythology Gag
  9. Although the name still fits his power anyways
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