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Kyra Sedgwick hails from Upper Manhattan's socialite circles - her cousin is Edie Sedgwick, who inspired "Like A Rolling Stone" and "All Tomorrow's Parties".

Currently she stars as Georgia-born, CIA-trained Brenda Leigh Johnson, Chief of the LAPD's Major Crimes Division, on TNT's crime drama The Closer. She has been Emmy-nominated six times for the role - finally winning in 2010 - and won a Golden Globe in 2007.

She has been married to Footloose star Kevin "Six Degrees" Bacon since 1988 and has two children, Travis and Sosie. On Discovering Your Roots, she and Bacon were discovered to be (distant) cousins.


  • Creator Couple: Her husband Kevin Bacon has directed several episodes of The Closer, and she was an executive producer on one of his films.
  • Fake Southern: She hails from Manhattan. Brenda hails from Georgia.
  • Real Life Relative: She's co-starred with Kevin Bacon four times. Their daughter Sosie played Brenda's niece Charlene during Season 4 of The Closer.
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