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It's a Haruhi/TV Tropes crossover. Of course there will be a ton of Shout Outs.

  • Lots and lots of tropes are referenced, with some mentioned explicitly, even if the trope alluded to isn't applicable to the situation.

  Haruhi: Exactly like that! Man, you are so Book Dumb sometimes!

Haruhi: Alright, mighty philosopher Kyon, Riddle Me This.

Kyon: Is it that Out of Character for me to be informed?

Kyon: Still, I'm glad the 'nakama' bit worked ... sad that my life is becoming a Shounen story.

Haruhi: Seinen. There's no way in hell we're going through a Tournament Arc.

That cinched it, Kyon decided. Either she was a ninja, or any real ninja aspired to be as skilled as a Tsuruya family maid.

Kyon: Don't let the container fool you, that right there is pure evil. And if Haruhi would listen, I would tell her that Evil Is Not a Toy.

Haruhi: It's not rocket surgery.

Haruhi: Heroic secret service isn't so bad, I guess.

Yanagimoto: The second he heard about it, his head would explode!

 Kyon: It's mostly sound-based in tool mode ... I think of it like a sonic screwdriver!

Haruhi: A name like that would never catch on. You'll need to work on that.

 Yuki: "I cannot determine parameters of dimensional sliding. Because of this, it is not possible to determine the effects of attempting to initiate a change in Michikyuu Kanae's abilities; attempting to alter or tamper with them may cause unforeseen consequences."

  • Fujiwara makes a whole bunch to Continuum. He makes referencing to Kyon "slipshanking" and to his "Yet". Additionally, he seems to have the mentality of a Narcissist.
    • And now Kyon too with a "further information not available here" in chapter 41. Whether or not Kyon intentionally drew the line from Spanner talk or not is debatable at this point.
  • Itsuki is a member of the fan club for Kyon's Aunt Rena's book series Brave Detective Sasha - Member Number 24601, of all numbers.
  • Kyon used the idiom "on the gripping hand" in Stom Begins chapter 2.

  He'd have to thank Yuki for suggesting that book.

 Takahashi: I don't think about that, and neither should you. [2]

  • The brigade talk about black holes and Yuki comments humanoid interfaces can't preserve themselves unassisted there. Haruhi asks Yuki if they are her kryptonite.
  • From the Anachronic Arc, Chapter 2:

 Kyon: "It's not like I've asked Asahina-san to let me go back and give myself notes on tests I did poorly on. Or I've come back from the future to warn myself about upcoming pop quizzes. Really, while it's useful to have access to that kind of power, well.... With great power comes--"

Haruhi: "Don't even try and quote that movie at me," she warned him.

  "...but I digress. When you get that feeling, you know the one, in the back of your head? The one that makes you think something is off about the situation? It may be right. Granted, you may also be tumbling headlong into a fit of paranoia that will end terribly for you and everyone you love. ..."

 In an early story, one of Sasha's closest friends comes under the auspices of an unkind guardian. Sasha and her remaining friends must prove the mistreatment of her friend. When this proves to be difficult, Sasha's love interest - Ichigo - devises a plot to make the guardian ill enough to be sent to a hospital, thus freeing their friend.

    • Probably Minagoroshi-hen rather than Tatarigoroshi-hen. In Chapter 50, Kyon's father references the events of Minagoroshi, specifically Keiichi's attempts at saving Satoko.
  • From Open Battle Arc, Chapter 4, after Kyon is called out by Wataru:

 Taniguchi: And he just ran out of class? Amazing! That guy's hot-blooded for sure! He is one bad mother--

Yanagimoto: Shut your mouth!

Taniguchi: Aw, I was just talking 'bout Kyon!

 Kuyou-chan! Use your spellcard - Spooky Action "Wide Area Transmigration"!

 Nonoko: Radiant Magical Nonoko -- Set-Up!

 Ryouko: Multiple lock-on confirmed! Targeting queue is at one thousand, three hundred thirty seven locks of a possible sixty five thousand five hundred thirty five!"

  • In Open Battles Arc V, Haruhi says the following "incantation":

 Haruhi: It's a magic blade that can banish evil spirits and only causes normal people intense discomfort -- that seems to fit perfectly!

 Haruhi: Kyon, could you be serious? This is The End of the World as We Know It!

Kyon (in a sing song voice): And I feel fine.

  • Apparently, Taro Tanaka is Yakuza rather than the founder of the Dollars. Who knew?


  1. Odoroki Hosuke is the Japanese name of Apollo Justice
  2. The (in-)famous answer given to the question whether Ranma can get pregnant
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