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WARNING! Contains unavoidable spoilers

A character sheet for the fanfiction story Kyon: Big Damn Hero.

Important Notes:

  1. When adding tropes, be sure they aren't used just like in the very Troperiffic source material. Those go there.
  2. To avoid Name Order Confusion, all East Asian names are in "surname first" format.


Kyon/??? Kyou-???[1]/Tadamichi Kyousuke[2]

 "That day had started normally enough, but then, that was true of nearly all days."

A general description about Kyon's personality, motivations, etc.

 He felt a shiver run through him, an instant of an incredibly unfamiliar emotion filling him before he felt himself grow hot, and then intensely, almost overwhelmingly calm.

  • Does Not Know His Own Strength: Because of the nature of his training he knows martial arts but he doesn't remember any experience with them, including the specific effects of his attacks on opponents. After the fight on Heroic Antics Begin Chapter 4, Iyouji was surprised when he had to ask how bad the injuries he made on the Mooks were.
  • Flat What: Being a Deadpan Snarker, Kyon is pretty much expected to use these from time to time.
    • An example from Calm Before the Storm, Chapter 3:

 Haruhi: You slacker! Making me feel like that when you weren't that upset-- Okay, for that, I can no longer trust you to put your costume on by yourself! Yuki-chan, hold him down!

Kyon: What.

  • Gonna Need More Milk: Milk is Kyon's calming beverage of choice. How does he respond when he hears Yuki's slated for deletion?

 Kyon: There isn't enough milk in the world.

  • Gravity Master: Kyon's upgrades make him this.
  • Gratuitous English: Kyon can speak perfect English, and uses it when Haruhi makes him cosplay. Mikuru nearly squealed in delight at it.
  • Harem Hero
  • The Heart: Only the mention of his nickname could calm down an Unstoppable Rage from Haruhi.
  • I Hate Past and Future Me: Kyon thinks that Future!Kyon is arrogant and condescending and that Past!Kyon is incompetent. This is played with, as Kyon tells Koizumi that he mostly annoys himself so that he'll remember things that he'll have to do later, but after Kyon's encounter with Wataru and Kuyou in Calm Before the Storm Arc, Chapter 4, this was played straight when Future!Kyon sent a text to Kyon calling him an idiot for not involving Yuki.
  • In a Single Bound: He becomes capable of this after a series of upgrades.
  • I'm Going to Hell For This: Kyon keeps telling himself he's going to go to a very special hell when he does things he realize go beyond friendship. Later events (like him being engaged to Tsuruya and the reaction he expects from Haruhi) makes him wonder if he's already in it.
  • Koizumi's Problem: When Kyon doesn't know how to solve a problem, he passes it to Koizumi, whose organization usually has the resources to force a solution out.
  • Martial Pacifist: Kyon explicitly states that violence is the last resort, but sometimes it is required.
  • Master of Disguise: By using his greatcoat.
  • Meaningful Name: Kyon's name, as revealed in the beginning of some chapters. Taira no Tadamichi (aka Usui Sadamitsu) is the real name of a samurai involved in a Japanese legend, who was from one of the four families that held the power behind the Japanese throne from the 9th to 12th centuries. The other three families were Fujiwara (the other time traveler), Tachibana (the other esper), and Minamoto (which was historically based in the same geographic region as Nishinomiya). As for the meanings of the names, Tadamichi 直方 can mean straightaway/honest/frank/fix/repair
  • Morality Chain: While Kyon retains this role for Haruhi earlier on, he also serves as this for Tsuruya.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Haruhi notes that Kyon has a flair for languages, as he learns German from Tsuruya. He is also fluent in English, to the point where he easily beats Haruhi in Scrabble. She doubts he is as dumb as he claims, especially considering how he forced Fujiwara into traveling back in time to save him at the beach.
  • Oblivious to Love:

  Already Kyon had garnered unsettled looks from passing students ... and just as worryingly, more than a few enthusiastic and interested smiles from various girls. Best not to let that get back to Haruhi, though Kyon fortunately seemed to be totally blind to such things.

    • As of the Thwarted Lull Arc, Kyon has taken this Up to Eleven.
  • Number Two: Of the SOS Brigade, though often he's the one in command rather than Haruhi,
  • Orange Armband of Second-in-Command: When he was promoted to vice commander, he told Itsuki to just tell Haruhi that it got lost so he doesn't have to wear it at club meetings. When Itsuki tells this lie to Haruhi, she just pulls a new one out of her pocket.
  • Rank Up: Haruhi promotes him to Vice-Commander of the SOS Brigade when the masquerade is broken.
  • Refusal of the Call: After Kyon admits he kinda remembers seeing that ancestral samurai sword of his clan sitting in storage at his house, Haruhi accuses him of this.

 Haruhi: You are actively trying to pretend you don't hear the call.

  And then he did smile, and it was worth it. That sense of security she got when he gave her an almost identical smile after saving her from enemy yakuza, or reassurance that he didn't regret being involved with her.... It was that smile, so everything was okay after all.

Suzumiya Haruhi

 "Well, you've got a lot to learn! A challenge against one of us is a challenge against all of us!"

A general description about Haruhi's personality, motivations, etc.

 Haruhi: But more and more, this 'power' I've got really seems to suck! It's too dangerous to use, and just for having it, I endanger the world?

    • Subverted later on. Haruhi uses a Memory Gambit on herself about her power while still keeping some basic telekinesis to play around with. This coupled with Yuki acting as a buffer for her subconscious wishes allows Haruhi to effectively keep the blessing and drop the suck.
      • Ultimately, the limitations are self-imposed: if she somehow loses control (e.g. by being sufficiently angry or depressed), she still might destroy the world.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: She is doing her best to avoid being one since it would ruin her plan for Kyon and the girls in the SOS Brigade.
  • Die or Fly: In Open Battle Arc, Chapter 4, Nonoko arrives in time to save Haruhi from being overwhelmed by hunter drones, but gets swarmed by another wave that arrives soon after. In order for Haruhi to reach her in time, Haruhi takes off flying and snatches her up, leaping away just before a hail of flechettes could tag them.
  • Dream Sequence: In Gearing Up Arc, Chapter 4, Haruhi was shown dreaming about flying through the sky, sentai-style, with Kyon the rest of the brigade, to fight evil aliens.
  • Flight: She gains it as part of her abilities upgrade.
  • Forceful Kiss: To Kyon while holding him by a Necktie Leash.
  • A God Am I: Inverted. Haruhi finds out that she is a Reality Warper with nigh limitless power, but she is horrified by the possibility of accidentally destroying all of reality with a careless thought. She authorizes Yuki and Kyon to act as a Power Limiter to restrain what she can do. She later finds out that that's not enough, and willingly gives herself a memory block to keep her from remembering what she's actually capable of. In effect, she gives up her godlike power and contents herself with limited telekinesis, with a later powerup to Pure Energy projection.
  • Holding Back the Phlebotinum: A very practical example. Haruhi reluctantly agrees to put a leash on her powers by requiring that her wishes be approved by Yuki and Kyon. She later realizes it was good she did.
  • Insane Troll Logic: In Calm Before The Storm Arc, Chatper 3, while she and Yuki are forcibly undressing Kyon.

 Haruhi: This is your penance for letting me have my way with Mikuru-chan!

Kyon: W-what kind of crazy justice is that!

  • Instant Expert: With her Mind Over Matter powers, as shown when she made lunch four times faster the morning after she got them.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: Haruhi has a lot of SD cards. She liberated them from the illegal photography club, sent the relevant data to the authorities, then had Yuki format all of them.
  • Memory Gambit: Haruhi provokes one on herself about how she remembers her own powers including Closed Space, effectively preventing the formation of Closed Space and giving herself a better protection against Power Incontinence, until she can learn to be responsible with them. Meanwhile, Mind Over Matter abilities are the only ones she can access by herself.
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Schoolgirl Lesbians: She pretends to be dating Kanae, in order to avoid extra attention from boys.
  • Skewed Priorities: The Computer Society President finds strange that Haruhi's biggest priority on Kyon's "encounter" with Yamane on Heroic Antics Begin Arc, Chapter 4, is Kyon's record, and preventing this event getting back to Kyon's mother.
  • Through His Stomach: Haruhi starts making lunch for Kyon when he is grounded. She still keeps making them after it's lifted though.
  • Troper: She mentions the site multiple times, though not by name.
  • Yuri Fan: When Yuki offers to teach Haruhi how to kiss better, her mind starts providing images. She immediately tries to wave them away.
    • Then she kisses Tsuruya in The Laying Low Arc, Chapter 4.

Nagato Yuki

 Mikuru wasn't certain what had come over her. All this time, she'd built an image of Yuki as little more than a human-shaped alien entity ... occasionally very girl like. But Yuki was trying so hard to become more than that.... She'd never even thought to try and consider things extensively from the alie-- From the other girl's point of view.

A general description about Yuki's personality, motivations, etc.

  • Do Well, But Not Perfect: Kyon mentions that Yuki's average is only short of being perfect by the four percent of answers she simply didn't bother completing. A perfect score would attract unneeded attention to her.
  • Expospeak Gag: In Filler Arc, Chapter 3:

 Yuki: At this juncture, I will attempt to communicate something to you, though I am uncertain as to the accuracy of the transmission. Words remain a weak vector for communicating vital information. Despite the lack of adherence to social norms and the correct protocols for this procedure, I am attempting to convey to you the positive emotive content of my current condition and regards for you. The outcome is uncertain; no accurate prediction can be made. Regardless of the fact that determination is unclear, I have resolved to continue due to the content of the emotive concept I wish to relay. Despite the fact that I have no comparable metric, I am currently unable to conceive a greater intensity than the one I experience at this moment in relation to you.


Yuki: I attempted to use more words. It appears that the data was not conveyed accurately.

Kyon: C...can you try it again with less, maybe?

Yuki: Yes. I like you. A lot.

  • Face Death with Dignity: Deconstructed when the IDSE scheduled Yuki's deletion because she became a liability given she could go astray again. The concept of having a will to live was so alien to her she wasn't fazed with the IDSE's decision, to the point she tries to object Kyon's decision to call the SOS Brigade to help her (Yuki only informed Kyon because she wanted to be with him in her last moments).
  • Hold Me: Yuki asks this to Kyon after rescuing him from falling into a black hole which was created accidentally when Kuyou Suou tried to protect Kyon. Unlike Kyon, she wasn't shielded from the strong gravitational forces and radiation.
  • I Hate Future Me: Yuki agrees with Kyon's assessment of his future self's "jerkness" by commenting that her own future self is "insensitive" to her past self in the notes that she sends via Kyon's PDA to her past self.
  • Stay with Me Until I Die: In the first chapter of the Obligatory Anachronic Order Explanation Arc Yuki invoked this trope by calling Kyon after she learns the IDSE scheduled her deletion so she can be with him in her last moments. She never considered telling Kyon about this would make him subvert this trope by using his Trust Password on Haruhi so he could convince her to save Yuki.

Asahina Mikuru

 ", I'm asking ... no, I'm begging you.... Please ... help me do something to be better able to help Kyon-kun! Looking cute, being good at cooking and sewing.... I'm just like a doll; pretty to look at, but with no practical use!"

A general description about Mikuru's (all of them) personality, motivations, etc.

 Mikuru(big): Oh, Kyon-kun ... I don't have a shouta complex, but for you, well...

  • The Medic: Recent training sessions with Yuki have had Mikuru training to become this.
  • Modesty Towel: Mikuru is wearing one when she is teleported for the first training session.
  • Neuro Vault: Mikuru keeps a mental journal of her time with Kyon for when she has to return to the future. Since she can't access them until she returns to her own time she relies on "good old fashioned chemical memories" until then.
  • Squee: After being shown a photo of Kyon in an apron.
  • Supreme Chef

Koizumi Itsuki

 "It is manifest to you now through my own power, but truly, my power shapes -- it is this borrowed power that cuts. Which, as you can guess, means none of the feeling in these attacks is from me."

A general description about Koizumi's personality, motivations, etc.

  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: When he finds out that Kyon is the nephew of his favorite author and that Kyon can introduce him to her, he responds as such:

 "Kyon," Koizumi said with unexpected heat in his voice, "I don't know that I've ever asked for much as a personal favor - but please let me meet your aunt!"

  • Blessed with Suck: Due to being mentally connected to Haruhi’s emotional state, Koizumi is especially aware of each time Haruhi and Kyon kiss. In Thwarted Lull Arc, Chapter 4, Yuki cuts the link per Koizumi's request to Haruhi, who only then realized she didn’t have mental privacy.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Koizumi finally gets to use his ESPer powers in real life due to Haruhi, much to his delight. Moments ago, he was Tempting Fate by saying that he was the most normal now, since Kyon's actions ultimately led to Closed Spaces - originally the sole environment in which he could use his powers - no longer manifesting.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Koizumi's real personality looks like to be one, as shown in Thwarted Lull Arc, Chapter 3. He's shown the snarkiest when he was using his ESP, which is fueled by keeping himself in contact with his true personality.
  • Die or Fly: In Thwarted Lull Arc, Chapter 3, as Kyon is battling the slider robot on the beach, Haruhi demands that Koizumi go use his esper powers to help him. Koizumi tries to explain to her that his powers only work in closed space, but Haruhi cuts him off and shoves him off the nearby cliff, toward the direction of the slider robot. His esper power activates shortly afterward without him realizing it - Haruhi had altered his power at the same time that she ran her Memory Gambit on herself - allowing him to destroy the robot.
  • Kiss By Proxy: When Haruhi and Kyon are making out.
  • Required Secondary Powers: Played with regarding his powers. In the source material, it's explained he was given innate knowledge of the uses and limitations of his powers. When Haruhi changed his ESP so he could use them outside closed space, she didn't update that information. It took an unconscious reflex in the middle of a battle to realize he could use them (she doesn't remember changing them or Koizumi couldn't use ESP in normal space).
  • Telepathy/Psychic Powers: After learning that Haruhi made changes to his powers, Koizumi experiments with them and learns that he now derives his power from people around him and, as a side-effect, can read them.
  • The Knights Who Say Squee : Toward the writer of Brave Detective Sasha, Ryuugu Rena. He is surprised when they meet, as Rena also falls victim to this trope, having her typical reaction over Yuki cosplaying as Sasha.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Averted, since Koizumi absolutely refuses to use his new powers on unwilling subjects, fearing that he might lose his principles.

Tsuruya Haruka

 "I mean ... I don't know if I could do this alone," Haruhi admitted, her face turning even more red. "Without you, Mikuru-chan, Yuki-chan, and Kanae-chan...."

"Aww," Tsuruya soothed, holding back another small giggle. "It doesn't matter if you could or couldn't! You don't have to!"

And that, Haruhi realized, returning her friend's hug, was what really mattered.kimono

A general description about Tsuruya's personality, motivations, etc.

  • 108: Tsuruya will be the 108th family head when she assumes that position.
  • Compressed Hair: Just before her battle in Heroic Antic Begins Arc, Chapter 5, Tsuruya reveals her identity by pulling off her blonde wig, letting them see her green hair.
  • Gainaxing: Tsuruya bounced excitedly at the thought of going for the Trope-tan movie. What happened under her dress made Miyoko rather jealous.
    • Happens to Tsuruya earlier, as well. She cosplays as Lum one day, and when she got excited about something, she bounced up and down on the balls of her feet, and Kyon had to sit quickly, as he noted that action "had an interesting side effect."
  • Going Commando: Given how often Tsuruya wears a [[]], this trope is likely to be in play more often than would be immediately apparent.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: While she wasn't shown angsting about being a Lonely Rich Kid, knowing fully the reasons behind that (that is, being a Yakuza Princess), she feels doubly grateful to Mikuru: for being her friend and for introducing her to the SOS Brigade.
  • Kimono Fanservice: Of the Pimped-Out Dress variety.
  • Kimono Is Traditional: Tsuruya's wardrobe appears to be mostly kimono for this reason.
  • Little Black Dress: Tsuruya is shown wearing one in The Calm Before The Storm Arc, Chapter 2.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: Justified by her family's yakuza business.
  • Modesty Towel: Mikuru thoughts indicate that Tsuruya rarely bothers with one of these.
    • Kyon sees her wearing one of these in The Heroic Antics Begin Arc, Chapter 2, but she loses it very quickly.
  • Sixth Ranger: Upon joining the SOS Brigade.
  • Stepford Smiler: As seen in the first chapter of the Initial Conflict arc. A minor case, since she really is as happy as she looks most of the time.
  • This Is Reality: Tsuruya dismissed using her anime collection as reference about how to tell Kyon she likes him, as it "seemed the real world would be more complicated than that, somehow".
  • Yakuza Princess
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Tsuruya's father thinks that of her while she's dressing up for her omiai.
  • Yuri Fan: Tsuruya considers a threesome with Kyon and Kanae in The Calm Before The Storm Arc, Chapter 2, notes how awkward it might be, then files it away for later consideration.
    • Then in The Laying Low Arc, Chapter 4, she kisses Haruhi.

Michikyuu Kanae

 She had long ago lost count of how many worlds she'd been in, how many history tests she'd failed for remembering things correctly ... but differently. That didn't matter to her, though; in the end, he always listened, and because of that, across countless worlds, Sempai was Sempai.

A general description about Kanae's personality, motivations, etc.

  • A-Cup Angst: She tends to feel this way towards the other girls in the brigade, except for Yuki.
  • Bi the Way: Implied, with her having dreams and drawing doujins involving herself, Kyon and Haruhi.
  • Body Surf: Her sliding through worlds is revealed to be this. She is unaware of this, but she was constantly trying to escape, so she kept doing this periodically.
  • Crash Into Hello: Her introduction to the story.
  • Covert Pervert: She draws... intimate pictures of some of the other people in the Brigade. One of them apparently involved herself, Kyon, and Haruhi, and another Kyon and Koizumi.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: From constantly having to escape from the Alien Invasion since they attacked her home world as a child.
  • Doom Magnet
  • Hair Decorations: In the form of a smiley-face hairpin that Haruhi gave her.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: She never had time to practice her sliding abilities. Her chance of learning is a plot point in the story.
  • Insistent Terminology: When Kanae first met Kyon, she insisted on him calling her by her first name (instead of her last name).
  • In Spite of a Nail: In almost every world she has been, her Sempai was there. And every time he was there, he tried to help her, even if he doesn't believe her.
  • It's Not You, It's My Enemies: In Gearing Up Arc, Chapter 4, Kanae makes a teary speech about how she refuses to cause any more trouble to the SOS Brigade. Just before she slides away, Yuki engages the dimensional anchor, locking her.
  • Meaningful Name: The surname Michikyuu is commonly written with two kanji: 道給. Among others meanings, the first kanji can be read as journey or teachings and the second one as gift or grant. Like this, the name Michikyuu can be read as the gift of journey or to grant teachings. The given name of Kanae has many possible readings, but three of them (かな映, 嘉奈映 and 奏映) contain the kanji for reflection.
  • OC Stand In: Based on the then-unnamed girl that appeared prominently in Dissociation, who then gets a canon name in Astonishment. Durandall said that he was tempted to update Kanae's appearance to match Yasumi's, but the name and backstory he created will definitely be staying.
  • Recurring Dreams: Her favorite dream includes kissing her Sempai at a beach and magically teleporting to a shadowy wooded glade surrounded by bunnies and flowers. After the fight with a robot at the beach Kanae, still somewhat dazed, believes she's dreaming when Kyon shows himself like in her dream, and decides to kiss him only to realize later everybody is watching them.
  • Schoolgirl Lesbians: She pretends being in love with Haruhi, in order to avoid extra attention from boys.
  • Sixth Ranger: Upon joining the SOS Brigade.
  • Tears of Joy: In Thwarted Lull Arc, Chapter 2, when she realizes not only she doesn't have to run from the Combine anymore, but also Haruhi and the SOS Brigade had been waiting for her all this time to make that decision. Then, she calls Haruhi Suzumiya-sempai for the first time.
  • Teleportation: As of the Storm Begins Arc, Chapter 4, she learned to "jump" within the same world through Yuki's help, but only to the location of people she knows. She can also teleport to known places, but that is a little more difficult for her.
  • Yaoi Fangirl: In chapter 50, it's revealed that she's been drawing KyonxItsuki doujinshi during club meetings.

  "I didn't hear that story!" Kanae said, giggling herself, a tiny blush coming to her cheeks. "Ooh, Sempai with another boy! Such a naughty thought!" Her eyes turned distant and her blush deepened. "Hum, Sempai and Koizumi-san..."

SOS-Brigade Associates

Asakura Ryouko/Achakura

 "Stupid feelings!"

A general description about Ryouko's personality, motivations, etc.

Suou Kuyou

 "His influence," she said, before making one of her strange pauses, "me to him. I am," and another pause, almost identical to the first.

A general description about Kuyou's personality, motivations, etc.

"Kyon's sister"/??? Nonoko/Magical Radiant Nonoko

 "I just need my Magical Girl powerup!"

A general description about Imouto's personality, motivations, etc.

Anti-SOS Brigade


 Her instincts told her she should point out the logical flaws in his argument, but she couldn't retain the control for that. Instead, she realized that more than anything else, she wanted to agree with him.

A general description about Sasaki's personality, motivations, etc.

  • Agent Scully: She seems to delight in coming up with sensible explanations for the strangeness around her, even though the rest of the Anti-SOS brigade has explicitly informed her of their backgrounds and Kyon seems to have a habit of telling her exactly what he's doing.
  • Deconstruction: Part of her Conversational Troping with Kyon in their backstory.
  • Oblivious to Love: As she proves to be such, it seems that she and Kyon have more in common than previously believed. In Thwarted Lull Arc, Chapter 3, she knows she wants desperately to talk with Kyon, but she doesn't know why, being oblivious to her own feelings for him.
    • However In Laying Low Arc, Chapter 4, she shows that she is aware that Kunikida has a crush on her and admits that her heart belongs to someone else.
  • Power Nullifier/Weirdness Censor: It is revealed in Open Battle Arc, Chapter 1, that this is her power. She controls probability in a way that if she's there to observe it, anything she doesn't think is possible, isn't. This is directly exploited when the enemy esper organization makes her watch when they hire a bunch of Yakuza to jump Kyon and Yuki so they are unable to use any of the supernatural powers and weapons both of them usually utilize in combat.
  • Repetitive Name: Due to a Did Not Do the Research mishap, the author has decided to go with this option for Sasaki's name, since it can be both a given name and a surname, and it's not clear which is it in the source material.

Suou Kuyou

  See the SOS Brigade Associates section.


 "I could have motives you cannot fathom," he muttered. "You can make assumptions based on my previously observed behavior, but you can't prove my free will doesn't exist!"

A general description about Fujiwara's personality, motivations, etc.

Tachibana Kyouko

 "W...why are you ... helping me?"

A general description about Kyouko's personality, motivations, etc.

  • Psychic Link: It's revealed that Kyouko has the one-way version of this with Sasaki, allowing Kyouko to feel the emotional state of the other person. Largely irrelevant until the moment that Sasaki acknowledges her feelings for Kyon in late chapters, which causes that her self-control to waver.


Tsuruya Kenshiro

 "Aida-chan, buy this company."

A general description about Tsuruya Kenshiro's personality, motivations, etc.


 "Understood, Tsuruya-sama."

A general description about Aida's personality, motivations, etc.

  • Yes-Man: A highly competent example


 "I hold no further grudge," Kasai said politely, nodding. "Ultimately, blood paid for blood, and Tsuruya-san was protected throughout."

A general description about Kasai's personality, motivations, etc.

  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: He has a long scar above both eyes that crossed the bridge of his nose, usually concealed beneath his glasses. Somewhat appropriate for Tsuruya's driver and bodyguard.
  • Identical Grandson: Kasai is identical to his father. Who was Shion's bodyguard in Higurashi.
  • Tattooed Crook: He has to wear a long-sleeved shirt during the beach trip because he has the same "skin condition" as Tsuruya's dad.


 That cinched it, Kyon decided. Either she was a ninja, or any real ninja aspired to be as skilled as a Tsuruya family maid.

A general description about Shinobu's personality, motivations, etc.

  • Meaningful Name: Her name sounds suspiciously close to shinobi.
    • Actually, the name Shinobu 忍 is written with the same kanji used to write the word shinobi 忍び, which is also the first kanji in the word ninja 忍者. A Bilingual Bonus, you might say playing with the Ninja Maid trope name.
  • Meido

%Trope not confirmed% * Ninja Maid: As stated above, it hasn't been confirmed, but all the evidence is there.


 "Oh, let me introduce you; this is Sakura-sensei, our family surgeon."

A general description about Sakura's personality, motivations, etc.

Sonou Mori and the Organization

 "Are you sure this is wise, Sir?"

A general description about the Organization and its members.

  • Let Me Get This Straight...: In the third chapter of the Initial Conflict Arc, a high-ranked member of the Organization questioned Itsuki's motives to side with the SOS Brigade instead of them by using this trope.
  • Shame If Something Happened: Mori threatened Kyouko's grandfather during the Beach Episode to remind her to keep the masquerade up.

 "The two of you are quite welcome," a cheerful voice from behind her noted, as an older woman in a modest one-piece swimsuit clapped a hand on Kyouko's shoulder. The twin-tailed girl stiffened, her face a forced smile barely concealing utter terror beneath. "We haven't had time to properly chat in a while, Kyouko-chan! How is your grandfather doing in Osaka?"

"He's f...fine, M...Mori-san," Kyouko stuttered, looking anxiously towards Sasaki.

Kyon's Family

Kyon's sister/Imouto/Nonoko

  See the SOS Brigade Associates section.

Kyon's parents

 "Kyon-kun... you're not a martial artist, or a samurai. I think it's good that you stood up for your classmate, don't get me wrong. But at the same time... you can easily get in over your head. Neither your mother nor myself want to see you get hurt. And like any parents, we want you to be safe and happy."

A general description about Akane and Yuuto's personality, motivations, etc.

  • Drives Like Crazy: Yuuto, apparently, especially when he's worried-- like on his way to the hospital in Open Battle Chapter 5.
    • "Efficiently."
  • Jerkass: Akane, Full Stop.
  • My Beloved Smother: Kyon outright paraphrases the Trope Namer when talking to his aunt. Even Yuuto notes that "[she doesn't seem to] get the concept of him making his own decisions."
  • Overprotective Dad: Yuuto in regards to Nonoko.
  • Parental Obliviousness:
    • Kyon's parents are told, point-blank, that their son replaced a schoolmate's fully trained bodyguard with years of experience who got injured in the job. They don't appear to think why the schoolmate needs protection or how their son got the skills to replace the bodyguard without being injured himself. This despite the fact that the still visibly injured bodyguard is standing right in front of them during the scene where they're told this.
    • Some time later Kyon's sister tells his dad that her brother had lost his smile in middle school due to Sasaki's overzealous deconstruction of every single trope she meets and Haruhi "fixed" him. Her father hadn't realized.
  • Selective Obliviousness: Akane refuses to acknowledge the possibility that her son had to get into fights because of Tsuruya (by replacing her injured bodyguard), and instead became a Shipper on Deck between them. That was days after scolding Kyon because of getting into fights.
  • Shipper on Deck: Kyon's parents want to ship him with Tsuruya via Arranged Marriage.
  • You Are Grounded
  • You Need to Get Laid: In Fanservice Arc, Chapter 3, Shion commented to Keiichi that his sister going to a hotel once or twice a week would make her much happier.

Kyon's extended family

 "Really, though, trust us on this one. Good friends are worth more than their weight in gold."

A general description about the Higurashi cast, their personalities, motivations, etc.

 The dusty blue-haired boy gave Matsuri a skeptical look, and with great decorum noted, "Icky."


Class 2-5

 "And he just ran out of class? Amazing! That guy's hot-blooded for sure! He is one bad mother--"

"Shut your mouth!" Yanagimoto snapped in irritation, before Taniguchi got himself in trouble.

A general description about Kyon and Haruhi's class.

  • Baka: Yanagimoto calls Taniguchi Taniguchi-baka after they became boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Beta Couple: Yanagimoto describes Taniguchi's attempts to describe their relationship as one.
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Kanae and Kunikida think that Yanagimoto and Taniguchi are trying to invoke this.
  • Genre Blindness: Sakanaka-san, the owner of Rousseau the terrier, demonstrates this to a devastating level (given a certain genre the fic has incorporated). In The Thwarted Lull, Chapter 5, she pulls Haruhi out of class to embarrassedly tell her that she thinks Kyon likes Haruhi.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Taniguchi's future 'voice acting' job requires him to be eighteen. Given what we all know about Taniguchi, it's kinda obvious what kind of job that is...
  • Gossipy Hens/Malicious Slander: Yanagimoto has a talent for gossip and spreads several rumors about Haruhi and Kyon throughout the school during Tsuruya's investigation. However, most of the rumors she spreads are fed to her through Yamane Jun. She stops once she learns the rumors are false, and also as an apology to Kyon and Haruhi.
  • Large Ham: In Thwarted Lull Arc, Chapter 5, Taniguchi suddenly stands up during lunch and proclaimed across the classroom that he would improve his grades if Yanagimoto studied with him. Then, he spewed a flowery speech about his quest for better grades, much to Haruhi and Kunikida's amusement.

Idol Research Club

 But then, the others in the club had found out, and it had become an opportunity to become something larger, more profitable.... Money wasn't the most important thing in the world, but it helped. And making that money established connections. He just needed to wait for it all to pan out....

A general description about the idol research club and its members (Yamane Jun, Ryuguu Ryo, Manabe Satoshi and Daimonji)

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Yamane Jun, due to being infected by the data remains of Asakura, tried to kill Kyon. Bizarrely, the brainwashing was completely unintended and it's dubious if the brainwasher even knew of its existence.
  • Know When to Fold'Em: From all the members of the photography ring, Daimonji was the least scathed after its break. He was also the only one who decided to surrender himself and give all the information he knew when asked so he could have a better way out, as shown in Heroic Antics Begin Arc, Chapter 3.
  • Oh Crap: Yamane after realizing Yanagimoto led Kyon to his clubroom and he just opened the door.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Yamane Jun for Asakura Ryouko, until she "moved to Canada."

Other Students/Faculty

 "It's weird," [Kyon] commented, before Haruhi could even ask. "Every time I say something that I wouldn't want overheard, and a few other times.... I don't know who that kid is, but he always runs into hearing range just as I say something really off-color. He probably thinks I'm some horrific yakuza thug, or something."

A general description about other characters from Kitago (Recurring Extra, Student Council President, Computer Research Society, teachers, etc.), their personality, motivations, etc.


The Combine

 "Your civilization will fall -- like the others. The greatest resistance we have ever seen with an active portal storm was seven hours, and I strongly doubt you'll do better."

A general description about the Combine.


 "I will stop that thing, Kyon! I will rescue my sister! I swear on my good name -- Michikyuu Wataru!"

A general description about Wataru's personality, motivations, etc.


 Within that observation space of the physical -- this force/slope/function was determined to be a function of entropy. It defined a concept the entity could not contain within it. Through constant observation, bringing the entirety of its being back into that 'past' and causing it to always have been that way, it found that there were finite limits to its ability to improve itself.

A general description about the IDSE.

  • Crazy Prepared: It had prepared various tools for theoretical encounters, one of the tools happened to be a dimensional anchor. Kanae uses it for slider training.
  • Humanity Is Infectious: This is the main reason the IDSE decided to delete Yuki.
    • In Initial Conflict Arc, Chapter 4, Yuki notes that there was evidence to suggest that the IDSE living humanoid interfaces may in fact be a defiance to this trope, being intended as insulative measures to protect the entity from contamination.

Akasaka Miyuki

 The how was something she couldn't understand, so she just accepted that it appeared to happen, and focused instead on the why.

A general description about Miyuki's personality, motivations, etc.

Takahashi and the Family

 "Do your part, and there will be nothing to worry about."

A general description about "The Family" and their members.

  • A list of characterization tropes associated with the Family, separated by bullets.

The Fujiya-tachi

 "However, what you don't understand is that the money is also trivial compared to our proper businesses. It is, at best, a semi-lucrative sideline. We are businessmen, and we act professionally."

A general description about the Fujiya-tachi and its members (Fujiya Masao, Watanabe Daichi, Maruyama Iyouji)

  • Clasp Your Hands If You Deceive: In the 3rd chapter of the Gearing Up Arc, when Masao realizes the trouble Watanabe got into with the law for shooting Kyon, he steeples his hands and asks the messenger, Iyouji, to apologize on his behalf. Subverted because Masao honestly wants to apologize, even if he has to play this trope straight because of his work.
  • Deadly Euphemism: Iyouji in Heroic Antics Begin, Arc 5 who, while he had no practice experience, knew about the theory about how to deal with certain girl: 'subdue' her, drug her, ship her off to someone who could find a 'use' for her, and never speak of it again.
  • Insistent Terminology: They refuse to say that Kyon kicked someone's ass. He "chastized" them, he "rebuffed" them, etc.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Iyouji is shocked to realize that Kyon dismissed being shot so easily.
  • Tranquil Fury: Masao, after having all of his subordinates flattened in a fight. Nothing came of it.
  • Unusual Euphemism: Masao's men, as told by Iyouji, didn't get into a fight, they had an encounter with an opposite faction. In the same vein his men weren't beaten into a pulp in those encounters, they were subdued or sternly chastised depending of the gravity of their injuries.

Other Characters


 "Um, Kyon," she blurted out, looking up and locking eyes with him, her gaze watery and shimmering, her cheeks glowing with a blush, "when you have a nickname, are you stuck with it forever!?"

A general description about Miyoko's personality, motivations, etc.

  • Afraid of Blood: She wants to be a doctor or nurse when she grows up, so she constantly watches bloody horror movies to build up her resistance. As it turns out, resistance to seeing it in fiction has no effect on her ability to deal with it in real life.
  • Foil: To Kyon. She doesn't want to be stuck with a nickname (which was given to her by her uncle) and her first love was her older cousin, who ran off with Kyon's older cousin that he had a crush on (and in case you didn't know, Kyon got his nickname from his aunt). She also hangs out with Nonoko, who Kyon even describes as a younger version of Haruhi.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Is really afraid of this happening to her.
  • Puppy Dog Eyes: When asking Kyon to see a movie in Heroic Antics Begin Arc, Chapter 5.
  • Shy Finger-Twiddling: Before she asks Kyon about being stuck with a nickname.
  • Strange Girl: Let's put it this way, Haruhi say's that she's strange.

Other Characters

 The bareheaded officer scowled, tugging his hat on properly. "Takahara, I don't see why I can't just tell that NPA bi--"

"Enough, Toji!" the older officer barked at his young colleague. "Don't piss her off, and don't badmouth her -- that's what we call a career limiting move. You want a promotion? Behave yourself!"

A general description about other characters.

  • A list of characterization tropes associated with other characters, separated by bullets.


  1. The most that we officially got of his name in-story, but...
  2. We got enough hints in-story that we're almost certain that this is his name (in Kyon: Big Damn Hero, anyway).
  3. Haruhi got 97
  4. Terrifying guardian
  5. The numbers have been run and that stunt implies that Kuyou sent her opponent to an average speed equal or superior to the 89% of the speed of light
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