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Describe Kurtwood Smith, before I put my foot in your ass.

Kurtwood Smith is best known for his roles in RoboCop as Clarence Boddicker and on That 70s Show as Red Forman. To animation fans, he's also known as the voice of General Galapagos on The Terrible Thunderlizards and Agent Bennett on The Zeta Project. As most of the aforementioned roles suggest, he frequently plays Jerk Asses and villains.

He's also an example of Mean Character, Nice Actor as he's frequently described by his co-workers on RoboCop and That 70s Show as one of the nicest people around.

Notable Roles from Kurtwood Smith:

Tropes associated with Kurtwood Smith:

  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Smith is also frequently described by several of his co-workers as being a rather nice person, despite frequently playing bad guys and jerkasses.
  • One of Us: Big video game fan.
  • Romance on the Set: The secretary with whom Clarence Boddicker flirted when visiting Dick Jones in RoboCop? She was played by Joan Pirkle, Kurtwood Smith's wife.
  • Typecasting: In several of his roles, he frequently plays arrogant characters or bad guys. He's admitted to enjoying playing villains.
  • Who Names Their Kid "Dude"?: His mother thought there weren't enough Kurtwoods in the world. Seriously.
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