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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Some fans think that Kuroko's secretly a Manipulative Bastard who caused the break-up of the Generation of Miracles team. Of course, this is a Just for Fun interpretation that no one really takes seriously.
  • Die for Our Ship: not so much for the English fandom (as there isn't much of a fandom), but very much so in the Japanese fandom.
    • Kagami for the avid Aomine/Kuroko shippers ; Kuroko for the Kagami/ Himuro shippers
    • Not to mention Momoi and Aida who are often pushed to the side in the fandom by their tragic nature of not being guys.
  • Ho Yay: It's only natural to find mass amounts of fangirlish squealing in a series that's rampant with teenage guys running covered in sweat while passing balls to one another in a contact sport. Not to mention the overall lack of female presence and each character's obsession with basketball.
    • Kagami/Kuroko is the obvious one, as the metaphor between 'Light' and 'Shadow' (and Kuroko declaring that he exists to bring Kagami into the light and writing in huge letters on the school courtyard that he'll make Kagami the best basketball player in Japan) and their gradual trust and closeness that culminates in them re-exchanging vows to bring the Generation of Miracles to the ground after their huge defeat by Touou.
      • Remarked on by even the other players, as seen here:
        • Aww, so cute! Wait, they're not a couple...!
    • Aomine/Kuroko as well, continuing the Super Special ahem, Suspicious Relationship between a Light and a Shadow. Kuroko is shown, later on, to genuinely want Aomine to love playing basketball again and Aomine is seen often seeing Kuroko's face in other opponents.
      • Kuroko is the only teammate Aomine have First-Name Basis with, and continue doing so even after their separation.
      • Aomine specifically went to visit Kagami just to spat about his dim light and remark how sad it was for Tetsu, one would think he come all the way there just to say Kagami is not worthy of Kuroko.
    • Practically all of the Generation of Miracles seem to be sheer Ho Yay magnets:
    • Not to mention the Teikou/New-School pairings (examples include: Kise/Kasamatsu, Midorima/Takao, Aomine/Sakurai, Murasakibara/Himuro) of which Kuroko/Kagami is an example.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Kuroko is paired in a frenzied manner with all the members of the Generation of Miracles - not to mention Kagami, Aida, and Tetsuya #2 it's his namesake dog
  • Les Yay: Seeing as how Aida and Momoi are the only named girls in the show and all the guys are taken...
  • Nausea Fuel: Riko's "special" ingredients on the boys' normal meals are supplements such as protein and vitamin C powder.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Murasakibara. His expressions and his attitude are both...unsettling.
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