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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Olga, partly because of the little context that is given to her story. During his reign, many women were raped.. but did she order it, did she allow it, or did the orcs simply do it behind her back?
  • Author's Saving Throw: Attempted in Episode 5, which the start of Alternate Continuity in the anime. Many fans have made fun of Alicia for her capture when she surrendered her entire fortress in a vain attempt to save a few of her subjects, by dooming everybody to the same fate. Episode 5 tries to fix this by having Alicia sleep through the entire invasion after a long day of travel, which seems to be the writers' attempt to make her look less stupid. However, many fans feel that the new explanation for Alicia's capture just makes her look more incompetent.
  • Complete Monster: Vault/Volt is the leader of the Kuroinu mercenaries: they originally fought against the Dark Elves for mankind, only to betray them afterwards and invade the land, planning to turn the entire kingdom into a nation where women as treated as nothing but sex slaves. Through shady and unknown means, the once apparently heroic (or at least able to pass himself as heroic) Vault is able to gain control over hordes of monsters and demons to subjugate and defeat the princess knights that protect the land as well as rape and violate any women in their path. Vault also has his band of mercenaries gang-rape the Half-Elf Cloe, Dark Elf Queen Olga, Alicia's younger cousin Prim (under the false idea that she would be spared - and then he forced Alicia to see him rape her) and their former ally Maia, who had feelings for Vault - which Vault himself cruelly and needlessly mocks as he and others rape her. Through his actions, this causes various men in power to become depraved sexual predators and rape innocent women and turn against the Princess Knights, and in the final days of his crusade, Vault is able to make the High Elf Celestine surrender and have her gang-raped by her own subjects, reducing her and her fellow Princess Knights (plus Olga and Chloe) into nothing but broken and sex-craving sex slaves. A ruthless sociopath and sexual predator, Vault stands out as a monster even among hentai villains.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: With more ongoing series of rape with little hope of the female characters winning, this is instantly induced. Worse as they were meant to fail and be doomed as sex slaves.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: The dark elves, Olga and Chloe, are by far the most recognized characters in the series, despite having equal sharing of screen time with the Princess Knights in the original visual novel.
  • Even Better Sequel: While fans do love the first game, many considered the sequel to be an improvement, specifically toward the graphics and diverse sex scenes.
  • First Installment Wins: The first episode of the OVA is largely considered the best of the series by a large number of fans.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With the Naruto fandom, oddly enough. There is a surprisingly staggering amounts ofFix Fic where Naruto is the main character saving the female characters of Kuroinu from Vault and his forces.
  • Narm: The second episode's scene where Alicia is raped by her Treacherous Advisor has ridiculous and stupid-sounding spoken lines (even for hentai standards), it makes Alicia sound like an absolutely clueless idiot who has no idea of what sex is, AND includes a pretty dumb-looking detail as she's raped from behind with her knees and feet all bent. It makes the whole deal look far less "sexy" than it should be.
  • Tear Jerker: Now this trope has its own page.
  • Sequelitis: Episodes 5 and 6 suffer from this, due to a shorter run time, the removal of monsters like the Orcs, and for some inexplicably reason, giving Alicia almost the sole focus of these episodes while sidelining the dark elves and the other princess knights. Episode 6 ends on an unsatisfying note, before Majin decide to switches it focus to Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias.
  • What an Idiot!: Olga, after losing her last seal, tries to convince Vault not to "defile" her. Which is stupid beyond the fact that she had no chance to convince him anyway.
    • She also mentions that she does not want to have a "filthy" human from Vault. It is NOT the best idea to say "Filthy" to a hypothetical son of the guy, who you are trying to convince.
    • Alicia surrenders for her entire fortress to have a few nuns spared from rape, and not only she accomplished nothing but let the Kuroinu Mercenaries defile more of her subjects. It even called out In-Universe, since the nuns themselves urge Alicia to NOT make such deals for them.
  • The Woobie: Surprisingly, some OAV viewers have said that they feel sorry for the Princess Knights. In the words of one of them: "You either enjoy the zany sex or both the zany sex and the womens' plight as they're enraptured in uncontrollable lust that has been forced upon them. Failing that, you then question why you watched it in the first place, and possibly why you masturbated to it at the time you thought it was a good idea".
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