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  • This little exchange at the end of the film:

 Po: I know who I am.

Ping: You do?

Po: I'm your son.

    • Make that their entire reunion. Full stop.
  • This scene:

 Po: The hardcore can't understand.

(Tigress lunges at Po and hugs him, to everyone's shock)

Tigress: The hardcore do understand...but I can't watch my friend be killed.

    • Any of the Po/Tigress moments could qualify, especially in the final half.
      • There's that private nighttime conversation on the boat. Imagine, Tigress, Po's Resenter in the first film, has grown to become the panda's best friend and confidant of the Five, and maybe the seeds have been laid for something more.
      • Even more subtly in the film's Super Bowl ad, when you notice that when Po makes his fist excuse, Tigress is smiling with a warm understanding at her friend's effort.
        • The scene at the end where Po swims up to Tigress at the climax of the film after everyone is hit by Shen's cannon. He whispers her name, holds her hand, and even looks at Shen with a very angry tone. Then, when he pushes her out of harm's way, her hand is still out as if she still wants him to hold it. To this troper, this is the most heartwarming scene ever in an animated movie and I almost cried during it.
          • Remember, Tigress said that she couldn't feel anything physically because of her Training From Hell she endures (by punching ironwood trees for 20 years). To feel Po's paws just... it just adds more depth to their relationship.
  • Oh, my God, the scenes with baby Po.
  • The Furious Five all glomping Po after he saves the day in a particularly awesome way.
  • Boss Wolf refusing to fire on his own men. Unfortunately he dies for it.
  • A rather subtle one: In the beginning of the first film, Mr. Ping mentions how he'd always wanted to learn how to make tofu. In the sequel, we see that he has learned to make it and now serves it alongside his noodle soup. In short, Po's success has inspired him to pursue his own dream.
  • Po offering Shen, the one who slaughtered his own people, a Last Second Chance. Even though Shen doesn't take it, it still shows a great deal of compassion on Po's part to try and redeem the murderer who orphaned him.
  • The montage just after Po remembers the probable death of his mother, then to realize things worked out well enough with the love of Mr. Ping creating a home where he was not only loved, but it is in a place where he achieved his most cherished dreams and found his dearest friends, with the last scene of the montage being of Mr. Ping and Baby Po together in his noodle shop.
  • A small one but Po kissing a bunny toddler on the forehead was quite cute.
  • Mr. Ping watching Po leave.

 Tigress: Don't worry, Mr. Ping. He'll back be before you can say 'noodles'.

Ping: (after Po and the Five run off)...Noodles.

  • Mr. Ping breaking down when a customer asks him when the Dragon Warrior will return.
  • Po and Shifu at the end:

 Shifu: At last, you have achieved inner peace...and at such a young age.

Po: I had a good teacher.

  • Shifu's instinct to be Papa Wolf at the first sign of Po in trouble. It just shows that this man has a lot of love to give, since a literal army could not stop him from reaching his surrogate son.
  • Towards the end after defeating Lord Shen when the remains of his ship, fireworks erupted. It then showed a vague shape of a peacock resembling Lord Shen. It then pans to the Soothsayer, smiling. Maybe Lord Shen did find his peace.

  Soothsayer: Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you who you are. It's the rest of your story, who you choose to be.

  • My son is alive.
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