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The tiny blonde with the powerhouse voice.

One of Broadway's reigning queens, "Cheno" is known among musical theater lovers as the original G(a)linda in the hit musical Wicked. Television audiences, on the other hand, know her as Olive Snook from Pushing Daisies, Annabeth Schott from The West Wing and for her role as April Rhodes on Glee.

She is also known for her Cheno Notes (extremely high soprano notes sung in full head voice), for being 4 feet 11 inches, and for Les Yay-ing it up with Wicked costar Idina Menzel. Also a tiny but vocal Mama Bear to everyone in the LGBT community despite her deeply Christian upbringing, as this takedown of a writer attacking her co-stars shows.

She has had a long on-again off-again relationship with writer Aaron Sorkin (they appear to currently be off-again).

She was a guest judge on American Idol for the Orlando auditions. Awesome promptly ensued.

Cheno's roles include

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