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The chick from Twilight. Known for looking moody, biting her lip, and getting to kiss Robert Pattinson.

Prior to Twilight, Stewart was a little-known actress who appeared mostly in independent films, occasionally getting supporting roles in studio films. At age ten, she had her first major role playing Jodie Foster's daughter in Panic Room. During this period, she was generally considered to be an up-and-coming talent by those who were aware of her.

Then came Twilight and the public's identification of her with Bella Swan. Stewart, who comes off as a bit of a Shrinking Violet, makes it pretty clear that she does not enjoy being famous and generally preferred her pre-Twilight life. However, she doesn't win the points Pattinson does with the Hatedom due to the fact that she doesn't badmouth the series as much as he does. Most critics, but not most members of the hatedom, still believe that she can act as long as she's not playing a character named "Bella Swan", but the financial failures of her subsequent non-Twilight films (Adventureland, The Runaways and Welcome to The Rileys) seem to indicate that her fame has not made her a box office draw all by herself.

Her most prominent non-Twilight role of late has been Snow White in 2013's Snow White and the Huntsman. She has also been approached for a role in the upcoming live-action Akira movie.


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