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Koyomimonogatari ("Calendar Story") is an installment in the Monogatari Series. Instead of the usual arc-based storytelling, it contain twelves different short stories; each of them taking place somewhere in or in-between the main story arcs, told chronologically.

It contains the stories Koyomi Stone, Koyomi Flower, Koyomi Sand, Koyomi Water, Koyomi Wind, Koyomi Tree, Koyomi Tea, Koyomi Mountain, Koyomi Torus, Koyomi Seed, Koyomi Nothing, and Koyomi Dead.

An unusual approach for an animated adaptation was taken by Studio SHAFT for its anime release, in which a mobile app would be available for download from December 2015 to broadcast the episodes weekly (starting from January 2016); said app also functions as a calendar with some downloadable contents.

In the novels release order, it is following Tsukimonogatari, and is followed by Owarimonogatari.
Tropes used in Koyomimonogatari include:
  • Arc Number: Twelve. 12 months in a year, 12 episodes for each month, 12 minutes average allocated for the adaptation.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: Each Episode has their own color motif.
    • Koyomi Stone: Pink
    • Koyomi Flower: Cream
    • Koyomi Sand: Light Green
    • Koyomi Water: Blue
    • Koyomi Wind: Light Brown
    • Koyomi Tree: Burning Gold
    • Koyomi Tea: Red
    • Koyomi Mountain: Purple
    • Koyomi Torus: Light Gray
    • Koyomi Seed: Light Blue
    • Koyomi Nothing: Dark Gray
    • Koyomi Dead: Blood Red
  • Cryptic Conversation:
    • The whole talk about "restoring balance" with Ougi in Episode 8.
    • Episode 12 as a whole with Gaen, barring the epilogue.
  • Mystery of the Week: Despite the trope has been known to be a premise in the franchise, Koyomimonogatari follows the more traditional "A discussion and resolution per episode" formula.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Koyomi is once again on the receiving end of this in Episode 11, by none other than Yodzuru.
  • Once Per Episode: Koyomi and one other character engage in a conversation regarding a certan mystery or problem. Koyomi tries to find answer, usually by looking for help or advice. Mystery solved as Koyomi delivers punchline.
  • Reverse Psychology: A portion of the answer to Episode 1, 2 and 6's mysteries both concerns the character looking at the situation from another, opposite point of view.
  • Scooby-Doo Hoax: Conversed in Episode 7, where Koyomi and Tsukihi (and later Kanbaru) try to find a way to explain a debunked ghost rumour.
  • Snow Means Death: Gaen kills Araragi during a snowy morning in the final episode.
  • The Bus Came Back: In the very last scene, Araragi and Mayoi are reunited.
  • Twelve-Episode Anime: As per the solar calendar norm.
  • You Have Failed Me: Gaen had high hopes for Koyomi, but she think he failed to fulfill it. Cue the slashing. Later Subverted, as it was all part of Gaen's plan.

And now, for the epilogue... Or rather, the punchline.

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