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Kouji Tsujitani was a seiyu born in 1962. His early roles were usually star-crossed lovers like Seabrook Arno in Mobile Suit Gundam F91. Then, he got to play Chivalrous Perverts like Miroku in Inuyasha. Or the irresponsible Tylor.

He then grew Perma Stubble and had a pigeonhole change to something like his role of Dewey Novak in Eureka Seven. In later years he focused less on acting and more on directing: i.e., he directed the voice work for the Fate/Stay Night TV series and Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. He was married to his fellow seiyuu Kumiko Watanabe.

He passed away in October 2018, after suffering a stroke.

Notable Roles by Kouji Tsujitani:


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