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The Kissing Warm Up is when a character practices their smooching skills alone. It mostly occurs with young characters who have not had their First Kiss. It may involve kissing your hand, the mirror, a stuffed animal, a live animal, or anything handy.

Frequently occurs in anticipation of a make-out party. Can turn into Cringe Comedy if another character catches them in the act.

If the kissing warm up is with a living person, it's a Practice Kiss. If the kiss is with a live animal who is sapient, you may be looking for Interspecies Romance.

Compare Test Kiss. Not to be confused with I Kiss Your Hand.

Examples of Kissing Warm Up include:


  • In Superstar, Mary Katherine Gallagher makes out with a tree trunk.


  • In Noughts and Crosses, when Callum and Sephy are having their First Kiss, Sephy's internal monologue mentions that she has practised kissing with her pillow.

Live Action TV

Western Animation

  • Pepper Ann gets ready for her first unsupervised party by warming up on her hand, a watermelon, and a pillow.
  • On King of the Hill, Bobby practices kissing on Luanne's hairdresser dummy.
  • In The Venture Brothers, Dean practices by kissing his hand. When he later describes it as "practicing being a boyfriend," it's not taken the right way.
  • Referenced in the Adventure Time episode "The Enchiridion." Finn opens the titular book to examine it and finds a page titled "Chapter 5: How to Kiss Princesses." Pausing the scene quickly reveals that the author recommends practicing on a Lip Monster beforehand.
  • Doug of Doug practices kissing on a balloon.
  • Hey Arnold gives us the creepy yet hilarious kiss between Helga and her Arnold shrine - made completely out of wads of his used gum.
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