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  • "In the Throne arc, Robin Mask and Terryman are made part of the chain of command of the Seigi Choujin. As a result, they are technically unable to compete in the Succession tournament due to their years of working with Suguru potentially interfering with their duty." Why were they not have been temporarily suspended due to a potential conflict of interest?
    • For real? THAT's what bugs you about Kinnikuman?
  • What's up with Brocken Jr.'s hat? Fooling Kinnikuman and co. into thinking Brocken had died? That thing has a mind of its own!
    • Turns out the skull insignia on Brocken Jr.'s hat is a Applied Phlebotinum that grants the heirs of his family the strength to become Choujins following their harsh training and Jr happened to inherit it from his father after his demise. This explains how he managed to survive the triple threat from the rest of Team Intelligence and took down Prisman in a Heroic Sacrifice.
      • That doesn't explain why it took so long for it to find the difference between Brocken and The Ninja, who had stolen his face.
  • How did Black Hole come back to life after being beheaded as punishment for failing to beat Kinnikuman? And more importantly, why does Pentagon team up with him for the Tag Team arc?
    • According to The Other Wiki, Black Hole and Pentagon are actually cousins and it's possible that the tournament was a good chance for Black Hole to get a rematch with Kinnikuman, so he joined up with Pentagon. That, and they must have had enough fans to warrant a new appearance for both of them.
  • The situation with Kinnikuman Soldier. Since Ataru beat up the real Kinnikuman Soldier (who was supposed to be possessed with the Evil God of Brutality )and impersonated him to get into the Throne competition, why didn't any of the other Evil Gods pick up on it from day one? Better yet, if the God of Brutality knew that his prince was a fake, why did he "possess" Ataru? More importantly, if he was a fake, who the hell was that appearing with the other Evil Gods to power up Mixer Taitei to seal away Suguru's Burning Inner Strength? It wouldn't make sense for Ataru to go along with sabotaging his own little brother by handicapping him. Maybe he was forced to do it?
    • The God of Brutality never possessed Ataru; he remained stuck inside the true Soldier until his death during the Team Phoenix/Team Soldier tag match. Also, it's possible that Ataru didn't take Soldier's place until AFTER the first round.
  • In the 21st Choujin Olympics, when a reporter walks in to see Warsman's mask by itself, naturally causing him to freak out. Mr. Barracuda tells him that Warsman just removed his mask to shave his beard, which isn't a head-scratcher. The head-scratcher is when we get to see what's under that mask; how can hair possibly grow under there?
    • First off, a security guard did saw Warsman's face(in the manga, don't know if the same thing happened in the anime) only for Mr.Barracuda to say that he only saw a mask and he's currently shaving. In other words the guard take Mr Barracuda's word for it. Mr Barracuda just lied to the guy and he believes it.
  • Why couldn't they have just made Mayumi take a paternity test to show who's the real prince instead of letting such a violent process such as the Throne Arc happen?
    • The Evil Gods might have something to do with that. They might have altered the four fake prince's(I want to say five but one of them is not what he seem to be) DNA or something that could nullify the paternity test.
  • Maybe this is established somewhere else (I've only seen the 4Kids dub of Nisei) but how does the Kinniku Buster cause more damage to the opponent than the one performing it. They aren't the ones being bashed into the ground from miles in the air.
    • The same reason why Ashura Buster hurts the opponent but without the additional damage to the arms and neck.
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