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A Fandom and Shipping phenomenon, most of them based on Live Journal. A Kink Meme is where a user (usually anonymously, though the rules on this differ between kink memes) posts both a pairing and a kink (or some kind of basic plot setup, or some other stipulation). Another user then anonymously fills this request with either art or Fanfic.

While kink memes, true to their name, usually contain plenty of smut, it is usually permissible to request Fluff or drama fic with no sex or shipping elements as well.

Tropes commonly found in kink memes include:


  1. The memes themselves can be considered examples, but this also tends to be invoked.
  2. Duh.
  3. Any meme that gets big enough will inevitably develop a few In Jokes that reach this status.
  4. When the fandom itself isn't RPF-oriented, this can come in the form of Character X paired with Real Person Y. The latter is often the former's creator/actor/voice actor.
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