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Manga chapters

  • Alice feel karasuma-sensei as her rival for Shino's English fondness

First Year

  • As eary as chapter 5 Youko tease Aya by asking if she want to be her wife
  • 7 Youko become an Accidental Pervert when she ask Aya to took her clothes off to photo her muscle
  • 9-11 saw Alice jealous to Karen. Youko even pointed tha out in chapter 10
  • 12 Aya is curious to the content of Youko's love letter. She still went tsun even after she reassure her
  • 16 aya yare. Girly. AhogeSs
  • 20 When Aya attempt to fix Youko's tie she imagine it would looks like newlywed
  • 22 Shino and Alice repeatedly calling each other cute get a room you two!. Also later Aya blushing in anticipation expecting Youko saying she wish Aya as her girlfriend
  • 23 angst laugh jealousy filled this chapter as Alice troubled by Karen getting so close to Shinobu. Later they make up and Alice realize she loves karen too

Second Year

  • 47 Alice mention that she says Shino is cute 108 times a day
  • 52 when they try to converse, Youko ask Alice what she likes only for her to reply Shino! with excitement and continue to chatter about her. Then Honoka question Karen
  • School festival drama
  • In chapter 53 when going to public onsen Shino keep saying she wants to bath with Alice
  • 2nd year Winter arc:
    • Shino deliberately give a very long scarf for Aya so she can get together with Youko
    • during Christmast party Alice's mom tell that Alice has been describing Aya and Youko as husband and wife

Third Year

  • When Karen and Alice go to Aya's home, her mom quickly ask if it is not Youko again today, with Aya blushingly deny as to why would she mention Youko
  • Isami love for her sister is shown by Shino album that Karen saw
  • 73 after dominating everyone in a Pillow Fight Aya ask everyone about their love story. Karen mention that her first love is Alice. Youko expecting the answer to be a joke then shocked that Aya accept it
  • Karen show jealousy when sensei being nice to Alice, accusing her to like little girl
  • 3rd year Summer Holiday arc:
    • Aya blush at the thought of living together with Yoko
    • Karen accuse something happened to Honoka and Kana during the past week leads up to the summer camp
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