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  • Fan Nickname: Before his name was revealed, fans took to calling Roxas the Blond-Haired Kid (BHK).
    • To those trying to guess the plot of the sequel from the trailer, Roxas was often called Dual-Wielding Unknown, while Riku was called Blindfolded Unknown.
      • Oddly enough the trailer isn't even part of the game; it's a flashback that takes place right before it. It is, however, the final battle in Days.
    • Don't forget "Orgy XIII".
    • Fans also commonly refer to Xemnas as "Mansex" - an anagram of his name.
    • Pete is given the nickname Captain Ass-Zipper, due to, well, look!
    • Chip Cheezum and friends popularized "Dogstreet" for Pence, named after the writing on his shirt.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Once you hear Adult Simba talk, you're never going to get Liquid out of your mind...
  • Talking to Himself: In the Japanese version, Donald Duck, Genie and Stitch are voiced by the same seiyuu.
    • In Spanish, Sora and Chicken Little were both Adolfo Moreno.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Alternate final boss forms for Xemnas that feature him apparently breaking up and surrounding himself with chunks of the Dark City, "King" and "Centaur", were conceptualized.
    • A planned-to-be-Final Mix-exclusive summon featuring Buzz and Woody apparently made it far enough to be Dummied Out.
    • Judging from the early trailers, they were planning on making the outside walls (i.e. the areas covered in the first game) of the Hallow Bastion castle playable.
    • Variations on the Behemoth and Wyvern Heartless were present in the 1000 Heartless battle in the old trailers.
    • The game was planned to feature battles against all the Organization members in the Coliseum. This was dropped due to lack of time and eventually implemented in a different way in Final Mix.
    • Double-bladed Keyblades.
    • Corey Burton provided Sark's voice because David Warner, his original actor, was unavailable at the time. Burton previously voiced Shockwave in Transformers, who's voice was inspired by Warner's performance as Sark.
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