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  • Since there's no Crowning Moments of Nostalgia page, here's one from the Jump Festa trailer:

 Mickey: All for one!

Sora, Donald, Goofy, Mickey: And one for all!

  • In Kingdom Hearts 3D, Riku sees some of Pete's goon's set up cardboard images of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. He then notes with a smile that those three are always together, no matter what.
  • In the February trailer, Axel and Roxas have a moment on the clock tower. What really pulls it together is when Roxas says " Got that memorized?" to Axel.

 Roxas: You promised us, right? That no matter how many times we left, you'd always be there to bring us back.

    • Also from the trailer Riku telling the Sorcerer's Apprentice!Mickey he's looking forward to seeing them join forces.
  • Seeing the Organization members, especially Axel, being Back From the Dead and back to normal is nice.
    • And even if you don't believe that they've revived, but their Somebodies/Others have... that's still pretty nice!
    • Well, it was said that they do remember their time as nobodies.
    • Hopefully, the inevitable moment when Lea and Sora meet will be this in spades. We don't even know if it will happen in this game, but someday...
      • It's been reported that it does happen. At the end of the game, Lea and Sora meet. This would be an "And The Fandom Rejoiced" moment if it wasn't for the circumstances within the plot - the leaked ending isn't that upbeat.
      • Subverted. The ending isn't quite a happy ending, but it's a lot more upbeat than feared. Basically, Lea pulls a Big Damn Heroes on Sora, and the whole group makes it to Yen Sid's tower safely. Not only, but Sora ultimately fails the exam, but nonetheless he is genuinely happy for Riku, who made it instead. True, now Sora is in Traverse Town, with nobody - no pun here, mmmkay? - but Dream Eaters keeping him company, and this can drive someone crazy in the long run, but after what he's gone through in The World That Never Was, and considering this is Sora we're talking about, it's not like this is likely to happen. Also, if you saw the last part of the game's opening, you know Sora's gonna be okay anyway.
  • This beautiful little moment.

 Mickey: Don't you think we should go and help them?

Yen Sid: Where would we begin?

Mickey: We'd follow the bonds between our hearts. A long time ago, Master Aqua taught me that.

  • Ven saves Sora after Young Master Xehanort shatters Sora's Heart, forcing him to become comatose. Ven lends Sora his keyblade armor, shielding Sora the same way Sora was shielding him.
  • After Riku earns the Mark Of Mastery and Sora does not, instead of becoming upset or depressed, Sora immediately congratulates Riku and tells him that he's happy for him, Sora still goes on a journey alone to become a master himself, but he does it for completely unselfish reasons. It shows that despite what's happened in the first two games, Sora and Riku are still best friends
  • Seeing the currently comatose and heart-broken(literally)Ventus stir a bit in the ending gives a wonderful hope that he's gonna wake up soon.
  • Smug Snake Joshua from The World Ends With You has several examples which place him here oddly enough, considering his original characterization. Not only did he reveal his wings to Sora and Riku, he recreated the Players after Shibuya was destroyed by Darkness.
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