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  • At the end of the second game, Riku admits that he's always been jealous of Sora, and then...

 Riku: But there is one advantage to being me. Something you could never imitate.

Sora: What's that?

Riku: Having you as a friend.

Sora: Then I've got something you could never imitate too.

  • The end of KH 2. Sora: "We're... we're back." Kairi: "You're home." Also, when Sora gets tackled in a hug by Donald and Goofy and Riku catches Mickey and spins him around.
  • At the end of your last mission to Olympus Coliseum in 358/2 Days. Phil ends up saying "Roxas, don't be a stranger", showing that he started to care about the Nobody.
  • "This boat runs on happy faces."
  • Coded and Blank points. Just knowing that those who've fallen haven't been abandoned, least of all by Sora.
    • When Data-Roxas merges with Data-Sora, the latter feels the former's pain. His response?

 Data-Sora: Rest easy... Your hurt can be mine now.

    • And at the very end of the game, he has one last thing to say to Data-Naminé, after the final round of exposition. Something that we've been waiting to hear Sora say since Chain of Memories.

 Data-Sora: I almost forgot. I have a message for you, too. Thank you.

  • "I'm sure Sora will find the answer. Because he's me." Though it at first sounds odd, and maybe even egotistical, I can't help but smile every time I think of this moment from KH 2: Final Mix. Through most of the game (especially with scene additions), Roxas makes it clear that he wants his own identity, that he doesn't want to just be Sora's Nobody. He lashes out at anyone who calls him Sora, and continuously says his heart belongs to him. But now he's accepted the fact that Sora is a part of who he is, but not all he has to be, and that they can learn to coexist without having to give up anything.
  • Riku and Mickey's friendship. Seriously, every scene where they show what good friends they are is adorable.
    • This troper was really touched when upon Riku and Sora's return to Destiny Islands at the end of KH 2, Mickey passes Sora completely and goes straight for Riku. The joy on Mickey and Riku's faces gave me all kinds of warm, fuzzy feelings.
    • Hell, Sora, Donald, and Goofy's friendship! They have their fights, but who can forget Donald telling Sora that the Gummi Ship "runs on happy faces" or Goofy protecting Sora from Riku's attack at Hollow Bastion?
  • Pluto trying to comfort Kairi in the prison cell of the Castle That Never Was in KH2.
  • Mickey and Donald's reunion with Goofy after his Disney Death.
  • Kairi bringing Sora back from the darkness and transforming him from a heartless back into his normal state by hugging him.

 Sora: Kairi... thank you.

Kairi: Sora!

    • Not to mention Donald and Goofy's happy reaction upon seeing Sora turned back to normal.
  • Sora and Kairi hugging in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • Alot of Disney-based moments; that should go without saying!
  • Tron's goodbye after defeating the MCP. It made this troper give a big smile.
    • "You ,My friends, are the new password."
  • A little tiny one that might just be this troper looking too much into it: After Mickey reaches the unconscious DiZ (who, of course, is actually Ansem the Wise) in The World That Never Was, the latter starts to stand up. DiZ stumbles for a moment, then glances at Mickey, who he's using to support himself. He pauses for a moment before standing, which this troper interpreted as giving his old friend a hug.
  • In any of the games, whenever you complete a 100 Acre Wood level.
    • The conclusion to Sora's last visit to the Hundred Acre Woods in the first game has him, Pooh, and all their friends looking up at the big, beautiful moon together on a hill, before Sora waves goodbye, and the cover of the book changes to a drawing of Sora holding Pooh's hand as they walk side-by-side.
    • "Sora, don't forget. We shall always be here. If you'd like to visit again, that is."
    • In Chain of Memories, once you've found all of Pooh's friends, Sora says he has to get going, and Pooh sadly asks, "Is this goodbye?" Then Sora has a heartwarming smile and says that he'll always visit, before he realizes he may forget all about the Hundred Acre Woods. Pooh reassures Sora that even if he does, Pooh will never forget him.
    • In Kingdom Hearts II, Pooh unfortunately forgot who Sora was anyways. But at the end, Sora and his animal friends all get together again on that same hill they bonded a long time ago. There's a touching line from Sora that he'll always be in Pooh's heart, and they'll always find each other. Then Sora is off again, and the torn cover of the book restores itself to a drawing of Sora and Pooh looking at the stars together.
    • In the ending to the first Kingdom Hearts, and remembering the story of a love that can never be, there's a certain heartwarming vibe to this scene: Q 07 tt Rk Lw
  • Sora's Power of Friendship personal mantra and how easily he makes friends is this in spades. Especially when there is no doubt he holds them all in the same incredible regard.
  • In Kingdom Hearts II Sora having the Imagine Spot of dancing with Kairi.
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