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King Of The Monsters was a game series created by SNK in which you can duke it out with gigantic monsters, hence its title. You can also bash buildings and other obstacles for power ups and health. The game play has a Two and a Half D style of controls in which players can stroll up and down the arena as well as the basic forward and backwards.

The series only consists of two games. The first one is available for The Neo Geo, Sega Genesis and SNES which has a wrestling kind of game play in which the goal is to pin down your opponent for three counts.

The second game was available for the Neo Geo, SNES and Genesis. The game play of the first two is a side scrolling, cooperative Beat'Em Up while the Genesis version featured a tournament like fighting game in which you must defeat every monster in the game one by one in order to reach the boss at the end, YOURSELF.

The first game consists of 6 characters which are

  • Geon: A giant dinosaur (no monster brawler is complete without a giant reptile of some sort)
  • Woo: King Kong's cousin
  • Poison Ghost: A monster covered in toxic waste
  • Rocky: A giant golem
  • Astro Guy: A giant humanoid superhero
  • Beetle Mania: A large beetle-like creature, suggested to be an alien.

All but 3 did not make it in KOTM2. The other three are now powered up versions of the previous ones.

KOTM2 has 10 playable monsters.

  • Aqua Slug: A giant slug
  • Eiffelyte: A giant human with an orange blob attached to his head
  • Huge Frogger: A giant space helmet wearing humanoid Frog
  • Claw Head: A large green monster with two heads that has a big horn on each. It also has large mouth on its belly and uses its arms as feet
  • Lavicus: A blue monster with a big severed mouth and a small serpentine body. it has bat like wings on the back of its head, an odd tube with sharp teeth on his forehead, three eyes and long skinny arms. It also has a large eyeball inside his severed mouth.
  • Beetle Monster: A large scorpion monster with four legs, an eye on his belly and a sideways mouth between his legs. His brain also shows but it's protected by a helmet.
  • Farmardy: A gigantic green blob with four eyes, lots of teeth and an orange head. It also has arms sticking out of its midsection. He is the unusable final boss for the Neo Geo version.

Returning Characters:

  • Atomic Guy: A powered up version of Astro Guy
  • Super Geon: A mutated spiky form of the previous Geon.
  • Cyber Woo: BEHOLD, a giant robot King Kong!

These three are the heroes of the series.

Examples of King of the Monsters include:

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