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  • Die for Our Ship: Curiously, the Yamato Nadeshiko Yori is free of this. Kim's crush Josh Mankey, on the other hand...
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Shego is one of the series' most popular characters, especially for shippers. The fact that she's an unashamed Card-Carrying Villain doesn't deter them.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Shego and Dr. Drakken were originally supposed to be merely two of the show's rotating cast of villains, but due to their popularity were shown more often until they became regulars, and their personalities changed.
  • Evil Is Cool: Not only does this at least seem to be Shego's philosophy, but look at what happened to Ron in that personality-switch-turned-him-evil incident.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Shego.
  • Executive Meddling: Both Good and Bad:
    • They requested an animal sidekick. We got Rufus.
    • The writers couldn't use the word "Chocolate Milk" in "Bad Boy". The powers that be suggested the Unusual Euphemism "Coco Moo", resulting in one of the series' funnier gags.
    • The "good eating" episode, mandated by exec, but what we got was....shudder
    • The original plan to make "Rappin' Drakken" a Villain Episode was vetoed.
    • Requested that the hats in "Showdown at the Crooked D" be called "Silly Hats" rather than "Stupid Hats". They even lampshaded it.

 Drakken: The Silly Hat!

Shego: Not the name I would have chosen...

  • Fanon: Wade's last name is never actually mentioned in the series, but all the fans know him as Wade Load, or Wade Lode, etc.
  • Fashion Victim Villain: Hilariously, Drakken got this done to him by the Evil Eye for the Bad Guy group. To many people’s relief the outfit was a one episode thing.
  • Foe Yay: Kim and Shego... Interesting Subtext or reading far too much into a relationship based on close combat and snark?
  • Friendly Fandoms: Shares many fans with Danny Phantom. The mutual respect and admiration between the creators of both shows help.
  • Funny Aneurysm Moment: Christy Carlson Romano fans might find the idea of Kim trying to break Hillary Duff's spirit in Cadet Kelly uncomfortable, after watching the same plot attempted by the villains in A Sitch in Time.
  • Germans Love Kim Possible: The popularity of the show in Germany is a major reason for its revival; Germany is also the only country getting complete season box sets on DVD outside of the US thus far.
  • Girls Need Role Models, as long as they're not too perfect. At least they're honest enough to hang a lampshade on it.
  • Growing the Beard: Steve Loter came in during season 2 as a director and producer. Under his wing, the episode pace was sped up, and much more focus was put on Ron, Drakken and Shego.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The beginning of Bad Boy has Kim and Ron watching the Show Within a Show, "Agony County", whilst addressing certain fan comments on the idea of their own relationship; "Oh please, are they still teasing that Danny and Charity are gonna get together?" "Like that's ever gonna happen. It would end the series". Amusingly enough, Emotion Sickness was the most popular episode of season 3, and the show was Un Cancelled and renewed for a 4th season, after it was to end with So The Drama, because of the popularity behind the Relationship Upgrade Kim and Ron underwent.
    • Alyson Hannigan auditioned for the role of Kim and played Dr. Ann Possible in the movie.
    • The movie also featured the Rufus as CGI. As they said "The Mole Rat will be CGI."
  • Hollywood Homely: Ron's been mentioned by a number of characters to be less than good looking, to the point of being ugly...when actually, he's rather cute.
  • Ho Yay (See Foe Yay)
    • Ron when he goes giggling Fan Boy for Oh Boyz, he seems to like the band . . . a little too much.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Both Kim and Shego.
  • Mary Sue: An interesting flip flop, as in the first season Kim can literally "do anything" and looks good while doing it without breaking a sweat. However, from season two on, Ron would acquire some new skill and Kim would gain some sort of character flaw or just stay the same. By the end of the series Ron is pretty darn close to being as Sue-ish as Kim was at the start.

 Kim: "I'm Kim Possible, I can do anything!"

Ron: "That includes FAIL, see the logic?"

    • As for Ron himself, he's more a case of Let's Get Dangerous. Usually when Kim is incapacitated, which is far more often than a standard Mary Sue.
  • Memetic Sex Goddess: Kim is a very popular target for Rule 34. Of course, this is the girl who "can do anything".
    • Back when the fandom was active, 90% of the captions for the various forum caption contests and threads were basically about Kim's insatiable sexual desire, usually shown with a picture of Kim standing next to a pile of knocked out goons or Ron or Drakken then the caption of her wanting more. No-one can keep up. Except for Shego.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "So what's the sitch?"
    • "Boo-Yah!"
    • NACO!
    • Possible? Kim Possible.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Warhok and Warmonga were about to take Kim back to Lorwardia and stuff her as Warmonga's trophy. And they say this in front of Ron. Not only their people have conquered and enslaved planets, but apparently they would gladly kill and mount a teenager who messes with them.
    • Monkey Fist crosses it in Season 4 when his obsession with Monkey Power reaches new heights and he makes a deal with the Yono.
  • Motive Decay: The Mathter; He went from terrorizing Go City to making Ron his personal Arch Enemy for no apparent reason in less than two minutes after they first meet. That's got to be some sort of record. This, like everything else in the series, is also lampshaded.

 Ron: Oh great, now the math guy's back!

Kim: And he's not even our villain!

  • Never Live It Down: Ron receives many "Jimmy Olsen" powers throughout the series, but the fans seem to have latched on to his one time usage of "Monkey Power" and the magical "Lotus Blade" and built on it and in the Post Script Season, the actual writers did the same.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Have fun trying to sleep after being subjected to this wonderful image. Bonus points for being part of an actual nightmare.
  • Periphery Demographic: For a show aimed at tweens, the show is remarkably popular among their parents and other adults, especially taking in the Fan Yay aspect. It was also quite a target for Rule 34.
  • Post Script Season
  • Real Women Never Wear Dresses: Generally averted. Kim can take on anyone in a fight, often appears more of a Tomboy than Ron and doesn't often wear skirts or dresses outside of occasions and cheering. But she's also a cheerleader, has no aversion to the colour pink, and has stereotypical teenage-girl interests - dating boys, clothes shopping, soft toys, boy bands and such.
  • Ron the Death Eater:
    • Seriously, you go on one Helm Of Opposite Alignment-induced rampage and suddenly everyone expects you to be the next Dr. Doom. Rare example of when it's not done for shippy reasons...
    • James Possible gets this quite a lot form Drakken fans due to his role in Drew's disfigurement.
  • Rule 34: Shego/Kim is ... quite popular, not just for Hentai. Though they get that too.
    • There are several other interesting pairings that have been written up. Rugo (Rufus/Shego) for example, or Kim and Joss.
  • The Scrappy: Artie.
  • Ship Tease: Between Ron and Kim in many third-season episodes, leading up to a literal Last-Minute Hookup in the Grand Finale. Then the show was unexpectedly Uncanceled. Oops.
    • The biggest offender was "Emotion Sickness," an episode that's gone on to become a fan favorite and which also teased Drakken/Shego mercilessly.
    • "Homecoming Upset" had its fair share of Ron/Bonnie teases.
    • Then there was "Stop Team Go", which had Kim/Shego shippers in hysterics.
      • Likewise with "Mad Dogs And Aliens".
    • From day one of the second season, we have all manner of ship teases. Whether it be Kim worrying about Ron to a scene that mirrors the upside down kiss between Spider-Man and Mary Jane. It was Lampshaded in "Bad Boy". where Kim hints at Ron bringing her as a date, and context galore throughout even before "Emotion Sickness" pretty much confirmed it.
    • How about when Ron is trying to get the attention of Zita, and has a little exchange with Kim.

 Ron: If she saw us coming out of a date movie together, she might, you know...

Kim: You. And me. On a date?

Ron: (suddenly incredibly awkward) Not that we, y'know, would or anything...

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