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 Shego: If the chasm is bottomless, how can you fill it with water?


 Ron: Taking over the world was one thing. But you ruined Bueno Nacho! You're gonna pay!

Drakken: You can't be serious.

Ron: Note. Serious. Face!

 Ron: Drakken with total Mind Control powers?!

Kim: Yet another "Take Over the World" thing!

Ron: That, or he's gonna force people to listen to those stories about his twisted childhood...

(cut to Shego with a chip stuck to her forehead, listening respectfully to Drakken)

Drakken: Then, in fourth grade..

 Drakken: Get me a dodo bird.

Shego: [under mind control] Yes, Dr. Drakken!

Drakken: Psyche! Dodo birds are extinct....

(sees Kim approaching on a security monitor)

Drakken: Kim Possible! How did she get so close? Why didn't you tell me?

Shego: I was looking for a dodo bird!

    • The cheery way Shego says the last line is what sells it.

 Scientist [Being interrogated by Drakken]: You make no sense to me.

Shego: Welcome to my life.

Drakken glares at her.

 Shego: Where's Possible?


Shego: Whoah, whoah, whoah! Never said she was. *smirks*

Ron [uncomfortably]: Oooooh...sss-awkwaaard...

 Ron: Okay. So Kim and I have been best friends forever...maybe dating is the next step. I mean what's not to like about Kim? I mean, she's smart and cute... Dating could be good, y'know, the whole date thing...what if it tanks? This could totally wreck our friendship! No, no, I'm not gonna let that happen! Only one thing to do: break up with Kim! Thanks man, you've been a big help.

Mr. Barkin: Stoppable, how did you get in my house?

    • It's how completely unconcerned he sounds as he says this that sells it. That, and the fact that he's wearing a bathrobe.

 Dr D.: I'm just going to go and supercharge the laser on that float so we can do evil. We, like evil, don't we?

Shego: [having a Moodulator-induced crying jag] You're leaving in my time of need!

 Wade (Reading a 'love note for Monique' Ron had given him): The humble earthworm is vital to agriculture, it moves through the soil by excreting lubricating mucus.

Kim and Monique: Ewww!

Ron: Oh, wait! That's my biology report. Oh, that means...!

Mr. Barkin (reading Ron's 'report'): Well, that's a very nice thought. A-Plus, Stoppable, (*sniffs*) A-plus!

 Mr. Barkin: (stir crazy) Why do you keep calling me Mr. Barkin? (grabs a cow) HE'S MR. BARKIN!

  • And let's not forget the misinterpretation Kim and Ron initially give the 'magno-rings' in 'Car Alarm'...

 Ron: *flustered* "I...I had nothing to do with this!"

 Mr Barkin: And the winner, proving once and for all that quantity is better than quality...

  • In "Car Trouble", the episode's Running Gag involves a flock of vicious crows that keep attacking Ron in or around the car. One of them is some of the show's best Lampshade Hanging:

 Ron: (driving while Kim tries to stop a speeding rocket and the crows attack from inside the glove box) Oh, this is all just so RANDOM!

  • So the Drama is packed full of hilarious moments.

 Ron: The Diablo toys are EVIL! (The entire gym full of students at prom stare at him)

    • And of course when Ron and Eric have their first conversation about Kim:

 Eric: So you know her?

Ron: Ch'yeah! We're tight!

Eric: Hooked up?

Ron: Ew, no. We've been best friends for like ever but not like that, she's...

Eric: Oh, I get it. Extreme steam.

Ron: Ooookay, let's not talk about her that way ever again, mmkay? 'Kay.

    • Earlier in the mall when Bonnie was trying to imply that Ron and Kim were together to Eric, Monique steps in:

 Monique: Is that Brick out there hitting on the girl from Earring World?

Bonnie: (runs out of the store) He is hypnotized by her big hoops!

    • And of course, Dr. Drakken's involvement in the hilarity:

 Drakken: (to his henchman who is studying teen fads/lifestyle) Stevens, status report!

Stevens: What up, Dr. D-Diggity Dog?

Drakken: We’ve lost Stevens.

    • The treehouse scene is golden.

 Ron: Talkin’ about Eric? Pff! AH, NOOO! Why would I have a problem with Eric? AH, NOO! I’m down with Eric! (hyperventilates)

      • Not to mention after Eric shows up below them:

 Ron: He CAN’T come up here.

Kim: (frowns) Ron…

Ron: No, I mean like he really can’t come up here. This treehouse has a weight limit and while I’m holding this slingshot, we’re already pushing it.

(Followed by the scene of Rufus putting down the last nacho he was about to eat).

    • Then of course there's Ron's epic freakout at Bueno Nacho. Well, the second one:

 Ron: No…it can’t be…NOOOOOOOOOO! (marches up to counter) THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!

Lars: I beg your pardon?!

Ron: This is the last straw!

Lars: No! We have more in the back!

Ron: You took away the BENDY STRAWS!

Ned & Rufus: (slap foreheads)

Lars: You, sir, have lost it.

Ron: What—just because I CARE??

Lars: About Bendy Straws? (laughs)

Ron: I’m tellin’ on you!

    • And when they go to rescue Eric from Dr. Drakken:

 Ron: Knockout gas that looks like lip gloss or lip gloss that looks like lip gloss? AOUGH… (passes out until Kim closes it) Knockout gas.

Kim: (raises eyebrow) Thanks for CHECKING.

  • Every amnesiac Kim moment in Clean Slate

 Kim: Kim? Kim who?

Ron: Possible!

Kim: What is?

Ron: You are.

Kim: Am what?

Ron: Kim Possible.

Kim: What is so not a name.

 Mr.Possible: Well, anything's possible for a Possible!

Kim: That's a name.

Mr.Possible: That's the spirit!

Mrs.Possible: (Holds a mini-flashlight to Kim's eyes) Well at least she remembers how to speak.

Kim: Ooohhh! (Takes the flashlight) Light, bright!

 Presenter: We are ninety storeys above a busy street! Are you scared?

Shego: Nope.

Kim: Should we be?

Presenter: Yes! Because you're about to do a bungee jump! Scared yet?

Kim: Nah.

Shego: Are you?

Presenter: Why would I be scared?

Shego: [Grabs him and jumps] Here we go pretty boooooy!

Kim: [vaguely annoyed] Oh, Shego. [Jumps after her.]

  • From the first episode...Brittina gives Kim advice on asking people out, saying, "just go for it, what could be the worse that could happen?"...then que Ron!

 Ron: So...Brittina, being famous pop star and all I'm sure you miss out on school dances with average guys...?

Brittina: *sighs* True...

Ron: Dance. Friday. You, Me. Average guy.

Brittina: No.

*SFX Failure Beep*

Ron: *turns to Kim* See, now was that so hard?

Kim: Only to watch!

    • Also this bit from the first episode...

 Ron: *points to his right arm* This arm is going on to the dance on Friday...Who wants to be on it?

*Cue the 4 girls at the lunch table running away in the blink of an eye*

Ron: *points to his other arm* How 'bout this arm?! :D

  • Barkin screaming, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES PEOPLE! IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!!!" then doing a nose dive into the audience, during the first part of the Grand Finale had this troper in stitches.
  • This part of Sitch in Time, had this troper in giggle fits.
  • "Why is everyone in the future so ripped?!"
    • And later when fighting the Big Bads: "SEE! Everyone in the future is ripped!"
  • Junior blowing up the freezing machine, much to the anger of Senior, grabbing the mic, and exclaiming..."Kim Possible! You are the blue fox! I am the yellow trout! We are meant to be...we are...we are...SOUL MATES!!"
    • And the bit with his father saying, "Junior! Dating an arch foe is...spitting upon villain tradition! Back to the lair with you! Tradition dictates, that we must plot our revenge immediately!"
    • In another episode, they depart with this wonderful line:

  Senior: Come, son. Let us return to the lair and practice our evil laughs together.

  • "Emotion Sickness" was a hilarious episode through and through. But giggle fits were had when Shego said in a fit of anger, "I. LIKE. KISSY FACE!!!!"
    • Or when Kim kissed Ron, under the influence of the Moodulator...right when Wade popped up on screen in her locker, seeing the whole thing...he literally does a spit take-AND falls over out of his chair in shock!
      • Then following after, when Ron was obviously in a daze from the kiss, and Kim being flirty under the influence are pretty much ignoring Wade...

 Wade: *has a mix of shock, confusion in his expression* Um, I thought I'd let you know I found the communicator and were you guys just smacking lips?!

Kim: *giggling* Great Wade...

Ron: *in a daze from the kiss* say.

Kim: *nuzzles her nose on Ron's cheek* I'm gonna get ready for tonight! Rrowr!

Wade: Whoa, what's going on?! *Ron still in a daze, just shuts the locker door over Wade who is still talking* THIS ISN'T NORMAL!!! HELLO??!?

    • Or this exchange with Shego and Drakken when she's under the influence...

 Shego: *massaging Drakken's shoulder and forehead* Awww, Dr. D is tired and frustrated from all his hard worky.

Drakken: Uh...yes well, I do sometimes burn the candle at both ends...

Shego: Sounds like somebody could use a *leans towards his ear* little breaky-poo.

Drakken: *starts to look nervous and weirded out* Breaky...poo??

Shego: grabs Drakken and runs off with him* Don't mind if we do!!!

    • Or this bit, after Shego had some mega whammy mood swings, Drakken is curled up in the fetal position behind a pole, saying..."Did I forget your birthday? Is that what this is about? Because...I'm scared. *sucks thumb*"
    • Or Drakken's sudden shift from gloating about Kim being "locked into an irreversible frenzy of rage" to horrified realization of how much trouble he's in when Bortle asks what happened to the second moodulator chip.
    • Ron "breaking up" with Kim;

 Ron: OK look, we've known each other a long time. We're a great team but...

  • Moodulator switches Kim's mood to "amused"*

Kim: Haha! Team! *laughs* Yeah, you said "team".

Ron: Heh, yeah... Earth to KP! "Team" is not funny. Being serious here. Dating could complicate things-

  • Moodulator switches Kim's mood to "serious"*

Kim: Things should never be complicated.

Ron: Well, that's what I thought. That's why I think we should-

  • Moodulator switches Kim's mood to "upset"*

Kim: *sniff* You're breaking up with me?

Ron: Yes. NO! Well... yeah. But, y'know, don't get upset.

Kim: Oh I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I...

  • Kim runs off crying*

Ron: No, come back! Your dad's gonna put me in a black hole!

    • And then this exchange between Ron and Drakken when they're hiding in a parade float.

 Drakken: Find your own hiding place!

Ron: Oh, right! Like you called dibs.

Drakken: Well, I am now. Dibs! Ha!

Ron: Well, I'm calling double dibs!

Drakken: (grumbles and gets up to leave) You've won this round with your superior dib-calling. But that won't save us from them!

  • This part from "Stop Team Go":

 Hego: Electronique?! You broke out of the specially constructed plastic non-conductive plastic prison?

Mego: No. She's still there. Of course she broke out, you big dolt!

  • From "Blush":

 Drakken: Embarrassment! The soft white underbelly of the teen psyche!

Shego: ...eew!

  • From A Sitch in Time;

 Rufus 3000: "Rufus Prime, please, share your wisdom."

Rufus: "Huh?"

Rufus 3000: "What is the meaning of life?"

Rufus: "Hmmm.... CHEESE!"

Large crowd of Naked Mole Rats cheers; cut to a pair, one looking horrified/stunned

NMR: "You owe me a buck."

  • From "The Golden Years"

 Drakken: This plan is totally “off the heezy”! Off the hook? It’s raw! Chokin’! Chilly! Poppin’! Tight!! Mint!!! … IT’S VERY, VERY GOOD, ALRIGHT?!

  • Ron trying out for the football team, runs to catch the football in practice, only for him to catch it offscreen and you here all sorts of choas going on offscreen, like cats, stuff breaking and car alarms...what really takes the cake is what Ron screams offscreen. "WHY WOULD YOU PARK THERE?!"
  • In "Car Trouble", Ron does some lampshading twice in this episode. Once about a Noodle Incident...and the other about the crows that kept attacking him for no apparent reason.

  Ron: Wait a minute?! I wasn't even helping! How did this happen?!

      • The second lampshade was the 3rd time the crows came and attacked him, the third time in particular came literally out of nowhere!

  Ron: (getting pecked) AAAHH!! THIS IS JUST SO RANDOM!!!!

 Drakken: Kim Possible?!

Killigan: Why do you always sound so surprised?

Drakken: I don't know...

 *Kim and Ron, are captured by Orb Robot/Drones, being taken away*

Ron: *gulps* Ummm...excuse me scary orb-thing, where are you taking us?

Orb 1: The Attitude Adjustment Center...

*Cut to them seeing the building ahead, looking very familiar to them.

Kim: Isn't that the High School?

Orb 2: Prepare to be drained of all individuality and spirit.

Ron: *said in a completely dry and bored tone* Yep...high school.

  • The subverting of learning An Aesop, when the second time Gill shows up in the series, Ron delivers this near the end of the episode..."Normally I would say we learned that mistrust and paranoia were bad...except those were the things that saved us."
    • Another one spoofed, "Grande Size Me", the episode was outright a parody of "Super Size Me", but it was hilariously making fun of the healthy eating aesop that the Executives pushed onto our creators, by having Ron-at the very end of the episode-delivering the "I learned something today" speech to camera (and getting the wrong moral, telling us to stay out of mutating chemicals instead of eating healthy food), while a growing crowd behind him wonders who on Earth he's actually actually addressing.

 Barkin: (just after the fade out) "Stoppable! Office, NOW!"

  • Drakken was fed up with having his cousin around for most of the episode, mostly with Motor Ed constantly saying, "Seriously" at the end of every sentence...we now cut to this bit.

 Kim: How is it my arch foes keep finding each other?

Drakken: We're related...

Kim: Seriously?

Drakken & Motor Ed: Seriously.

  • Lol, this!
  • When Kim and Ron end up switching brains, just that whole episode...however, this stood out the most for me and my brother to this day...

 Mrs. Possible: I hear you honey, but as a board certified Neuro-Surgeon, I got to say...its just not possible to swap brains.

Ron (in Kim's body): Point taken Dr. P...but how else do you explain my bare midriff?

Kim (in Ron's body): Aaugh! *double facepalms*

    • "*laughs* Chasing bad guys, switching brains? High school sure has changed since my day! :D"-Mr. Possible
      • Kim when still in Ron's body accidentally gets shoved into the girl's locker room by a couple of bullies. Forgetting that she's still in Ron's body, greets Bonnie when in there.

 Kim (in Ron's body): Hi Bonnie...

(Bonnie goes wide-eyed before switching her expression to giving "Ron" a Death Glare)

Bonnie: You. Little. Freako!!

(que slap)

  • This line...

 (after going through several Indiana Jones-esque types of death traps)

Kim: Gee...where are the snakes?

(several snakes appear)

Kim: I was being sarcastic!!

  • The entire Fearless Ferret episode.
  • The "I thought it was a cheese covered building" gag from the "Bueno Nacho" episode.
  • And of course we have this line...

 Ron: Sorry K.P...but discovering that your action hero is a big fake is not something you just get over.

Kim: (raises a skeptic eyebrow) And this, from a wrestling fan?

Ron: I don't get the connection.

  • "I almost dislocated my jaw from yawning!"
  • From Tick Tick Tick, Season One:

 Draken: "I want my nano-tick!"

Shego: "'Kay, Dr. D, you really need to get a grip."

(the hovercar starts beeping)

 Drakken: "A beep! Is it a good beep?"

Shego: "The transmitted has a lock on your thing."

(Drakken hugs the hovercar)

 Drakken: "Oh, beep on, sweet machine, beep on!"

Shego: "Can you not be weird, please?"

  • From the video game What's the Switch:

 (Kim and Shego are both going in for Dementor's lair; Monkey Fist is going to deal with Shego while Dementor wonders what to use against Kim.)

Dementor: Now what to use that is unnecessarily evil... Yes! My Tectonic Seismic Disinhibitor!" (Spoken with increasing giddiness and joy)

Monkey Fist: "You're what?"

Dementor: "It's a doomsay device you IDIOT!"

  • The first episode of Season 4...Kim and Ron are treated to seeing Dementor in a dress.
  • Junior performing an Oh Boys song for his prison inmates.
  • Drakken's rap.
  • The stock image of Ron the news channel used in Naked Genius.
  • Stop Team Go has a subplot about Drakken's miserably failed attempts at opening a pickle jar, even getting help from all the henchmen but Shego and resorting to his evil genius.

 (the jar is under a death ray)

Drakken: "Now, you will pay the price of defying me!"

(Drakken fires the death ray, then looks in the crater: the jar is intact)


    • At the end of the episode Shego has returned, and Drakken presents her with the jar:

 Shego: "This is Operation Ghergin?!"

Drakken: "Seriously, I've tried everything."

Shego opens the jar with absolutely no effort, gives it back to Drakken and walks away

Drakken: "Oh, sure! After I loosened it!"

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