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The characters of the Killzone series.

Killzone 1 & Liberation ISA Characters

Captain Jan Templar

  • Asskicking Equals Authority: He gets promoted to Colonel by the time of Killzone 2, in no small part due to his central role in fighting off the Helghast invasion of Vekta.
  • The Kirk: Acts as the arbitrator between logical, Spock-like Hakha and "Hulk Smash" Rico.
  • The Mario: He's the most balanced of the 4 player characters, and the one that plays most like a standard FPS hero.
  • The Hero: He's the most unambiguously heroic character in the series, which is also part of the reason he's not the player character of Killzone 2 (the devs want to go Darker and Edgier with that game).

Sergeant Rico Velasquez

  • Anti-Hero:
  • The Big Guy/Stone Wall: He's a huge guy with a heavy machinegun. Do the math. As a player character, he's slower and can't mantle over objects or build devices, but he's able to survive noticeably more damage than anyone else.
  • The Lancer: Serves as Templar's best friend and right-hand man throughout the series.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: His solution to every single problem is to bust in and shoot everyone. In Killzone 2 this gets Garza killed, leading the other members of The Squad to give him a lot of What the Hell, Hero? griefing.
  • Scary Black Man: Well, scary Hispanic dude, anyway.
  • The Scrappy: Probably the most hated character in the series amongst the fandom, due to both his attitude and his Artificial Stupidity as an in-game ally.

Shadow Marshall Luger

  • Action Girl/Dark Action Girl: Although she's one of the "good guys", she's also a stone-cold assassin.
  • Emotionless Girl:
  • Fragile Speedster: Being an assassin, she moves faster than the other 3 player characters and can vault over objects, but her light armor also means she can survive noticeably less damage.

Colonel Gregor Hakha

  Voiced by: Sean Pertwee

Dr. Evelyn Batton

General Stuart Adams

  Voiced by: Ronnie Cox

  • Bad Boss: He breaks the skull one of his own men out of frustration after being told his planned ambush of Templar's squad has failed.
  • Dreadlock General: Has a rather unique appearance, consisting of dreadlocks and a soulpatch.
  • The Mole
  • Smug Snake:
  • Villainous Breakdown: Adams breaks down into insanity after the many constant failures to kill Jan and his team.

General Dwight Stratson

Killzone 2 & 3 ISA Characters

Sergeant 1st Class Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko

Lance Corporal Dante Garza

Corporal Shawn Natko

Captain Jason Narville



The Helghast

Autarch Scolar Visari

  Voiced by: Brian Cox

General Joseph Lente

  Voiced by: Steven Berkoff

General Armin Metrac

Colonel Tendon Cobar

Colonel Mael Radec

  Voiced by: Sean Pertwee

  • Anticlimax Boss: One can use the flamethrower to burn Radec, and his boss battle will then only consist of him screaming and flailing in agony (leaving him unable to attack) whilst the player continuously shoots him until he runs out of health, which then triggers his death cutscene.
  • Bad Boss/A Father to His Men: Radec is a very rare example of both being a Bad Boss and yet a genuine Father to His Men. He's a leading teacher at the Helghan Academy and personally trained many of the Helghast soldiers defending Pyrrhus, and also gives rousing speeches to his men over the radio, yet is also completely ruthless and even had two of his men executed for uniform violations ("the dress code is the foundation of discipline").
  • Blood Knight: He relishes on war and bloodshed.
  • The Cameo/Guest Fighter: He's playable in Play Station All-Stars Battle Royale
  • Colonel Badass
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: He's one of the series' most popular characters.
  • Genius Bruiser: He's a tactical genius, as well as a master of personal combat and seemingly as strong as a Giant Mook (as shown in his brief fight with Colonel Templar).
  • Kick the Dog: He remorselessly shoots a captured ISA marine during an interrogation. He also shoots Evelyn when she tries to delete the nuclear codes.
  • That One Boss:
  • Worthy Opponent: He sees Templar as one. When he meets Templar during the Helghast counter-attack on the ISA ships, he expresses disappointment that they couldn't meet each other on the battlefield like soldiers.

Admiral Orlock

  Voiced by: Ray Winstone

Chairman Jorhan Stahl

  Voiced by: Malcolm McDowell

  • Arch Enemy: He is one to Orlock.
  • Bad Boss: Stahl clearly holds his men in contempt, and is more than willing to sacrifice them to further his own goals at the drop of a hat.
  • Blackmail: He threatens to reveal senator Kuisma's infatuation with young boys if he didn't give him his support.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Surprisingly the only major helghast villain who loves to say F*** or S*** a lot. He also does one by the end when his ship is about to be destroyed by a nuclear missile.
  • Complete Monster:
  • Diabolical Mastermind/Evil Genius: He's basically the Diabolical Mastermind counterpart to Visari's Evil Overlord.
  • Kick the Dog: Shoots an ISA prisoner at point-blank. He also orders his ships to destroy the space station after evacuating in an attempt to kill the ISA troops even though there are still some helghast soldiers onboard. His response: "Fuck em".
  • Large Ham: He is played by Malcolm Mc Dowell after all.
  • The Starscream: Stahl has his own personal army that's entirely seperate from the Helghan military and loyal only to him, and unlike every other Helghast character he clearly has his own agenda rather than being completely loyal to the Helghast State.
  • Sequel Hook: The cliffhanger ending hints that Stahl was able to escape his cruiser before it exploded.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: He frequently remarks about how incompetent the Helghast military and even his own men are. Granted, these rants usually come after Sev and Rico have just dealt the Helghast another major blow.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: In contrast to Visari and the other Helghasts' plans to amass power by conquering the other colonial worlds, Stahl wants to end the war completely by using his superweapon to kill every single person on Earth.
  • Smug Snake:
  • Taking the Bullet: Subverted when he quickly uses a nearby HAZMAT to unwillingly take the bullet when Sev tries to kill him.
  • You!: Does one when Sev reveals himself from his disguise.
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