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Series as a Whole

  • Abandon Shipping: Averted: Even though Mako kissed Ryuko in the final episode, with them possibly going on the date in the post-credits, this doesn't stop the fans from shipping Mako with Gamagoori.
  • Awesome Ego: Satsuki definitely has truckloads of this, and it skyrocketed after episode 17.
  • Complete Monster: Ragyo Kiryuin is considered to be one of the worst parents in all of fiction. Unlike almost everything else in this show, her actions are always played 100% seriously. Her ultimate goal is the annihilation of the human race by transforming the Earth into a cocoon for the parasite alien Life Fibers. She desires nothing less than the total physical, mental, and sexual domination of everyone that she comes into contact with, up to and including her own daughter (later daughters). Prior to the start of the series, Ragyo married (and later had killed) a genius scientist named Soichiro, with whom she had two daughters: Satsuki and Ryuko, the latter of whom she never bothered to name. After experimenting on both, Ragyo believed that the experiments had cost the newborn Ryuko her life and callously disposed of her as a failure. After finding out seventeen years later that Ryuko is that daughter, Ragyo's first action is to Mind Rape her into subservience that temporarily succeeds. Satsuki fared little better growing up, subject to Ragyo's disturbing attentions and regular molestation. When Satsuki begins her rebellion, she wastes no time in delivering her daughter a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and calling her a worthless failed experiment. She initially seems to display affection for her subordinates, but has absolutely no qualms about absorbing them into herself when it is convenient. Indeed, their lack of resistance to this, combined with everything else we know about her, hints that she's already "nurtured" nearly all meaningful sense of free will out of them. When defeated, Ragyo rejects any offer at reconciliation, tearing out her own heart and crushing it with the promise that the Life Fibers will return and destroy all Ryuko holds dear.
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