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This is the serial number of our orbital gun.


You better be sure before you leave me for another one you can hurt me...I can hurt you."
—"2Wicky", Hooverphonic

On the ground, Commander Karrde stared silently as eight slender beams descended from the clear sky, man-made lightning bolts of ionized particles that slammed into the ground around the Nod base's coordinates...

In orbit, thrusters pulsed again, and Ion Cannon Twenty-Seven began to rotate, and the smaller projectors began to close in with the central shaft. Far below, the beams began to spin and spiral together, drawing closer to a single epicenter. Nod soldiers and vehicles burst into flames, and buildings were shorn apart as the shafts of destruction consolidated…

The beams came together in a single bolt of massive power, transforming everything in the affected area into boiling plasma. The swirling, superheated matter began to dissipate.

Then, Ion Cannon Twenty-Seven unleashed the majority of its stored energy,

...A single blue-white bolt of searing ionized particles flashed from the heavens, struck the plasma, and everything went white. The ground shook, dust flying through the air from the shockwave of the resulting detonation.

The light faded after several seconds, and the North Carolina badlands were still.

Commander Karrde slowly exhaled as he looked upon the satellite feed. A three mile radius area had been reduced to blackened glass, the entire Nod base obliterated in a single flex of GDI firepower. Nearly every single Nod soldier, vehicle, and structure had been erased.

Ion Cannon Twenty-Seven then went silent, and continued its orbit, waiting for new targeting data that would not come anytime soon.
Tiberium Wars, Chapter III
"The satellite is at present over... Kansas. Well, if we destroy Kansas the world may not hear about it for years."
Ernst Blofeld, Diamonds Are Forever"
"With our rail-gun in orbit, Kasnia has the ultimate high ground. I am now the dominant military power on Earth. And there are going to be some changes." (takes out cue cards) "Item one!"
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