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  • Boss Tanaka's decapitation. It's so over the top that it becomes hilarious, with many of the Yakuzas all but freaking out and Gogo Yubari (the most psychotic of O-Ren's posse) having a barely-restrained grin on her face.
    • Same with Sofie Fatale (O-ren's lawyer), who laughes a little and then calmly translated into Japanese what O-ren was telling the Yakuza in English.
    • Tanaka's ten foot fountain of blood looked like something right out of Monty Python, and this being Tarantino, that's definitely the point.
  • "From here, you can get an excellent view of my foot." *kicks*
    • HAHAHAHA! *strokes beard*
  • The Bride stomps her way out of the cemetery in the middle of night after being Buried Alive, covered in dirt, wanders to a Greasy Spoon diner across the road, and then calmly sits down at the counter and asks for a glass of water.
  • When the last of the Crazy 88 is standing, The Bride is about to kill him when the lights turn on and she sees it's a terrified teenage boy. She bends him over her knee, spanks him with the flat of her blade and sends him off.
  • "I've always liked that word 'gargantuan'. It's a shame I so rarely have a chance to use it in a sentence."
  • The Bride meeting Vernita Green. First, a Narm Charm-tastic sequence of zooming in on either face as the Ironside theme plays. Then the Bride punches her in the face.
    • "Now, this concerns you."
    • "I would have been much nicer. I would have just cut your face."
    • "I should've been the motherfuckin' Black Mamba!"
    • The No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that goes from Copperhead's living room to the kitchen and back again. When the front door is about to open and Copperhead's daughter comes back in, she very calmly dismisses the mess the fight has made, while she and the bride very casually hide their knives behind their backs.
    • Vernita keeps a gun hidden in a box of "KABOOM" cereal.
  • When fighting the Crazy 88, the Bride snatches out one guy's eye and throws it down the throat of another guy. We get a Reaction Shot from Sofie (who's lying on the floor with her arm cut off) where she goes, "Eurgh." It's hilarious.
  • When Elle Driver's second eye has just been ripped out
I'll kill you, you fucking bitch! You fucking bitch! I'll kill you! ... oh shit.
  • A good deal of what Gogo did was funny to this troper, in part because she looks like a typical Japanese schoolgirl but is hyper deadly.
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