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Kikoskia is a fairly noteworthy English creator of Let's Play videos on YouTube. Some of the strong points of his commentary are his generally amiable personality, whimsical yet snarky sense of humor, tendency to hang lampshades on common tropes and cliches, and almost total lack of profanity or vulgarity. Most of the games he plays tend to be RPGs or Adventure Games, and many of them were originally made for the Sega Megadrive. (He does use an emulator to play them on PC but insists he owns all the games he plays.)

Some of the more notable properties he's covered include:

Not to be confused with Kickassia.

This Let's Player provides examples of:

 "She's probably dead. Or worse, evil. Or worse, in this game."

  "'Do they have guns?' 'No, they all have bomb units, just like you, Jutah' 'We're fucked.' ...That's exactly what they would say."

    • Near the end of Temple of Elemental Evil, Video 71:

 : "Well, we're fucked. And I'm sorry I swore."

  • Press Start to Game Over: His Let's Play of Karateka is his shortest--30 seconds from intro to farewell. He plays the actual game for all of 9 seconds, about half of which he stands still at the beginning.
  • Rage Quit: He does this with Storm Over The Desert in the Nintendo version of Action 52. The cause of his fury: the game just went on and on and on and ON. It didn't help that the game , just like everything else on the cartridge, sucked.
    • And there was Evil Empire before that, which kept giving him lives to subject him to more suck. No wonder he felt so much fury when Storm Over The Desert came along and made things worse!
  • Red Shirt: In his X-COM playthroughs, he always names one of his squad members Barry, whose sole duty is to run ahead of the squad and find aliens via getting shot at. After he inevitably dies, another trooper gets named Barry, and the process continues.
  • Running Gag: CHAAAAINGUN!!
    • On Ultima VII, his constant reinterpretations of "Rule Britannia."
      • IOLO, YOU THIEF!!
      • *whistling*
      • During the second Action 52 playthrough, whenever an enemy got stuck in a glitch... "Hello sir, you appear to be stuck in a glitch. Let me help you." -Shoots the enemy-
      • Dance, [character], dance! Dance for my amusement!
      • "Bzzzt!"
    • Whenever he describes a game as "manly"... it won't be.
  • Sequence Breaking: A very major case in his Ultima VII playthrough. Lampshaded:

 "But Avatar, why are we breaking plot consistency?" Iolo, you don't know that I've been breaking the plot since video 1?

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