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When the task is "kicking ass," some really go above and beyond. Sure, our protagonist may have just infiltrated the enemy base and killed six armed guards with his bare hands, but the fact remains that the enemy stronghold still contains at least a hundred other Mooks who are still alive and breathing, and that just won't do. As he breaking necks without breaking a sweat, the constant stream of new foes is just barely enough to keep him from getting bored. He's Kicking Ass and Taking Names.

He might be reading their name tags, or stealing them, or checking his watch in the middle of a fight--the point is, he's bored. Hopefully the viewer isn't.

This happens frequently when the character is a One-Man Army, or just a plain old regular Badass.

Examples of Kicking Ass and Taking Names include:


  • Black Lagoon had several episodes solely dedicated to allowing Revy the chance to kick ass, most notably on the Nazi ship.
    • Hotel Moscow all the time. Mainly because despite their occupation they still operate as a military unit, which gives them enormous advantage in the mob wars.
  • In the last episode of Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid, Sousuke eliminates five Codarls equipped with Lambda Drivers without taking a hit.
    • Though Sousuke was anything but bored in that fight, because he was under enormous stress and was constantly having problems controlling his Lambda Driver before. If anything, it was his break into true asskicking.
  • Guts from Berserk is known as the "Hundred Man Slayer," a name earned for tearing apart a company of Blue Whale Knights.
    • He might be dispassionate and bored in the easier fights, but when things get hot, The Beast rears its head. There's a reason the series is called Berserk, after all!
  • Basically how Accelerator in To Aru Majutsu no Index is in any fight with his vector control (even after it having a time limit after being shot in the head while concentrating too much on eliminating a virus from Last Order) seeing as his automatic reflection makes any attacks go straight back to the attacker, he quickly gets bored slaughtering mooks.

Video Games

  • During one conversation in the game Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines, the player has the option to claim that they are in fact kicking ass and taking names. This claim by the protagonist is likely to be true.
  • Ace Combat 5 Arcade Mode. Mobius One, who already got the Memetic Badass status from the previous game, is back. And single-handedly defeats an entire army, shooting down dozens of enemy planes, without saying a single word. Judging from the rather boring radio chatter of AWACS Sky Eye, Mobius One doing that is a matter of fact.
  • Meta-example: Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo famously announced this as the company's main intention at E3 2004.


Web Original

  • The web series Unforgotten Realms includes a reversed line of this: "kicking names and taking ass"
  • One of Emotion Eric's pictures was Kicking Ass and Taking Names; it, of course, shows him booting people in the rear while writing something on a clipboard.
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