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  • Badass Decay - Giroro. Although Giroro still the only one who seems genuinely militaristic in the platoon, and is not afraid to terminate with extreme prejudice when irritated. (Fortunately Keronians are Made of Iron.)
    • Viper. The first Viper is treated by the Keroro Platoon as a deadly serious threat, who easily captures one and brings the rest to their knees. From that point on, they seem to be a steadily decreasing threat, despite each successive Viper tending to 'upgrade' in some way.
      • Keroro in Tamama's eyes who laments that the legendary Gunsou san he's heard in stories is just a silly man child. Of course in that particular episode/chapter (episode 336 and chapter 140) the readers and Zoruru see a glimpse of Keroro we've never seen before .
  • Canon Sue: Pururu, who Keroro, Giroro, Dororo, Bariri, Joriri and Shurara all have or HAD a crush on. She appears in the third season (volume 13 in the manga), and it turns out that she's Keroro's childhood sweetheart and the school's idol. Even though she was NEVER mentioned before. She's also a member of the Garuru platoon. Natsumi likes her as well...
    • Then again, Natsumi is just weird on her own. She never EVER punishes Mois even though she has been as 'bad' as the others. Also, in one manga chapter, She claims the pool the Keroro platoon made as her own with a sign saiying: 'All aliens out'. But why is MOIS in the pool with her? There's a clear pattern here...
      • Besides, Pururu does encourage Natsumi to hurt Keroro even more...
      • Well think about it. The keronians are knee high aliens Natsumi can easily take. Mois is a planet destroyer. You really think she'd be dumb enough to pick a fight with her?
    • Oh, also -- Tamama, with his immense jealousy of anyone who might steal Keroro from him, usually would have blown her to smithereens. The guy's had a 200+ episode-long rivalry with the only other female character who's remotely close to Keroro, so you'd think he'd be a little bit more pissed off about Pururu just waltzing in.
    • Subverted by the 6th season. Keroro is petrified when he sees Pururu's face without make up at the end of episode 266. It wasn't just a random joke either, as the opening of the 7th season references that episode directly. Episode 301 also clearly spelled out how only the old men, Bariri and Joriri, actually have a crush on her currently.
  • Creator's Pet - Joriri. He just keeps showing up!
  • Die for Our Ship: What with all the All Love Is Unrequited going on, the more militant shippers take out their frustrations on any character they see as getting the the way of their favored ship.
    • Very often in fanfictions with "Natsumi x anyone".
  • Designated Hero- While the Keronians are not really saints themselves, and while sometimes, Natusumi's beatings of Keroro are justified, sometimes she beats the crap out of him even when he's trying to help.
  • Draco in Leather Pants - Kururu is seen as this by certain parts of the Fandom.
  • Queer People Are Funny- Watching a TV show in S 1 E 7. It is a parody of several anime. When the hero "explodes with the power of love" to save his girlfried, Keroro remarks offside "Interesting how his love for his GIRLFRIEND causes him to explode in a flaming rainbow..."
  • Epileptic Trees: The fan theory that the Hinata Disappeared Dad is named 'Haru' in line with the family Theme Naming[1] is particularly popular.
  • Fan Dumb: Oh god, how much this show relates to this trope.
  • Fetish Fuel: Loads of it. Momoka's name is even a pun off of "moe moe girl."
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This creature may look familiar to some of you...
  • Fetish Retardant: Paul aquiring the physical attributes of Aki. May even go as far as to be Nightmare Fuel.
  • I Am Not Shazam: Dub example—While making Ikinari dumplings at lightning speed on an assembly line, Angol Mois mentions feeling "just like I Love Lucy in that episode of I Love Lucy".
    • A real-world example is Keroro's name. Initially, there was confusion that caused some English readers to call him Sergeant Frog, since even though his name wasn't changed for the English release, that was the name the series got. Most people know better now, though.
  • Lawyer-Friendly Cameo: Very common in the manga, not so much in the anime. There are still a few though, like the Great Mazinger landing in the middle of a battlefield in episode 145A during a quick montage of Urere's plan to conquer Earth.
  • Narm: The third movie. Dark Keroro has nearly taken over the world and reveals his giant doomsday device. And what does it do? Slowly scoot along the landscape, plowing into things. Did I mention it moves REALLY SLOWLY?
    • And the goofy little dance Dark Keroro did to summon: didn't it crack you up?
  • Periphery Demographic: Some of the Asian countries with a substantial Keroro fanbase actually have mandatory national service, like Taiwan and Singapore. Do the math on that, and you've got a generation of otaku fanboys who have served in the army - rather like Keroro himself.
    • Well actually, I doubt many Taiwanese and Singaporean citizens spent their time in the army lounging around in their basement building Gundams.
    • ...How many young Taiwanese/Singaporeans do you know?
  • Replacement Scrappy - Joriri gets a lot of hate in fandom; his debut episode was suspiciously similar to a manga flashback starring Garuru, enough that fans immediately believed he was 'replacing' Giroro's older brother. Though the chapter was later adapted accurately, that first impression has not gone away, as he continues to show up and 'taint' the Chibi-Kero episodes.
  • Squick: The part in one of the earlier episodes where a half-drowned Momoka gets... CPR'd/molested just off-screen by a tentacle monster alien while the others look on with horrified looks on their faces -- and then they all agree not to ever tell her that it had happened...
    • The dub takes this to the next level, stating that the "Life-o-puss" laid an egg in Momoka's stomach. When the creature zooms by in the scene after the eyecatch, Momoka asks if it planted something in her, which Fuyuki denies.
    • Kururu. Bath. Curry. That is all.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Purists tend to be incredibly vocal about Funimation's dub of the anime here, although in the minority, but even in its original form the anime attracts a lot of scorn from fans of the Manga. Common complaints are that the show was sanitized for younger viewers, reworked into a marketing gimmick, and the changing of Dororo from a Technical Pacifist who routinely stood up to his friends when they tried doing something wrong into a whiny Butt Monkey who barely even interacts with them.
    • Manga Keroro even breaks the fourth wall to lampshade this, telling everyone to clean up their act because they're going to be an anime.
      • Tropers on the Wild Mass Guessing page have gone even further, suggesting that the anime is a cheap money-making scheme orchestrated by the Keronians.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Kururu/Kululu. In universe, he is the least popular among the platoon (not counting Dororo who everyone just forgets) with his toy selling worst out of them all. In real life, he is frequently at the top of peoples favorite character list, usually in front of or behind Giroro.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: That Private Tamama is just so cute! She eats candy and is in love with Keroro... Waaaaait...
  • Weird Al Effect: The anime commonly includes Shout Outs to older works to entertain some of its older audiences, so naturally for many younger viewers, it's often the first they've ever heard of certain things.
    • Lampshaded by the Dub, in which the narrator tells people to search for Space Sheriff Gavan on Youtube. Interestingly, that show actually was shown in America, but it's highly likely that most viewers never saw it.
  • Woolseyism: The FUNi dub looks set to be full of these -- Natsumi using her leek on Giroro's boobytraps has already been turned into an outright reference to the Loituma Girl.)
    • As mentioned previously though, the FUNi dub doesn't really know whether it wants to be this or a Gag Dub. It's sort of both.
  • The Woobie - Dororo. He takes a lot of abuse, especially in the early seasons of the anime anime, which just love sending him back into his Corner of Woe every chance it gets.
    • Fuyuki to a lesser extent. Before Keroro came into his life, he had no friends and nobody joined him in the Paranormal club. This really shows in the Valentine's Day episode.


  1. Natsumi = Summer, Fuyuki = Winter, Aki = Autumn, hence Spring = Haru
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