Kenneth Branagh is a British actor and director.

He is probably most widely known for his film versions of Shakespeare's plays, which include Henry V (1989), Much Ado About Nothing (1993), Hamlet (1996), Loves Labours Lost (2000) and As You Like It (2006). Branagh adapted and directed all five, and starred in all but As You Like It. Hamlet is notable for including the whole play, running slightly over four hours.

Other films in which Branagh has directed himself include Dead Again, Peter's Friends, and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Films in which other people have directed Branagh include Barry Sonnenfeld's Wild Wild West, Phillip Noyce's Rabbit-Proof Fence, Chris Columbus's Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Woody Allen's Celebrity, Oliver Parker's Othello, and Simon Curtis's My Week with Marilyn. (Oh, and DreamWorks's The Road to El Dorado.)

Films Branagh has directed and not starred in include In the Bleak Midwinter, The Magic Flute, the remake of Sleuth, and Thor.

His television credits include an award-winning performance as Kurt Wallander in the Wallander series (2008-2012) based on the novels of Henning Mankell.

Tropes associated with Kenneth Branagh include:

References to Kenneth Branagh in fiction:

  • In Blackadder Back and Forth, a time-travelling Blackadder meets William Shakespeare and beats him up in retribution for providing the tools with which centuries of students have been tormented. He adds an extra blow specifically for "Ken Branagh's endless, uncut, four-hour version of Hamlet".

 Shakespeare: Who's Ken Branagh?

Blackadder: I'll tell him you said that. And I think he'll be very hurt.

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