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Any Japanese school worth its salt has a Kendo team, and any school at which the Kendo team gets significant on-screen time will have a rather good one. At such a school, the Club President of the kendo team will usually be an important character of some sort. He or she (usually he, but ladies are showing up more often in this role, and are usually Defrosting Ice Queen types) is generally sempai to the Kid Samurai, a True Companion to the Student Council President, and possibly The Rival to the Heir to the Dojo (if not the Heir himself).

One aspect to this trope that may not be immediately apparent to Western audiences is the social ranking of after school activities. A rough equivalent would be the status hierarchy that exists in American high school sports, especially football or baseball. Kendo, as a traditional martial art and one that requires a good deal of strength and dexterity, is a club with high social status, thus the usual prominence of its club president.

Most likely the Big Man on Campus. If he serves as The Ace, or another character's Always Someone Better, see School Idol. If he's a Jerkass, see Jerk Jock; If he's nice, see Lovable Jock. If there's one in the club, the Cute Sports Club Manager is his most likely Love Interest.

Compare: the captain of the football team in Western American High School series; the Quidditch captain in the Harry Potter books; the Heir to the Dojo.

Examples of Kendo Team Captain include:

Straight Examples

Anime and Manga

Video Games

  • Persona 3 has a Kendo Team Social Link, indeed mainly focused on the captain. However, the script's mostly the same even if you're on the Track or Swim teams, and on the whole the team doesn't really have as massive a pull as the other examples on this page.
    • Persona 3 adds new scenes with the Kendo Team Link seeing the captain from a different direction and adds the girls Tennis team captain who starts failing at her job to inspire her teammates which you help her out on.

Visual Novels

  • Osanai Syouko, the protagonist of Girls Love VN Aoi Shiro. She has everything you can expect to find in a Kendo team captain.

Moral equivalents:

Anime and Manga



  • Oliver Wood, Cedric Diggory, Angelina Johnson, and Harry Potter himself.

Web Original

  • Since Whateley Academy in the Whateley Universe is a Super-Hero School, there's a big emphasis on self-defense. So there are two martials arts groups, each with their own fearsome leader: N'Dizi of the Tigers and Zhong Lau of the Dragons.

Western Animation

  • Eric Bennett from Bionic Six is the captain and star of his school's baseball team. In fact, his fighting style as Sport-1 involved him using a baseball bat as his main weapon.
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