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Kenan and Kel - WHY!!!!!!!!

Kenan and Kel - WHY!!!!!!!!

Can you guess this show's favorite letter?

  • "I! DROPPED THE SCREW! IN THE TUNA! IT WAS ME! Oh, the humanity!"
  • The ending to "Mental Kel-Epathy", in which Kel (pretending to be psychic) takes part of a test set up by a talk show. He had to press a button to turn on a green light, the other buttons though sends a nasty buzzing sound to headphones worn by the Rockmores & "Ezekiel" (Actually Chris in disguise). Naturally he screws up and in the end he admits he's a fraud.

 Kel: "I'm so sorry! I'm sorry!"

Kenan: "What?"

Kel: "Sorry!"

Kenan: "Your sorry?"

Kel: "I'M NOT A PSYCHIC! I'm just a child!"

Kenan: "You just a child? Here I come, I'm gonna get you for messing up my-" (Kel pressed the button that sends a buzz in Kenan's headphones) "-Ow, plan!" (Kel pressed the button again) "You're supposed to be my boy!" (Kel pressed the button again) "This could've worked!" (Kel rapidly pressed the button) "OW! OW! I'm gonna beat ya-OW!" (Kel pressed almost every button) "Daddy, he's hurting me."

  • Kel taunting Mad Dog in episode "Girl Watchers":

 Kel: I mean, who wanna be your girlfriend?

Kenan: Kel! Shh! He doesn't mean that.

Kel: Oh yes I do. I mean, look at you. You're big, and ugly, and... tattooed.

  • In "Dial O for Oops":

 Kenan: You'll be Amy.

Kel: And who'll you be?

Kenan: ME! I'll be me!

    • Kel acts all girly and in front of a mirror.

  Kenan: Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring! MAN, PICK UP THE SHOE!!

    • Kenan didn't hang up well, and the Dawsons' answering machine recorded everything Kenan and Kel said about Mr. Dawson, which is what Roger said.

 Kenan: Stop saying my name.

Kel: Why Kenan?

Kenan: I'm sorry! Oh please forgive me! Don't fire my daddy! This isn't even Kenan. This is... [with accent] Fernando. Fernando Mantebal. I don't know nobody named Kenan. I... [loses accent] oh! [hangs up]

Kel: Smoooth.

 Kenan: Elaborate.

[Kel just stands there]

Kenan: Tell me what happened!

 Kel: That I don't get to keep.

Kenan: Enough!

    • "Grab a seal, some a veal, and the Shaquille O'Neill, and meet me down by the ferris wheel. To be real!"
    • Kenan's girly scream: "BEETTYYYYYYYYY!!!"
  • Kel: "New Zealand?"
  • "I'm Gonna Get You Kenan" has Kel tackling a nun, think she's the Jackhammer. Blasphemy, right?
    • There's also the scene in the police station where he opens and closes the Jackhammer's cell door.

 Kel: Oh, Mr. Jackahamma! The door's open! Oh, it's close! Wait, wait, wait, it's open! No, it's close! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Wanna come out?

    • Kel doesn't recognize Kenan, who is in disguise.

 Kel: Has anyone seen Kenan?

Kenan: Kel, it's me.

Kel: And I'm me.

  • "Foul Bull" would have the duo looking at the newspaper of them being blamed for Ron Harper's injury.

 Kenan: Oh no!

Kel: Aw, man!

Kenan: Kel, look!

Kel: I know! The pope canceled his trip to Acapulco!

 Sharla: Don't worry, Kenan. She doesn't dislike you... yet.

Kenan: Well, if she's with you, she can't be picky. (long pause) Hi, Becky.

    • Kel: Which trials?
    • Sharla accidentally blew dust on Becky. It made her itchy. Kenan peaked to see her scratching.

 Kenan: She's scratching!

Kel: Maybe she got dust blowin' on her.

Kenan: Oh yeah, that's realistic. She's a witch!

    • Then Kenan walked up to her to sniff her, then walks back to the backroom. She smelled the barbecue sauce that was squirted on her.

 Kenan: She smells like fire!

Kel: Maybe she was on fire.

Kenan: She wasn't on fire! She's a witch!

 Kenan: But I'll tell you one thing: if I do go out with her, man, I am not wearing this stupid, ugly, rice pants. You know, for somebody that works in a clothes store, she sure has bad taste in clothing.

Kel: Yeah, she got bad taste in perfume, too. She smells like a stinky water buffalo.

  • The policemen in "Attack of the Bug Men" who are basically Kenan and Kel all grown up.
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