A manga artist who worked from the early 70s until his death in 2006. He was a great friend of the famous and influential Mangaka Go Nagai, who he worked as an assistant for during the earlier years of his career. His most famous work by far is the mecha series Getter Robo, though he himself isn't actually famous for it. Thanks to Ishikawa's willingness to credit Go Nagai for helping him out with the series during its early planning stages, Getter Robo is wrongly considered a Go Nagai work far more often.

Ken Ishikawa is known for his distinctive art style and character designs, which usually involve lots of sketchy black lines, crazy spinning eyes and insane grins. Unlike Go Nagai, he tends to avoid fanservice and excessive violence. In addition to Humongous Mecha, many of his manga were about ancient Japan and even in his sci-fi works, themes and philosophies taken from eastern spirituality are often present.

Ken Ishikawa sadly died early in November 2006, at the age of 58, though he's well remembered by many fans and animation studios.

Notable Ishikawa Series:

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