American actor known for his deep voice.

Frequently typecast as a Scary Black Man. Fortunately, he found his renaissance as a Voice Actor, from which he ganered a veritable army of devoted fans. He'll always be Goliath to us.

He is not David Keith. What he is, is an awesome singer.

Also, don't mess with his fries.


Other Work:

As might be imagined, someone with his unique voice is often in demand as something other than an actor. Specifically, he makes an excellent narrator for such things as:

  • City Confidential, the narration of which he took over after Paul Winfield's death.
  • Comic Book Superheroes: Unmasked (a documentary for the History Channel)
  • Empires: Egypt's Golden Empire
  • Ken Burns' Jazz (a documentary series)
  • New York: A Documentary Film (the first three episodes; these were later recycled for the series The American Experience)
  • United States Armed Forces commercials
  • The War, possibly the definitive World War II documentary in recent years
  • WWE documentaries and DVDs, for which David has occasionally narrated.
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