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Everything Kenji Says is True

That is, there is a feminist conspiracy which will bloodily take over the school. There will be a Kenji ending where you help him fight off the female masses; each of the other endings will end with the girl you chose killing you.

  • That. Would. Be. AWESUM. Though I think I'd be a little disappointed if you wouldn't be able to pull a Commander Sheppard and solve the crisis peacefully.....though not necessarily calmly, if you know what I mean...
  • I imagine that the chosen girl would end up Becoming the Mask, and be unable to kill you... But you still die anyway. Notice how all the love interests come in pairs...
    • I think that was to make up for the fact that there is no OT 3 or Harem Option.

Misha has some sort of learning or mental disability.

Compared to the other main heroines, Misha looks normal. But she stumbles on certain words at some points. Dyslexia, or something worse?

  • Can one be dyslexic when reading sign language? And she only stumbles when she is translating for Shizune. Still, it's unclear if she has any problem. But her simply being a visual aide is not possible because she was placed in the school after Shizune. So she must be secretly crazy.
    • "The problem must be in your pants!"
  • I suspect that she may be partially deaf, or may have trouble controlling the volume of her voice, which is why she's always making such a racket in class.
  • I think that she has SEVERE depression and is being overly cheerful to compensate. Though that doesn't explain her problems with stairs and long words.
  • It could be something like Hisao's heart problems or epilepsy where you can't tell just by looking at her.
  • It's cancer.
    • Addendum: She was originally designed with blonde hair and a high forehead. That actually is her hair. The pink drills are her post-chemo wig. And note her pink hair is seen as strange.
    • A well-placed brain tumor may be used as an explanation of her behaviour or dizziness while walking the stairs.
  • It's Lupus.
  • It's quite possible that Misha has obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. When you first meet her, she says " should always try to learn as much as you can about where you're going before you go there. Not just with school, either~!" which shows a behavioral preoccupation with details that's often seen in OCPD. Furthermore, her constant signing and speaking of both sides of her conversations with Shizune is possibly indicative of an inflexible devotion to her own morals (assuming she does this to "keep things fair" by allowing Hisao to overhear her talking to Shizune, and vice versa) and a perfectionism that interferes with the completion of her task (she always tries to keep up with Shizune in signing, even when struggling, and only resorts to using paper once in-game). As for other symptoms, her overly cheery and friendly nature may be due to a form of mania or may also stem from a devotion to morals (if she considers being friendly with everyone as morally right). She also is seen grinding down an eraser to flatten the top, which may or may not hint at OCD, which is often found alongside OCPD in patients. A severe enough case of OCPD could certainly land someone in a place like Yamaku.
  • Could be Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Most women with it tend to be at least slightly overweight. Could also explain her lack of a route in the game. Since PCOS usually renders its victims infertile, in a society like Japan's which is still largely conservative and patriarchal, she wouldn't be considered fit to marry by most men, and thus her prospects for a successful long-term relationship are limited at best.
  • According to Word of God, she just broke a nail and her parents overreacted.
    • Note: Word of God has been known to troll the fans. What else do you expect from a project that started on 4Chan?
  • Time Lord, was previously Walagi.
  • I think she's just so annoying the doctors said "SOMETHING has to be wrong with her!" They never took the time to confirm what.
  • Enjoy.
  • It's implied in the full version she's attending to be in training for sign language training (and thus gets cut tuition due to this).
    • Strengthened by a statement somewhere in Lilly's route that there are some mundane, non-disabled students in Yamaku.
    • In Shizune's route, Misha implies that she didn't want to come to Yamaku, but "it sounded interesting" and she believed people would leave her alone even if they hated her. It's thus possible she had a choice, unlike Hisao, and either she does not have a disability, or her disability would not be a problem in an ordinary school.
  • Asperger's syndrome, or some other social disorder. She has trouble controlling her volume and also has trouble identifying social cues. She may have learned sign language because she had an interest in it, and once a person with Asperger's gets interested in something, they begin to obsess over it.
    • But Yamaku doesn't admit student's with mental issues, only physical. It seems likely that she doesn't have a problem and is one of those rare instances of average students admitted to the school. Her hyperactivity may not be a symptom of anything and may just be her personality.
      • Back to the obsession over sign language bit, they gave her reduced tuition because of her knowing sign language. She does have a mental/learning disability, it's just not the reason she goes to Yamaku.
        • Lilly also mentions in her path that Yamaku will, from time to time, induct students who don't have a physical disability. Such may be the case with Misha, who this troper believes may have an autism spectrum disorder; Hanako, whose not so much disabled from her scars as she is very phobic of people as a result of them; and Kenji, whose problems extend much further than being legally blind.
  • She has Tilde Aphasia, a mysterious speech disorder visible only to those who straddle the boundary between universes. Also known as Tilderette's Syndrome. Wahaha~!
  • Jossed in "Talk to the Hand" in Shizune's route; Misha wants to become a sign language teacher and joined Yamaku for training. Because of said training she also has reduced tuition fees she'd otherwise be unable to pay.

Hisao will be able to learn sign language in Part 2

Seeing as the writers almost made Hisao and Shizune the Official Couple. It would be troublesome for Misha to have to be around all of the time; it's not fun if all your dates are chaperoned. Plus, Hisao expressed interest in learning sign. Ergo, it only makes sense to come to this conclusion.

  • Having Misha around would make it less fun how?
    • This game is supposed to be an Eroge eventually, right? Now rethink that last statement... Holy crud, you're right.
    • This troper always thought it would be quite amusing if, during a love scene with Shizune, the camera would briefly show Misha sitting in a chair nearby, flipping through some random manga, periodically gasping and moaning for no apparent reason.
    • ...How would you even sign that? I'd be surprised to find such movements in American Sign Language. Oh wait, Shizune uses Japanese Sign Language. It would not surprise me if that had developed signs for moaning and sexual cries.[1]
      • According to some of the translated doujin notes, she actually uses ASL, not JSL. Which is still Fridge Logic - why would a class in Japan... aarg my brain.
      • Translation Convention.
      • Besides, plenty of ASL "speakers" mouth anyway.
    • This is the real reason Misha doesn't have her own route.
  • The translated version of the original doujin page notes that a hypothetical "win" for her route would involve passing a sign language class in order to confess to her, so it's possible that the game developers would build on that.
    • Chipping in here, Hisao does think in Shizune's ending for Act 1 that "maybe I should learn sign language." I think it's highly likely that Hisao will a) begin to learn sign language during Shizune's route in the full game or b) plan to start learning it after Shizune's "good end." He may be taught by Misha, which should be entertaining.
  • Confirmed. No test however.

Shizune can read lips.

She just doesn't tell anyone and pretends she can't because she's, well, a tad manipulative. It's so she can get information out of people. And didn't she act a little differently after Hisao talked to her privately on the roof?

    • Further supported by the fact that the above theory was canon in one of the earliest demos.
    • But isn't that impossible for people who were born deaf?
    • No, learning how to read lips has nothing to do with being able to hear.
    • Possibly Jossed; during the first sex scene, Hisao starts talking about his time at Yamaku, and stops when he remembers Shizune can't hear him, noticing her flustered expression, which could imply that she wants to know what he has to say but can't (unless he misread it and she's reacting to what he said) She's also completely oblivious to Kenji's rantings, only noticing from his body language that he seems passionate.

Kenji is actually Harry Potter.

Well, they do look alike. Of course, since we don't really see his eyes behind the glasses, or his uncovered forehead (to reveal if he really has a scar or not), he could be James Potter as well.

Hanako is responsible for the fire.

While its definitely possible that her reaction and attitude are based on her scars, being in an environment where a good portion of people is a stranger site should help that somewhat. It is likely that there is more to the story, and her being responsible for the fire that scarred her and killed her father would fit with her being afraid to get close to people.

    • My money's on a younger Hanako, no more than ten, trying to cook something for her mom and dad when something goes wrong. She tries to fix it, but it gets worse, and by the time her parents hear the smoke alarm, the entire kitchen is ablaze, with a scared little girl trapped in the middle. Her father saves her, at the cost of his own life; he dies of smoke inhalation. Her mother, if she survives, is now a widow, and their home is destroyed. (And pray that they didn't live in an apartment, or things would get really bad.) Poor Hanako barely survives, and is permanently scarred, along with any other lasting damage to her lungs or other internal organs we don't even know about. Her father is dead, her mother is either dead or widowed and homeless. All because she tried to do something special. You can see how that'd make a girl feel like maybe talking to people or making friends is a bad idea, like the best thing she could do for the world is to curl up in a little ball in the corner and try very hard not to exist. Frankly, it's a miracle poor Hanako isn't catatonic.
      • It seems plausible, but that's also a bit of an overused plot device, if/when the devs go into deeper detail regarding what caused the fire, I figure they'll come up with something somewhat original.
  • She could also be indirectly responsible for the fire as well; Hanako could have offended someone with ties to a criminal organization in the past which would have possibly lead to her home being set on fire by that organization to make it look like an accident; either that or a guy she turned down in the past who was far too jealous and used the old "If I cannot have you nobody will" spiel.
    • There was actually a fanfiction on the forums that mentioned how the main characters came to Yamaku Academy. Shizune and her mother, and her grandmother orchestrated the entire thing. The car crash that destroyed some of Emi's legs? The disfigurement of Hanako and the death of her father? The thalidomide that deformed Rin's arms? Lilly's blindness? Hisao's heart problems? All were caused by Shizune and her mother and grandmother.
      • What.
        • Even more "What" after discovering that Shizune and Lilly are cousins. Unless you want to think that one of the plans backfired horribly...
  • One theory worth considering might be that the fire was related to a birthday celebration. Hanako carelessly knocked over the cake loaded with lit candles in such a way that the whole house was eventually consumed by the blaze. Every birthday celebration is a cruel reminder of the fire she was responsible for that killed her parents and left her physically and emotionally scarred.
  • She says during her route that it happened while she was sleeping, so this is most likely false unless she somehow has an Enemy Within.

Hanako is a child soldier and will grow up to be Balalaika

She's lying about the scars. They were actually caused by a grenade blowing up in her face. Lilly route will be canon, and seeing her best friend and the guy she had a crush on hook up and leave her behind will cause Hanako to snap.

She will leave Yamaku and dye her hair blond as a reminder of her friend's betrayal. And the rest is history.

  • It's possible...
    • As of the full version, Hanako is a Shipper on Deck in Lilly's route. But if we take a different ending as canon, it could still work. {{[spoiler| Especially Hanako's bad end, in which she does snap, and basically says she's sick of being treated with kid gloves.}}

Rin is a Wo D somehow daywalking Malkavian.

While she is shown in clear daylight it would shed light on her unusual discussions and monologues.

Kenji was molested by a woman as a child.

He acts like having intercourse with a woman is unnatural, and that certainly gives off a certain unwanted air.

... Or maybe I'm just sleep deprived and looking into it too much. Hm.

  • As a matter of fact, boyo, it's something completely different. Get the Kenji ending for act 1 and you'll find out what.
    • What if he said that as a cover-up for the true story?
      • The sad thing is: that may very well be true.
        • Why? Because he hates women? He also hates maneating cows! He believes in feminist conspiracy (and shitload of other ridiculous things), because he's nuts, not because he's an opressed victim. He's not supposed to be right in his hatred.

Shizune is Haruhi after reading The Catcher in The Rye and/or watching Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

She thought what she'd do was, she'd pretend she was one of those deaf-mutes.

Katawa Shoujo takes place in the same world as Code Geass, perhaps in its future

Check out the map on the wall in this screenshot; compare with this map of the Code Geass world after the breakup of the EU and the division of most of the world between Britannia (blue) and the UFN (red). They're essentially the same down to the colours used for the two blocs. (In reality, of course, this is probably a Shout-Out.)

Misha is diabetic

We still have no idea what Misha's disability is, but she must have one, else she would not have been in that school. A theory that came to my mind last night: diabetes. While it's not usually a condition that would warrant sending a girl to a special school, it CAN, theoretically, be kind of dangerous, so I guess parants rich or worried enough about the whole thing might do so.(Besides, managing this condition requires a great amount of responsability(maintaining a proper diet, taking your insuline regularly), and Misha does not seem so great in that department...). Now, diabetes is an "invisible" disability, most of the time(even if she has a pump, it can probably be very easily hidden under cloths), which might be why she seems to have none. It might also explain her being overweight(well, you know. Relatively to everybody else). While being "sweet" and hyperactive and genki may not actually be symptomes of high blood sugar IRL, they are commonly known enough "facts" to appear in the game. Who knows? Maybe she will make a joke about this some time. One thing this does not explain is why she knows sign languege. That's the reason I am actually more supportive of the "minor hearing problem" theory.

  • I doubt that she would need to have a disability to be at the school; sign-language interpreters are quite often hired help, because their work is a valuable service and can be very tiring (in one class this troper attended, there was enough talking from enough people in a two-hour class period that the task really did require two interpreters switching off... it really is work!). Being good friends certainly helps, but considering how much work it is to keep up with Shizune, Misha would have to be pretty saintly to be doing this without some sort of compensation. So basically, she isn’t necessarily physically disabled in any way (barring some Word of God I’m not clued in on), though all that is is an absence of evidence.
    • I don't know how it works in Japan(or anyway else, really), but around here you... don't see sign language interpreters that young. I don't know if it's because they have to be a certain age or if the young ones are just rare, but all interpreters I saw were adults.
      • This troper has been to Japan and encountered a deaf university student. She did coincidentally have a non-deaf friend her age who was also a student who knew sign language and basically interpreted everything for her. (Though this wasn't during a class, but an after-school meeting.)
      • This is in fact implied in Shizune's route Act 2.

Kenji is gay

This would explain so much.

  • Unlikely, seeing as his path is a Bad End instead of a Gay Option.
    • Well, maybe like another Kenji, he is gay but just doesn't want to admit it to himself. That might explain his obsession with always being "manly" and his hatred of women.
      • I think you're referring to Kanji, who never has his sexuality defined in game.
        • Kanji is a Naoto-sexual.
    • Full game brings further doubt: he had a girlfriend at one point, and going by what he said they got along pretty well. He further clarifies that he doesn't dislike women in general, just feminists. That said, he seems to believe that women are feminists by default...
    • According to the devs there was supposed to be a Gay Option but it got written out due to time. Some level of bisexuality going around.

Misha is part of a special scholarship program

Basically, certain students at Yamaku need certain types of assistance, such as sign language interpreters for the deaf, etc. Rather than bringing in an adult to fill these needs, the school finds high school students who are interested in filling the role and provides them with necessary training. These students are compensated for their services by receiving a full scholarship to Yamaku.

  • A most intriguing theory, but unless Misha is lying(not impossible, but unlikely), it is proved wrong by a piece of dialog. Misha clearly explains the origins of her friendship with Shizune, and it appears that the whole thing was pretty much coincidental. She didn't even know Shizune was deaf in the beginning(she thought she was just ignoring her...).
  • Implied to be confirmed. Also I believe you do not need a disability to enroll.

Shizune's Panty Shot is Foreshadowing

Her being against stem cell research will be a plot point in her route.

  • Unless the dev is lying, it's just an easter egg.
    • They may very well be lying.
      • Actually, assume for a moment that they are lying, and that Shizune does have a problem with it, perhaps stem cell treatment becomes part of Hanako's route?
    • Alternatively; she wears them as a silent Take That; underwears has the two functions of covering indecency, and keeping the inside of your pants clean.
  • Jossed.
    • And Shizune's panties are plain in the full game, no more writings on them.

There will be a Misha ending...

But it'll be considered Shizune's bad end, similarly to Kyou and Ryou in Clannad.

  • Confirmed.

In the full game, the "skip all H-scenes" option won't just skip them

Hisao and the girl will be about to get it on, but Kenji will burst out of nowhere declaring that he's "rescuing" Hisao, and drag him away. The storyline will then continue as if the H-scene had occurred.

  • I support this.
    • Hilariously he really will be saving Hisao. If you go through with the H-scene, Hisao's heart will give out, and he'll die.
      • Or not, as the shock of suddenly his psychotic hallmate suddenly barging in on him and his girlfriend during a private moment and abducting him also causes his heart to give out.
  • Unfortunately Jossed (they used Relax-O-Vision instead).

There will be bad endings where Kenji murders the girl

In a fit of insanity he will kill the girl Hisao ends up with, in a horrible misguided attempt at saving Hisao. Of course this will be too much for Hisao's heart, causing him to die as well.

  • I just want to say this seems highly possible.
  • Jossed; no one dies except for the Act 1 bad ending

Shizune is well aware of Misha's volume control problems, and wouldn't have it any other way.

Shizune is a very stubborn and willful, going straight into flat-out pushy at times... So being unable to communicate with people was probably very frustrating for her. Naturally, she'd rather have an interpreter that's hard to ignore. While she can't hear Misha herself, she's observant enough to figure it out by watching other people. And since she's not bothered by Misha's volume herself, she might even encourage the loudness.

    • Seems likely, and definitely in character for our favorite budding Riskmaster.
    • During a scene in Shizune's bad end route, Lilly literally says that Shizune used Misha as a megaphone during the time the student council contained more than three members.
    • Her finger snaps are loud enough that characters, such as Hisao and Lilly, tend to be annoyed by them, so this is likely.

Shizune refuses to throw things because she seriously injured her brother as a child.

She could pass it off by saying "I'm too sophisticated for that sort of thing," but I don't think that's it. I think she and her brother got into some sort of spat as children, she threw something at him, and it had much more severe of an effect than she intended.

  • It may have resulted in her accidentally cutting off his junk.

The "April Fools Joke" posted on the blog wasn't a joke. Not entirely, at least.

The developers really are planning to do at least most of those things, and charge money, to see how many fans stick with 4LS. Possibly because they're sick of hearing people whine for Misha/Kenji routes (and I mean romantic Kenji routes, not different ways for Kenji to kill Hisao) and different various things?

Rin isn't always the Cloudcuckoolander we all know and love

It's just, well, that time of the month, and she's usually much more normal.

  • Jossed in the full version, unless her period lasts for weeks on end. (Is that even biologically possible?)

Hanako was a resident of Fuyuki.

We already know of the Fuyuki Fire, and it's not a very long stretch that Kiritsugu happens to save not only Shirou. Only this time, her burns were so bad (but less severe than Shirou's injuries, hence him getting Avalon) that Kiritsugu had to ship her off.

The Satou family is a branch of the Pendragon family

Just tell me Akira doesn't have any resemblence to Saber (specifically from Fate/Zero). Would also explain their wealth.

Hanako is The Girl Who Lived

Hanako's parents were actually powerful mages who were killed by Voldemort. However, Hanako's mother tried to shield her from Voldemort's attack, and her love for Hanako caused Voldemort's spell to rebound, "killing" him and setting the house on fire, which is how Hanako got her scars. Now she attends Yamaku High, where Mutou keeps an eye on her and is secretly training her to become a Magical Girl in preparation for Voldemort's inevitable return. The story she tells Hisao is a half truth in order to hide her magical secret.

Hisao dies after the conclusion of the story

The game is over, and so is the main characters life. It was your job to make the best of it. I hope you did.

  • Then again, the same can be said about the vast majority of main characters in any game everywhere...
  • He states at various points that he expects to die young, possibly even before 30. It might be interesting to see how long he lives and how his girlfriend/wife responds to his death.

The reason Hisao is so tired all the time is because he sleeps standing up

Whenever Hisao wakes up, he's staring at his bed, not sleeping on it. Standing up all night can't be good for you.

  • Oddly enough, if we assume that the image of a given scene is how he is looking at it in the first person, there would be a number of inconsistencies with how the scenes are set up. Sometimes, the C Gs would be contradicted; for example, when he talks with Misha on the roof, she's leaning against the fence, but appears to be in the middle of the roof outside the CG. Other times, it's more obvious from the situation he's in, such as the hospital room at the end of Lilly's route; he would seem to be looking into the room, rather than out from his bed.

Among the financial backers of Yamaku Academy are the families of Shizune and Lilly.

They are very wealthy families. They both happened to have daughters born with disabilities in the space of a few months. It's only natural that they would become more sensitive on the matter and, directly or through foundations, supported efforts to help disabled children. It may be objected that Jigoro wouldn't be to the type to do that but it's shown that, while a huge Jerkass, he cares for his daughter.

The gravely ill aunt Lilly tells about in Hanako's route is Shizune's mother.

It has been stated that Lilly's and Shizune's fathers being brothers is a script error - it's Lilly's father and Shizune's mother that are siblings. The latter is never seen, and not even mentioned, in Shizune's route. Given the type of person Jigoro is, it's not hard to imagine their marriage breaking apart badly after Hideaki's birth, made worse by frail health on her part - considering both she and her brother have daughters born with disabilities, some genetic problems may be traced in their family. That was one more reason for her to decide leaving Shizune and Hideaki in Japan - she felt she wasn't strong enough to raise them alone, even with the support of her family, and didn't want to force them to live in Scotland. This, however, has led to complete estrangement from them, to the point they are not even informed of her health. This situation may also add a layer of bitterness on Shizune and Lilly's strained relation.

  • Lilly says she has more than one aunt. She could have at least one on her Scottish mother's side apart from her father's sister (Shizune's mother).

Kenji is a part of the feminist conspiracy

Yamaka does not accept mentally disabled students, which Kenji's delusions and paranoia would likely fall into. He's actually an agent of the conspiracy. His rantings and ravings are easily dismissed as the thoughts of a madman so that the world dismisses him and is jaded when the real attack begins in earnest.

  • Also, Hisao doesn't fall during Kenji's ending to Act 1, Kenji pushes him.
    • Alternatively, Kenji could have slowly advanced on Hisao knowing that he'd back up and fall off.

Rin has Aspergers Syndrome

Whilst it's not officially mentioned in the game or on the developers websites its highyly likely she has this condition, se definatly carries across many traits attributed to someone with Aspergers including

  • Bringing up rather inappropriate topics,
  • Lack of social awareness around her,
  • Has difficulty coping with crowds,
  • Has trouble understanding the feelings of other people,
  • Has trouble grasping sarcasm and takes figures of speech (penny for your thoughts, girlish figure) literally

Shizune can talk, but sticks to sign language out of pride

Shizune, like many deaf people, did learn to talk, but realized that because she can't hear herself, her pronunciation will never be correct. Given her, "if I can't be the best at it it's not worth doing," attitude, she decided to stop talking and only use sign language. Her father, being the jerkass he is, sees this as her defying or distancing herself from him, which angers him (hence why he's constantly insisting that she talk to him).

  • Shizune's father notes that he hired dozens of tutors trying to get her to speak from when she was a little girl. I don't think Shizune was always that competitive, so she wouldn't have just decided to stick with sign language all the time. Most likely, she just really can't speak.
  • Shizune has some capacity to make sounds from her mouth, such as "ssss" in her second H-scene. It's less clear whether she can form words with them, though.

If a Misha route is ever made...

It won't be a route where Hisao romances Misha. Rather it'll be a route where you play as Misha.

Kenji is, or will become, Kamina

In the Shizune route he says, "I go Beyond the Impossible all the time."

During her first weeks at Yamaku, Rin wore a female uniform

Even for a school like Yamaku, a student without both arms is most probably not common, so it was normal to have her wear the usual uniform, and teachers probably thought she would be self-conscious enough to avoid inopportune poses in presence of other students. However, Rin being Rin, she didn't mind. Panty Shots and Hilarity ensued, leading to teachers to rethink, and impose her a male uniform for practicality and decency's sake.

  • It could be her parents' idea; Rin is the only character whose parents are alive (when the characters discuss Rin working on art at the atelier, it's mentioned that her parents approve) but are never seen or heard. It's possible that before coming to Yamaku, she encountered this problem in some form or another, since it's not explicitly stated how long she has been able to do things with her feet..

Lilly and Shizune both know the Japanese equivalent of the Deafblind Manual Alphabet

During both of ther routes the two are revealed to be cousins and to have once worked together on the Student Council; also in Lilly's route Shizune admits that they used to be close. It is also revealed in Shizune's route that Lilly joined the council after the most of the old members left in order to help Shizune out. So it stands that they would have some means of communicating directly with each other. They fact they don't use it anymore and talk to each other only through Misha or (in Shizune's route) Hisao, when they bother to do so at all, is just a sign of how deep their falling out is.

  • Further evidence is that Misha joined after Lilly did, when only she and Shizune were on the council. It would be necessary for them to communicate with the Deafblind Manual Alphabet if that were the case. Then again, in Lilly's route, their reconciliation involves mainly nonverbal communication.

We will se "official" cameos of the Katawa Shoujo characters in another Visual Novel, sometime in the future

The KS devs have not ruled out the possibility of working on a Visual Novel again. And there could be one: Measuring Shadows, an abandoned project some of them were previously working on - Molly comes from there. So, if work on it will be resumed, there would be no surprise to see some of the KS cast as background characters.

The Shanghai is an interdimensional nexus.

It never seems to have any customers aside from which ever girls Hisao is there with, and they are the ones to introduce him to it and imply to go there often, yet you never see any of the girls from other paths when you are there. How does it stay in business with so few customers? Because it serves as the establishment of choice for Hisao in every path, at the same time. It even serves for paths that don't exist: Hisao and Miki hang out there, as do Hisao and Sae, and there's even a dimension where Hisao goes there just to see Yuuko again, and one where Nurse suggests a walk there and drinking green tea with their antioxidants with the pretense of it being just to make Hisao healthier. The Shanghai doesn't have so few customers, it has billions of customers. That's why Yuuko is so stressed out all of the time.

    • I am more of the opinion that Yuuko is actually either a time-keeper or an angel in training with very little experience. It's most probable that she's peaked into the future of all of the 5 main girls, and seeing as each of their fates would've been grim without the aid of someone else, she deliberately tried to find a keen yet approachable person to help her get each of them out of trouble. It's possible that all the various reiterations of the story keep making Hisao - possibly the only person kind enough to see through their imperfections, or maybe just another terrified kid whose fate would have also been signed by an early death - go through all the possible aspects of love, in order for Yuuko to understand how to save all of them instead than selecting those to be spared. Skip mode is essentially her using her powers to get Hisao on the right paths. It's possible that she might have purposely stopped time in a groundhog day like way just to avoid the kids' deaths. It makes sense that she's got some super natural powers, given that she appears to be everywhere and always at the right time for that, as well as being an albeit clumsily advisor.

Kenji lost his virginity to Yuuko.

There are a bunch of hints dropped throughout the game that Kenji and Yuuko may have slept together. Kenji mentions the woman he slept with was older, while Yuuko mentions her ex-boyfriend was younger than she was...

  • It seems extremely likely that they are exs. They were both in a relationship prior to the event. Kanji dumped his girlfriend and Yuuko was dumped by her boyfriend. Yuuko mentions her ex got her into cryptography and Kanji tells you to avoid the Shanghai as it houses some of the key members of the feminist conspiracy he broke up with his girlfriend over...

Misha's Bush Cheney sweater is a hint that she is a lesbian

Cheney's daughter is a lesbian, also bush.
    • Confirmed!
    • Alternatively, she could wear it because of his trouble with certain words. Misha tends to stumble over the longer words Shizune uses.

What happens to the other girls in different arcs?

People often wonder what happens to the other girls in each arc. Here is a list with two possibilities for each, the good being the idealist/optimistic though, the bad being, well, let's just say you'd cry if you saw it yourself.

  • Emi
    • Good: She eventually overcomes her grief on her own.
    • Bad: She eventually destroys herself with her grief.
  • Hanako
    • Good: She manages to overcome her fears of people on her own; she would have gotten better anyways, Hisao was just a catalyst.
      • This happens in Lilly's route.
    • Bad: She is never able to come out of her shell, and eventually commits suicide after graduation.
  • Lilly
    • Good: She goes to Scotland and lives a happy life.
      • Alternately, she decides to stay in Japan on her own for various reasons, like in Shizune's route, and lives a happy life.
    • Bad: She goes to Scotland and doesn't live a happy life. Yeah, this one's a bit mundane.
  • Rin
    • Good: She doesn't accept the art gallery opportunity because Hisao didn't convince her to do so (implied in Emi's arc).
    • Bad: She accepts and eventually commits suicide.
  • Shizune
    • Good: Misha and Shizune hook up.
      • Alternatively, Misha falls in love with someone else, and Shizune goes on to make friends besides Misha.
    • Bad: Misha and Shizune get in an argument and Shizune kills Misha. It's more likely than you think!


The Eventual Careers of the Charecters Who Don't Explictly state them.

Hanako- Author or Journalist. She loves books and reading and in Lily's path she joins the journalism club. And what's more it would be a line of work where the first thing people notice about wouldn't be her scars.

  • I predict Kenji will write books about the feminist conspiracy, and they will become bestsellers due to how absurd they seem to most people, in spite of Kenji hoping that people will take him seriously.

Misha saw Shizune and Hisao having sex at the Hakamichi Esate in Shizune's route.

Because they were both...... preoccupied. They were not able to notice her. However the event was what brought home to her the fact that Shizune and Hisao were a couple and that any hope that she and Shizune would ever be one was gone. This is what sent her on the emotional tailspin that causes her to cut her hair and try and seduce Hisao late on. Mishacut her hair knowing that Shizune wouldn't like it, as a way silently showing her anger.

  • The sex scene is after Misha's haircut, so it doesn't impact her decision. It's also implied that Misha is aware of how close Hisao and Shizune are getting as early as he asks her to tutor him in sign language. However, Hisao suggests that they're making enough noise to be heard outside the room, so unless Misha was still in a shouting match with Jigoro, it's possible she heard them.

Kenji is Dominic Deegan after ill-advised future-seeing cost him his sight and sanity

Because they're similar-looking manipulative cynical weirdos who wear scarves all the time for no apparent reason. Attempting to psychically predict the outcome of Hisao's arrival screwed up his brain and gave him permanent Seer's Shroud (a.k.a. really bad vision).

7 year old Hanako...

was a Genki Girl, the way she acts when she's drunk on her birthday is her actual personality when she's no longer worrying about how people view her.

Shizune and Lilly also reconcile at some point during or after Shizune's route

Late in Shizune's route, Shizune, while discussing her grievances with Lilly, concludes by stating that Lilly was not the one who was wrong, and admits that her competitive personality has driven away many who were close to her. Since Shizune makes the first move in Lilly's route by giving Lilly the folder she needs, it's thus possible that something similar happens in the time between when Shizune and Misha reconcile and their graduation, or some time in the future.

Shizune's tendency to compartmentalize things is a coping mechanism

Considering the issue of her father being such and Jackasss. Along with the general Fanon consensus that her mother is in all likelihood dead. It seems that she probably had a very unpleasant childhood with the whole issue with the speech tutors is just the tip of the iceberg. It would make sense that she would probably decide the best way to deal with it is to just isolate it off and pretend that it has nothing to do with anything and just concentrate on the now.

Theories on how Rika and Saki would have been implemented

Here's some theories on how the April Fool's Day character's routes might have be accessed, what might have happened in them, and what the themes would be.

  • Rika
    • Accessed By: Either in an added scene in Hisao's first visit to the nurse, or, more likely, one after he decides to "go for it" on the track.
      • One possibility is an option to "Go talk to the white-haired girl" in the nurse's office. She will ask Hisao what he hopes to accomplish at Yamaku; saying "I want to learn to live with my condition" gets you her route, and "I want to try to overcome my condition" gets you Emi's (or keeps you on tack for hers and Shizune's if you made choices towards the latter).
    • Guiding Question: Can you see what's in my heart?
    • Supporting Characters: The Nurse, DLC Character 3.
    • Bad Ending: Rika gets hospitalized (the most likely "unpredictable circumstances" I can think of), which is expected to last until the end of the school year, and this ends their relationship much like Lilly's move to Scotland
    • Good Ending Rika is hospitalized, but promises to reunite with Hisao once it is over.
  • Saki
    • Accessed By: Going along the path to Rin's route but making an added choice near the end, possibly one that lets you accompany Emi to the art room or during the talk with Mr. Nomiya.
    • Guiding Question: Can you live life to the fullest?
    • Supporting Characters: Mr. Nomiya, Rin, DLC Character 4.
    • Bad Ending: They break up, most likely due to Hisao's Angst over his condition, and Hisao never hears from her again until her death a few years later.
    • Good Ending: Hisao makes it clear that his own lifespan will likely be shorter than most, and promises to stay with Saki during the time they have left.

Shizune and Lilly's falling out is partially Misha's fault.

As we all know, Misha is a little oblivious to social cues. This is hardly an ideal trait in an interpreter. Especially one that has to facilitate communication between a blind person and a deaf person. Also Misha joined the council when Shizune and Lilly were the only members and were also very close to one another meaning that they must have been able to communicate with one another some how. Way I see it Misha's efforts to interprete between them resulted in one or both of the misinterpreting something the either upset the other resulting a big fight. By the time it even occurred to the other to talk to the other directly, things had already passed the point of no return.

  • One piece of evidence that could support this theory is Misha's admission during her "confession" scene in Shizune's route that she was initially not very good at sign language, but Shizune essentially forced her to use it around her. It could be that Misha might have made translation errors if Shizune made her interpret her and Lilly's conversations, or had her use it in situations in which the three were talking together.

At some point, Kenji lost what little was left of his sanity and wrote Naruto Veangance Revelaitons

There are quite a few similarities between him and the author, Jake Tanner.

  • Both like to swear a lot.
  • Both of them like underage drinking (although in Kenji's defense, he's old enough in some parts of the world).
  • Both talk of a feminist conspiracy.
  • Both tend to steal things (Kenji steals some books, while Jake brags about stealing from a 7-11)
  • Both were involved with a breakup with an older girlfriend. (Katie for Jake, possibly Yuuko for Kenji)
  • Both like Dragon Ball (Jake says it's his favorite anime besides Naruto, while Kenji tried to propose that Lego make Dragon Ball Legos)
  • Both associate stereotypes with a blonde (Jake casts the blonde German on the Council as a Nazi, while Kenji suggests Lilly is in the Mafia).

Rin was abused prior to coming to Yamaku.

This theory was inspired by a rather sad, nigh disturbing piece of fanart of Rin. Of all the courtable characters, Rin is the one with the least known backstory (We know thatEmi lost her legs (and father) in an accident, Hanako suffered her burns in a house fire, the Satous and Hakamichis are related, and Misha used to have normal hair), and considering that Rin is not all right in the head, it may not be too much of a stretch to think that she suffered some kind of abuse before coming to Yamaku.

Misha has been to America, has lived in America, or is from America

She's constantly referencing America, doesn't seem the best at Japanese, and has an American shirt. Either that or she's just a fan of America.

How a Kenji route might turn out

  • Accessed By: DLC options, including saying "You're cute"
  • Guiding Question: Can you look at yourself in the mirror?
  • Supporting Characters: Lilly, Yuuko (she may be a recurring character in all routes, but will likely become plot-relevant in this one if she's Kenji's old girlfriend.
  • Bad Ending: Kenji and Hisao break up.
  • Good Ending: Hisao helps Kenji realize that his conspiracy theories were a way of trying to avoid his own responsibility for the breakup, and he resolves to do a better job with Hisao.


  1. Okay, in poor taste. But I just found in that Wikipedia page that JSL uses mouthing, which is never indicated in the game. Think someone should point that out to the KS devs?
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