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From Shizune's Perspective by Goldilurks

  • Recommended by: Red Savant
  • Synopsis: A (presumable) continuation of events after Act 1, from Shizune's perspective.
  • Comments: With a lot of good character development and exploration for Shizune, particularly in how it feels and what it means to be deaf/mute among classmates who can speak, this is one of the best KS fics out there, in my opinion. It was written before the full game was released, so some details may not mesh with canon (such as Shizune and Misha's sexuality), but these instances do not detract from the story.
  • Pairing(s): Hisao/Misha, Shizune/Emi
  • Tags: Yuri.

The Adventures of Sherlock Hisao! by Rocket Royal

  • Recommended by: Crinias
  • Synopsis: Sherlock Hisao and his bumbling companion Kenji investigate a murder in Katawa City. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Comments: A hilarious and witty fic - absurd at times, and with a very post-modernist feel. Has a very polished feel to it, but at the same time one feels that the author made everything up on the spot.
  • Pairing(s): None
  • Tags: Comedy, Satire, AU.

Shizune Epilogue by Anonymous

  • Recommended by: Encrypted 12345
  • Synopsis: Years after the events of Shizune's Good end, he obtains a job as a science teacher at Yamaku where he meets...
  • Comments: It's just one big Moment of Heartwarming from beginning to end. If you thought Shizune's good end was a Maybe Ever After, this takes the maybe out.
  • Pairing: Hisao/Shizune
  • Tags: Heartwarming, Continuation Fic

Lilly Epilogue: Family Matters by Anonymous (Trope page here)

  • Recommended by: Eamil
  • Synopsis: A year after Lilly's good end, Hisao makes good on his promise to take her out on Tanabata. The next day Lilly gets a call from Akira: Their parents are coming to Japan to visit.
  • Comments: Awkwardness (and some drama) ensues, but it's not a downer story at all, and it ends on a good note.
  • Pairing: Hisao/Lilly
  • Tags: Continuation Fic

Weekend at Hisao's by themocaw (Trope page here)

  • Recommended by: bradpara
  • Synopsis: A few months after Shizune's Good Ending, Hisao and Shizune meet again in Hisao's hometown to meet his parents.
  • Comments: A very well done story detailing how Hisao and Shizune's relationship developed Post-Good Ending. Also has a nice moment where they meet up with Hisao's old friends and Iwanako giving Hisao a chance to finally confront his remaining demons regarding that fateful day in the snow. With a massive Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when Hisao proposes to Shizune A good series to put in between the Good Ending and Shizune's Epilogue. 'Note: Contains mature content of a sexual nature'
  • Pairing: Hisao/Shizune
  • Tags: Continuation Fic

With Apologies to Harlan Ellison by Doomish

With Apologies to Team Silent by Doomish

  • Recommended by: Breakerde Godot
  • Synopsis: Katawa Shoujo Fusion Fic with Silent Hill 2. Warning: Contains Gore
  • Comments: Sort of like Silent Hill 2, but with Hisao and Hanako instead of James and Mary. It's not even close to being finished at the time of this writing, but Doomish always knows how to write a good story, so there's no reason to doubt him this time.
  • Tags: Fusion Fic, Horror

Reconciliation by Robnonymous (Trope Page Here)

  • Recommended by: Linhasxoc
  • Synopsis: Eight years after Hanako's bad ending, Hanako has become a successful novelist, but still regrets lashing out at Hisao that fateful day, which has cost her her friendship with both Hisao and Lilly.
  • Comments: A very nice and well-written story that not only lets us see Hanako's bad ending from her perspective, but also lets us see how everyone else reacted to the fallout. Many Tear Jerkers to be had.
  • Pairing: Hisao/Lilly/Hanako/Original Character.
  • Tags: Continuation Fic

Rika Story by Rikabro

  • Recommended by: Felicity Springs
  • Synopsis: "Can you open your heart?" A branch for one of the April Fools' characters, Rika Katayama, written in the same style as those from canon. Includes a few "dialogue options," complete with Bad Ends.
  • Comments: This fic is probably the closest anybody will ever come to a fully-realized Rika path, and it's done incredibly well. Rika has a unique personality, consistent with the description the KS team gave her and with a compelling characterization that manages not to step on the toes of any of the canon love interests. The author uses Rika's condition to explore Hisao's character in a way that was never really attempted in the canon material. It also has an incredibly haunting and beautifully written Bad End that gives those from canon a definite run for their money.
  • Pairing: Hisao/Rika
  • Tags: Original Flavor, Stations of the Canon, Romance, unfinished
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