All hail the king of GMA Haters!

"Your ultimate Kapamilya pleasure and the Kapuso torture."
—The page's tagline

Why does this life get better for ABS-CBN? High ratings, sold-out events, heavy investments in businesses and technologies, famous stars, strong track record of integrity, and an undeniable winning streak. On the other hand, why is GMA-7 having a situation that is getting worse? Low ratings, failed tours, cheap ways, rampant cases of bias news, unknown "starlets", and bragging manipulated ratings.

Well, it's apparently the reason why this page was created. The Kapusucks fanpage was made by anti-GMA netizens who also appear to have a heavy interest in ABS-CBN. Usually, what it does is that it celebrates and praises ABS-CBN, and torturing, belittling, and mocking GMA. As of now, this Facebook page now has more than 18,000 likes, making it the most popular anti-GMA Facebook page (and more popular than anti-ABS-CBN pages).


  • Jerkass: Towards GMA, and it's just like the Annoying Orange, this time saying insults on GMA.
  • New Media Are Evil: It's a Facebook page, and what it does is verbally torture and mock GMA (as they are also avid ABS-CBN fans). The page sometimes calls GMA the Kapushit Netweak (which is a mispronunciation of GMA's brand name, the "Kapuso Network").
  • Nice Guy: To ABS-CBN, as it is very loyal to the network itself.
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