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Get to know the colorful and crazy cast of the Nicktoon Kappa Mikey!

Mikey Simon

The main character of the show. An enthusiastic but naive and egotistical 19-year-old American actor from Cleveland, Ohio, who wins a contest to fly to Japan and is hired to play the hero, Kappa Mikey, on the anime Lily Mu.



The Cell-like bad guy on-camera, but off-camera, he's just a large, pointy-eared, lovable, oafish moron, and Mikey's best pal.



The tempermental diva used to be the star of LilyMu and the biggest one in Japan, until Mikey dropped in and stole her thunder, which she totally hates him for.


The other lead female of the show, Mitsuki is shy, polite, and totally has the hots for Mikey!


The Lily Mu mascot character and frazzled writer/director/actor.

  • Butt Monkey
  • Catch Phrase and Verbal Tic - "GUANO GUANO!"
  • Everything's Better With Guanos
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff - Invoked in-universe, the American version of Lilymu was macekred to turn Guano into the main character.
  • Getting Guano Past The Radar - His name is Spanish for 'bat manure'.
  • Interspecies Romance - Guano falls in love with a human teenage girl who saw some of Lily Mu. She admitted that she always thought he was a puppet.
  • Parody - of Pikachu from Pokémon
  • Sidekick - his role on LilyMu
  • Talking Animal - Though it's very probable that he's a guy in a suit, Guano's costume is VERY expressive.
  • The Un-Reveal - Despite confirmation that he is in fact wearing a costume, we never see him without it.
    • Later episodes give credibility to the possibility the costume isn't exactly a costume at all, or that his body underneath the outfit is exactly the same as the suit, tail and all.
  • Worthless Foreign Degree - Guano has a Running Gag wherein he always fears getting fired because otherwise he'd have to go back to doing such-and-such random jobs like shampoo commercials, mining, or dancing in a kickline. Granted, Guano seems to be of the same ethnicity as his friends. He did go to film school, however.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes? - Has a phobia for basically anything you can think of, and beyond.


The kung-fu-master-like executive producer.

 Guano: But... but you said you'd never tamper with my creative vision.

Ozu: (Calmly) I didn't tamper... (angrily) I lit it on fire -- and danced on the ashes!

Yes Man

Ozu's chimp-faced assistant.


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