Kaori Mizuhashi is a seiyū who is employed by Arts Vision. Her debut was in 1998 with the game First Kiss Story. She is particularly well-known in the Nippon Ichi fandom due to her providing her voice for either a main character or a supporting character in almost every Nippon Ichi game starting with La Pucelle; the most notable being Laharl from Disgaea Hour of Darkness. It seems that her English counterpart in terms of number of appearances in Nippon Ichi games would be Michelle Ruff.

It's a rarely known fact that she also voiced Navi and Ciela from The Legend of Zelda in promotional videos, as well as providing their little voice-clips in-game. As the former of those two fairies is famous for being one of the greatest Scrappies in Videogame History because of her frequent, often out-of-place and high-pitched shouts, this could count as a What the Hell Casting Agency-moment.

Roles by Kaori Mizuhashi:

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