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  • Considering Kamen Rider's track record for Net Movies, it's inevitable that the series that will be released for Superhero Taisen would follow suit. The first trailer is promising on its own!
  • The first Net Movie was hilarious! First off, the Kamen Riders that were "killed" were Decade (with cards stuck on his visor), W (surrounded by his Gaia Memories) and Momotaros (presumably by a poisoned pudding cup).
    • Second, JK, Yuki and Tomoko try to state their theories (and they appear on the screen). Kengo decides to brush the theories away.
    • Shun and Gentaro screaming like little girls in two separate occasions. Especially Gentaro, who screeched while transformed.
  • The second Net Movie was also good! The victims this time were Gokai Pink (with a Batta Medal in hand), Gosei Pink (with a Cyclone Gaia Memory) and Shinken Pink (with the Fourze Driver and Hopping Switch). Poor Yellow Buster, hopping away with that Hopping Switch.
    • The process of elimination for the Batta Medal has: Ichigo, Nigo, Skyrider, Shin and OOO as their prime suspects.
  • The 3rd Net Movie just poke fun at how Red Go-Buster freezes at the word 'tori' (Bird), even going as far as to make him completely freeze at an Imagine Spot of Kamen Rider Double's LunaTrigger [1] echoing in the background!
  • The 4th Net Movie has Blue Buster and Gorisaki helping Hayami solve a mystery...except that they keep insisting that they're the answer, and every time they do so Ryuji uses this as an excuse to do a Ground Pound.
  • #5: Two Words: Obvious Trope: "ONORE, DECADE!!!!"
  • #9: Hayami believes that Virgo Zodiarts gave him a warning note. Kengo then shows up on a monitor and reveals that Hayami picked up Shun's love letter that reads "King loves Queen". Then the episode ends with the place blowing up after Fourze's countdown.


  1. In katakana Trigger is read as Toriga
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