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  • Executive Meddling: Averted; the show's staff said that there was incredible pressure from Toei to make Double's primary color red (which is viewed as a heroic color in Japan, and is the reason the Law of Chromatic Superiority applies not only to the last few Kamen Riders but to Super Sentai as well). They apparently had to fight long and hard to avoid this, and only managed to get black and green as Double's default form by citing Riders 1 and 2 as their inspiration.
  • ~Hey, It's That Guy!~:
    • Double is packed with Super Sentai alumni:
      • Lunagel from Mahou Sentai Magiranger (Meibi Yamanouchi) is Marina in "The W Search".
      • Kirihiko's little sister Yukie/Yuko in "Y's Tragedy" is Kaoru Hirata, who played Yuka Yamazaki, also in Mahou Sentai Magiranger.
      • The human form of Arms Dopant? That's AbaRed (Kouichirou Nishi). As if to push the point further, he states repeatedly that he loves to "rampage"[1]. And on top of that, Shotaro and Philip fight him with what is basically the Double equivalent of Abarekiller, spines and all.
      • "Jasmine Aya (Ayumi Kinoshita) wa ESPer Deka de aru."
      • And HurricaneBlue (Nao Nagasawa) appears in "The D was Seen" as Lily Shirogane, a stage magician who uses a Dopant Memory to cheat at her disappearing act. She would return in the Accel edition of Kamen Rider Double Returns as a waitress at her grandfather's coffee shop. She is still a magician, though, and even manages to allow Shotaro and Philip to escape police custody via her Memory-free vanishing act so they can assist Accel.
      • We have Naoki Kawano and Yuka Hirata from Juken Sentai Gekiranger appearing as Toru Kawai and Kyoko Todoroki in episodes 39 and 45 respectively. They previously appeared as the Big Bad Long and Dark Action Girl Mele.
      • BoukenSilver (Masayuki Deai) played the Trigger Dopant in Double Forever.
      • Rin Takanashi (Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink) and Sho Tomita (Yukito Sanjou/Abare Blue) appear in the Kamen Rider Eternal edition of Kamen Rider Double Returns alongside Jyunichi Haruta (Goggle Black & Dyna Black).
      • While not a Sentai alumni at the time, GokaiPink appears in episode 49.
    • Some Kamen Rider alumni, too:
      • Amane Kurihara from Kamen Rider Blade (Hikari Kajiwara) shows up in "The Vengeful V" as one of the art students.
      • The actor playing the human form of the Liar Dopant was in Kamen Rider Kabuto, playing a surgeon that rotated his duties with two Worms mimicking him.
      • Kirihiko showed up way back in the first two episode of Den-O as one of the bullies who harassed Ryotaro.
    • Of all the Japanese comedians who get bit parts in this show, the human form of Cockroach Dopant is a member of the comedy group Rahmens, best known for his role as "Persocom" from the Japanese Mac and PC commercials.
    • The teacher from "Find the C" which accosts the Dance Battler Dango could very well help Double with his crime-solving exploits as he is, after all, a retired Metal Hero.
    • One of Those Two Girls from Madan Senki Ryukendo (either Ichiko or Ritsuko) appears in episode 9.
    • The human form of the Sweets Dopant was in the J-Dramedy Shomuni: Power Office Girls.
    • Watcherman, the "Otaku blogger with a Funny Afro". There is a funny thing about that, it's not the first time that he has been an Otaku. The Funny Afro was the dead giveaway.
      • And with him is the human actor to the Money Dopant, the worldly travelling one asking for the details in the live-drama... that's Money.
    • Aniki!
    • Tomoyuki Dan plays Dr. Isaka on-screen, meaning Chronicle Asher is the Weatherman!
    • Himeka from the "The Nightmarish H" and Nagisa from the "Beyond R" are both alumni from the Mahou Sensei Negima live action series.
    • Also appearing in Double Forever is Aya Sugimoto (see Actor Allusion above).
      • Speaking of PGSM, Miyuu Sawai, a.k.a. Sailor Moon herself, made an appearance in Begins Night as a pop idol who had died a year before, and whose supposed ghost has been appearing to her sister.
    • "Mr O'Shaughnessy" cameos in W Returns: Accel as a Posthumous Character in flashbacks.
  • ~Hey, It's That Voice!~: Fumihiko Tachiki is both The Narrator and the voiceover of the Gaia Memories, and by extension, the Double Driver.
  • Name's the Same: The show's songs have this, but they're named after some Disney songs: Nobody's Perfect and Naturally. The former song has two: One of a upbeat song sung by Hannah Montana, the other is a gloomy one by Koji Kikkawa. The latter one: One's an upbeat song by Selena Gomez (and the Scene), the other sung by Wakana Sonozaki. Double points: It helps that Avex, the one making songs for the Kamen Rider Franchise since 2001, distributes The Walt Disney Records/Hollywood Records label in Japan, so the titles are (maybe) coincidence.


  1. "Abare"
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