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  • Anticlimax Boss - The Overlord of Darkness goes down from a single Rider Kick after Shouichi, Ryo, and Hikawa kill the Els of Wind and Earth. Though to be fair, he was in a position were he was vulnerable and couldn't really use most of his powers at the time. And it didn't kill him. He just decides to give up his little conquest against the humans and that's it.
  • Complete Monster: Anguis Femineus, the Gorgon Lord. She actually takes sadistic pleasure in her murders, laughing sinisterly as she stalks her victims. She even murders Sakiko Mikumo, a normal human, out of spite, causing the Overlord to force her to kill herself as punishment.
  • Drinking Game - We here at TV Tropes have got one started here.
  • Game Breaker - Shining Form
  • High Octane Nightmare Fuel - The various methods the Unknown use to attack their victims.
    • Gills himself qualifies as well, especially when you see his helmet come alive.
    • Gills is an organic rider this means that isn't an helmet, that is Ryou head transformed.
    • The Unknowns themselves are very nightmare fuel. From their humanlike appearances to the fact that they're constantly hissing or growling (the only word they seem to say is "Agito"). The BGM that accompanies them onscreen does not help.
  • Memetic Loser: If one asks a question regarding Hikawa's well-trained abilities, tell him about on how he can grab silk tofu without destroying it.
  • Narm - thanks to a variant of Special Effects Failure. After the black Overlord takes back the powers of Agito, Gills and Another Agito, Shoichi goes through a Heroic BSOD of sorts before literally fighting to reclaim them in episode 46. At the critical moment (see Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu? above), the black Overlord goes down and the powers he's taken emerge... from his groin.
  • Too Cool to Live - Another Agito
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